Progress report: Tragic accident sparks speed limit questions

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Connor Football

Recently I brought you the heartbreaking story of the tragic accident that cut short the young life of Connor Thomson-Dulwich, followed by the petition started to have speed limits changed on rural roads. Since these posts went live it has been brought to my attention that my words have been taken and used out of […]

The Healthy Mummy inspiring Mums to be Healthy

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The Healthy Mummy was founded by mum of two Rhian Allen to help mums try and make changes for a sustainable healthier lifestyle. No fad diets, no starving yourself and no cutting out food groups. The Healthy Mummy currently has three main areas of focus: Healthy weight maintenance during pregnancy Healthy weight loss post pregnancy […]

Tragic Crash Sparks Speed Limit Questions

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Thursday March 3rd 2016 dawned like any other day. Families everywhere got up and prepared themselves for another Thursday; getting ready for work, getting ready for school and going about their day. In the small rural South Australian town of Hoyleton they were soon to discover it was nothing like any other day. As most […]

User Reviews: Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Extenda-Shade

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JUST LAUNCHING – DREAMBABY®’S NEW STROLLERBUDDY™ STROLLER SHADE RANGE DESIGNED TO HELP PROVIDE UPF 50+ PROTECTION –FOR BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN WHEN OUT AND ABOUT. The Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy™ Extenda-Shade™  is part of the Dreambaby® On the Go range, and will help protect your child from the sun’s rays with ease and style. Simply attach onto […]

USER REVIEWS: Dreambaby Safety

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F1412 pack

Dreambaby® Sliding Lock with Catch Dreambaby® Sliding Lock with Catch helps keep areas safe and out of reach from curious little ones. A great stand-out feature of this lock is, in most cases, it is a single-handed operation, meaning you can secure cabinet and locks quickly and easily with only one hand; useful as any […]

Britax Safe n Sound Hi-Liner SG (Expandable Booster Seat)

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Recently my daughter turned four, and due to her height it was the right time to switch her to a booster seat. Britax is a trusted brand in my house and I am more than comfortable placing her safely in their new Safe n Sound Hi-Liner SG every time we travel in the car. As […]

The Things We Do For Kids (Panadol)

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When you have children it is a life changing experience, you learn to be patient and put someone else’s needs before your own. While sleepless nights, tantrums over handing them the wrong coloured bowl, or having to tell them “the wall is not a tissue” are all interesting parts of raising children, the funniest and […]

Dreambaby Step Stools

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Dreambaby have released a new range of step stools, which will make parents life that little bit easier from the time toilet training begins up until they are helping you cook in the kitchen and need that extra height to reach the bowl (and I have to admit sometimes I borrow my daughters on occassion […]

Nature’s Care Paw Paw Balms

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Winter is upon us and in my part of the country it has come in quick, and hard. The biting bitter winds and ice cold air outside combined with the heating inside conspire to dry me out faster than the sun in summer. Remaining hydrated in winter can be a challenge, from both the inside […]


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For some women falling pregnant is not something that happens easily and a helping hand is required. IVF can be a daunting and costly experience but now a new clinic called BUMP offers standard IVF for a fraction of the cost (approximately 1/3rd) for the same science and expert care. BUMP offers a simpler way […]