Cabbage Patch Kids Glow Party Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids have some new members of their family with the new Glow Party Kids. These are perfect for nighttime snuggling with their cute pjs and sleep accessories that glow in the dark.

Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have been around for 30 years and are as loved today as they have always been. The Glow Party Kids have all the features you would expect from a Cabbage Patch doll – puffy cheeks and a cuddly body and scented like baby powder. The unique adoption certificate is also included with these so your little one will know the name and details of their new best friend.


To make these glow you can charge them by holding them up to the light for a short period of time before turning out the lights.

There are so many Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to choose from it really is hard not to want to start a collection for your child, especially as they hold a certain nostalgia for grown ups who had them to play with during their own childhood.

A really cute addition to the range that will bring comfort and make nighttime fun for children everywhere.

RRP: $69.99

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