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While bath time is actually fun for most children and a great bonding opportunity for parents and their little ones, the family bathroom is also a dangerous place.

Most poisonings (from both chemicals and medicines) occur in the family bathroom and children are also at risk from drowning (baths, toilets and sinks all pose a threat) and can seriously injure themselves from accidental falls and slips as a result of slippery surfaces.

10 of our members have been selected to test a Dreambaby® Bathroom Safety pack, comprising of the following products;

Dreambaby® Toilet Lock-F123. Prevent infection, poisoning and potential drowning with this simple-to-install product. RRP$6.95

F123 talent-toilet lock

Dreambaby® Angle Lock-F133 is perfect for the corner cupboard and drawers to lock away your medicines, cleaning products, razors and even electrical hair tools.RRP$6.95

F133 in use

Dreambaby® Mini Suction Mats-F119 help stop slipping and nasty falls in baths or shower recesses. They will also make bath time more fun! RRP$7.95 for a six pack.

F119 pack shot LR

Dreambaby® Bath & Room Thermometer Duck-F321 not only checks water temperature but also room temperature and provides hours of bath time fun since it doubles as a toy!  RRP$17.94

F321 low res

Dreambaby’s® Butterfly outlet plugs-F838 protect power points in bathrooms from water splashes. They also act as a deterrent for those children who like inserting objects into them risking harmful electric shocks. RRP$2.95

F838 in use

Find out what they thought in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “User Reviews: Dreambaby® Bathroom Safety

  1. I particularly liked the Room and Bath monitor, it ensured the right temperature of the water for my little one as well as making sure the room was not too hot as well. The cute little duck made it a treat for the kids as well. The mini bath mats were a great addition to their bath and help with the slippery base, I loved that you remove these after each bath, so no mould will grow on them. The toilet lock worked a treat and keeps my little man from opening the lid and tossing things into the toilet as well as keeping his little hands safe from germs that may be around the basin. The angle locks have been great as no little hands have been able to get into the cupboard and spill shampoos and the such all over the floors and other dangerous products are now out of reach from him and the Outlet plugs are great, I have them in powerpoints that are low to the ground and now the kids cant put objects inside and risk electrocution. All of these products were easy to use and have made my home a little bit safer for little ones. I highly recommend them when reviewing the things you need around the home with children

  2. We were vey impressed with the ‘Mini Suction Mats’ as in the past we have been reluctant to use any suction bath mats as they tend to gather mould underneath quite rapidly, however, the Dreambaby mini mats are fabulous, in that they still provide the non-slip function, are a novelty to look at for the kids and fantastic in that you can simply take them out of the bath when finished and therefore keeping them mould free.

    The Bath and room thermometer Duck was also a big hit! We were very impressed that not only does it check the bath water temperature, but also the room temp and shuts off after 30 minutes to save battery. The fact that it is a functional thermometer, but also a very Cute rubber Duck made it very appealing for the kids at bath time and peace of mind for Mum and Dad as well.

    Like most parents, we were getting fed up with toys and other interesting objects finding home in the toilet bowl, however the Dreambaby toilet lock has solved that problem in one easy step as the strong adhesive makes it so easy to install I only wish we has it years earlier, it certainly works a treat!

    Corner cupboards are notoriously difficult to keep locked when you have toddlers etc, and due to the angle, it is often hard to find something suitable and we often resorted to masking tape, however the Dreambaby Angle Locks have solved this problem, we were quite impressed at the ease in which it took to apply them on the cupboard and are great if you rent, as they are able to be removed later if need be. Cupboards are now effectively closed and safe from little ones!

    I love the Butterfly outlet plugs, as they keep power points safe from little ones and their tendency to want to put things inside, which is so imperative for electrical safety. We put a couple in our bathroom to eliminate any chance of water being splashed in the power sockets and the act that they are clear and rather inconspicuous make them less likely to be spotted by little ones. I also was impressed with how tight and flush they were, again, making it safer in case the little ones tried to pull them out.

    I would highly recommend Dreambaby Bathroom safety products, as they are extremely easy to apply/install, are innovative and quality products. We feel safer knowing we have products that go that little bit extra in helping to keep our home safe. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace and to Dreambaby. I received my Dreambaby products last week and spent the weekend trying them out! I was really impressed with ALL the products but here is my breakdown.

    Dreambaby’s® Butterfly outlet plugs : I did actually already have a similar product to this as my little one has a habit of heading straight towards powerpoints! However once I saw the cute butterfly design I quickly changed them all over – much nicer than the plain circle ones I had and they worked just as well too! Nothings getting into those sockets 🙂

    Dreambaby® Toilet Lock-F123 : As my 9mo is not currently walking unaided and my 4yo had trouble opening the catch on this product, I have used it on my laundry cupboard (where it works beautifully) rather than the toilet. I do love the idea though and will get another one down the track when my youngest is more mobile.

    Dreambaby® Mini Suction Mats : I loved this product and so did my kids! There was 6 in the packet, 3 fish and three starfish. Not only were they fun to look at they really worked as well. No more slips in the bath! Evev better because you take them out when you’re finished they can be used in the shower as well!

    Dreambaby® Angle Lock : I had actually been looking for something for my kitchen draws as they are the first place bub heads for in her walker. These locks were ideal! Very easy to install and they work too. I was so impressed I actually went out and bought a second set for the other two draws!

    Dreambaby® Bath & Room Thermometer Duck : My favourite product of all! I’ve always been a lover of lava hot showers so it worried me that I would make the kids bath water too hot. This cute little duck solves that problem. He flashes red when the water is too hot and green when its too cold. Perfect! Not only that – he comes with batteries so he’s good to go as soon as you open the packet. He was also a real hit with the kids who had a ball laughing and chasing him around the bath! Can’t recommend this product enough! Everyone with kids should definitely try the bath duck out – He’s sure to quickly become a family favourite.

  4. We have been having some really fun bathtimes at my place with the Dream Baby Mini Bath mats and the Dream Baby room and Bath Thermometer! Overall very happy with the range and delighted to trial and discover these safety products for my home.

    The Dream Baby Mini Bath mats – were fun for my girls to explore under water and managed to keep them safe as well! Loved the underwater theme they stuck on well and didnt move around. Just wish they were in a range of colours.

    The Dream Baby room and Bath Thermometer was the kids favourite by far! My 3 year old just loved playing with it!
    It so useful to know what the temperature is and helps me to regulate the temperature in the bathtub especially when the kids want to stay in forever. Also simplifies things for my husband who knows how hot the water needs to be now, instead of asking me to check if thekids bath water is just right!

    The Dream baby Toilet Lock – Have started toilet training my daughter and while I am glad she is enthusiastic about it, it gives me peace of mind to know she wont go exploring in the toilet any time soon! Wish I had discovered this toilet lock earlier with my older kid!

    Dreambaby® Angle Lock – I really should have installed these ages ago!! Have used mine for my daughters favourite kitchen cupboards. So so useful ! I was at wits end keeping back the contents atleast once every day! Now she cant open them and cant wait to get extras for the laundry and her clothes cupboards as well.

    Dreambaby’s® Butterfly outlet plugs – Have attached these in the kids rooms and bathrooms. Now I can rest assured that no crayons or pencils are getting stuck in there! The cute butterfly shape also adds interest to the girls room. Being clear plastic it does not stick out but blends in beautifully.

  5. Dreambaby® Bath & Room Thermometer Duck-F321 and Dreambaby® Mini Suction Mats-F119 – My son exclaimed DUCK! excitedly as we opened the package and absolutely loved it, along with the “fishy” bath mats. We have to kiss the duck every night as we finish bath time. I liked the large view of the temperature gauge and flashing lights. it made is super easy to use with all the distractions of bath time. The bath mats are fun for baby, (as well as helping to prevent slips) and durable.

    Dreambaby® Toilet Lock-F123 – It’s pretty awesome to not have a little one fishing in the toilet! It’s amazing how the small things in life help a parent out. I don’t know how many times a day I used to say “Out of the toilet!” I just don’t have to now.

    Dreambaby® Angle Lock-F133 – These are excellent, surprisingly durable, I was sceptical, but they were very easy to install and have passed the toddler test! I imagine they will be quite easy to remove later on too.

    Dreambaby’s® Butterfly outlet plugs-F838 – I loved these, much harder for little fingers to get into! He has given up on trying to get into these ones.

    Overall, I found these products to be excellent quality and I will be purchasing more for around the house. You cannot put a price on peace of mind for your child’s safety. Next stop, some locks for the cleaning and dog food cupboards!

  6. Loved the toilet lock! Who would have thought how much fascination our little man would have about watching things go down the toilet! Now I can rest a little easier knowing that we will not have to constantly replace the remote as the toilet is now firmly locked!

  7. I have to start by saying that Beauty and Lace together with Dreambaby have made my days a lot happier with peace of mind that our little Bub can’t get into his usual mix of michief with these great products that I have been trialling. They include Angle Locks for the cupboards, Outlet Plugs, Mini Bath Mats, Toilet Lock and the ever cute Room and Bath Thermometer.

    The Dream Baby Toilet Lock has been my biggest saviour. Our 11 month old Son seems to have a strange obsession for this wonderful invention, and he feels the need to go fishing in there at any chance he can. With the toilet lock firmly in place, I can leave the Bathroom door open for a pleasant change with no fear of him fishing, and even worse toppling into the toilet head first. As an inquisitive child he is now more interested in the toilet lock itself, and how he can undo it…Needless to say, that will be of some time. A huge ten out of ten for this product.

    The love the cute Butterfly design for the dreambaby Outlet Plugs, much nicer and prettier than the old round disks, that I remember using many years ago. With the rounded edges it makes it harder for little fingers to grip onto and pull out. I have mainly placed the outlet plugs into all the children’s bedrooms, as this is where Bub likes to play often, and with girls, and all their makeup tools and hair tools, I needn’t worry that he’s going to shove something into the power point. He did try to get one out but he didn’t succeed and now doesn’t even look at them.

    For the dreambaby Angle Locks for the cupboards, we placed one on our only outer corner cupboard and the other on the laundry sink cupboard. Oh Boy he got quite cranky that he couldn’t play in the kitchen cupboard no more, but Mummy is happy because she got her cup’s cupboard back. Very satisfying to know it’s truly locked, and no glasses or mugs getting broken on the floor. The lock is also keeping my older children out of that cupboard too, so YAY, less washing up, because it has taught them to wash out their previous cup instead. As for the laundry cupboard, I feel so rested knowing that all those nasty chemicals are now safe and stored away from his little fingers.

    We have have loads of fun in the Bath with the dreambaby mini mats and the room and bath thermometer. We just adore the cute starfish and fishies mats. I love the fact they’re so easy to remove after the bath is drained for easy cleaning. I pop them on the wall after the bath so they drain away most of the water, and when they’re completely dry, they just pop off the wall all by themselves, and are then stored away for the next bath. The little duckie thermometer puts some more fun into bathtime and the little fella just loves to push it along, in the hope that the numbers will change again. And it actually floats. The flashing lights mechanism is just Awesome, Red for too hot, green for too cold. Every bath has been just right. I even used it the bedroom at night for the past couple of days, as it’s starting to get cooler at nights. It’s helped me choose the right blankie so he will keep it on, instead of kicking it off. Love the rubber ducky.

    Overall the products are all outstanding, and I would recommend them to all parents with children who like to explore and play where they shouldn’t play. They will give you peace of mind in knowing that your child is just that bit safer.

  8. I have loved trialling this Exceptional products from Dreambaby.

    The Bath and Room Thermometer duck is Amazing. Wish I had owned one earlier it really gives you peace of mind when placing your child into the bath that the temperature is ideal and you are easily able to prevent any burns and even when it cools down you know it is time to get them out. It is very easy to use and my son loved to play with it during Bath time.

    The Butterfly outlet plugs work great and also look appealing rather than just the plain ones you can purchase. There is no way my son can remove these keeping him safe from electric shock. They are also super easy to put in for adults.

    The Dreambaby suction pads I absolutely loved using. My son has tripped in the bath many times and I did not realise how safe these suction pads really make bathtime. They were also a really cool discussion point for my son and I talking about the ocean creatures.

    The Toilet lock has been awesome as a few weeks ago I was cleaning the house and had just put bleach in the toilet and turned my back for a second and my son had his arm in there. I can now keep the toilet door open without it being of any concern. It was so easy to attach too and easy for an adult to operate. I will be purchasing another one for the other toilet in the house.

    The Angle locks are another Great product the locks we have installed before on drawers are so difficult to install but these are an absolute breeze I did not even need my Husbands help.
    I will be buying more of these because they are just a Great product.

    I would recommend all of the products trialled and encourage parents to go out and Purchase them as they all really give you peace of mind, they are easy to install and use, and the cost of them is extremely reasonable.

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