Win a Dreambaby 3 in 1 Play-Yard and Wide Barrier Gate


The new Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate is a must-have for young families looking to keep their babies and toddlers safe by blocking off widely spaced areas such as open-plan kitchens as well as access to potentially dangerous features of the home like fireplaces and stairs!


Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate overview:

  • Six individual modular panels including a convenient walk through gate, for easy access between the sides.
  • Measures 3.7m (146im) wide, 74 cm (29 in) tall – giving you flexibility and freedom of “safe space”.
  • Made of a sturdy, yet lightweight metal construction.
  • Simple to construct and install – panels can easily be locked into place – and with its compact design, it folds down for easy storage.
  • Portable and packable to take away with you on your next holiday!
  • So easy to configure to suit individual layouts and needs.

The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate is a versatile, convenient and cost-saving method of child proofing. It can be used in multi scenarios and has many uses including as a playpen, a room divider and as a multi-panel gate for large open rooms. At last a child safety solution that caters for contemporary homes and modern living.


For families with pets, the Dreambaby® Royale Convert® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate can act as a safe and friendly barrier for your four legged friends, ensuring your living areas are kept safe – for protection and peace of mind.

Available in white, this stylish safety solution looks good and will easily blend with your home’s interior. Best of all, it can easily be packed up when not required. The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate (F849) is available through leading baby stores nationally. RRP$179.95


For your chance to win the 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate, tell us in the comments section below how this would make your life easier.

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98 thoughts on “Win a Dreambaby 3 in 1 Play-Yard and Wide Barrier Gate

  1. Thus would be so great when the grand kids came to visit they are all under two I would set this up to keep them of stairs would be great for the dog keep her of the stairs as well

  2. Perfect for keeping mischievous little ones safe and close while getting their bath or meal ready. Or any other tim too!

  3. It would make life easier by keeping my 2 dog out of certain parts of the house so they dont chew up any of the families toys or clothes

  4. With a newborn in the house this would be awesome to keep him safe from his 3 year old sister – especially when a toilet break is in order. Also with Christmas coming up it would be great for keeping inquisitive hands from pulling the Christmas tree over on to themselves too!

  5. This would be awesome to keep my newborn safe from his 3 year old sister – especially when a toilet break is in order. Also with Christmas coming up it would be great for keeping inquisitive hands from pulling the Christmas tree over on to themselves too!

  6. With a wood fired heater in the lounge, our new bub and the dog will be safely secure behind the Playyard and Wide Barrier Gate. What an innovative and effective barrier from harm’s way!

  7. I have a 8 week old son as well as 4 other kids under 9, this would give bub a safe place to play once he starts moving without the risk of getting trampled on by the other kids

  8. I know this will be much appreciated by my son and daughter in law as my Granddaughter will soon be crawling and into all sorts of mischief.

  9. As our twin boys start to patrol the floor,
    The Dreambaby gate will help us keep watch,
    Whilst ensuring they still have opportunity to explore!

  10. Our son has started pulling on our dog’s ears
    The Dreambaby gate will keep Fido safe,
    And ensure playtime is not something our dog fears!

  11. This would make life so much easier as a daughter is almost at that age of getting into everything! The fact that is so versatile and can section off large areas or smaller play pens is so clever!

  12. We have an awkward shaped corner in a section of our house and this would allow us to turn it into an awesome play area for our son.

  13. My 9 month old has just discovered where the bathroom is and where the dogs water bowl is! If i won the only worry i’d have is “now do i put the baby in the 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate or do i put the dog and the water bowl in it ?”

  14. With a little one just about to get out and about on her feet I’ll need this to keep her away from things that could hate her like steps and the kitchen

  15. This would make my life easier so i don’t always have to fear that if a look away for a second that my baby will find something naughty that could be dangerous. 🙂

  16. with a Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate my twin girls will now be safe from harms way, perfect for when they play outside on warm summers days

  17. No more stressing and worrying about my childs safety and feeling confident he is secure and safe at play.

  18. Living in a 2 bedroom unit,we have stairs and with my first grand child whom arrived 4 days ago we will soon need this to help with preventing her from climbing the stairs and getting into the kitchen xx

  19. Having just had baby 5 master 2 is an escapee artist – and faster than usain bolt. Watch out for him in the future, in the meantime this would assist prolonging his safety!

  20. We don’t have parents or in laws here to help us out with the baby sitting so currently we have to keep our eyes on her every single second. We can’t even have a decent shower! With the barrier gates, at least we know she is within a save and secure location as she loves to crawl around looking for electric cords to play with. There’s nothing more important than her being safe but at the same time away to do the essentials like cooking and cleaning. This gate doesn’t just offer peace of mind, it offers freedom.

  21. Our kitchen runs straight into our living area so my little girl is always running into the kitchen and getting underfoot. It would be great to keep her out so there would be no mishaps

  22. This would be amazing to win so I could keep my toddler out of the kitchen and away from the hot oven when I am cooking. Open-plan living is not always practical for child-rearing!

  23. When visiting the snotty in laws with all the fine bone china and delicate crystals it would be awesome to put this up to save a lot of heart ache every visit!

  24. My house isn’t ‘child friendly’ so when my nieces come over, I want them to be safe and have somewhere to play out of harms way. I want them to keep visiting their Aunty and play for the day.

  25. A Dreambaby 3 in 1 Play-Yard and Wide Barrier Gate would be like having eyes in the back of my head or a baby watching security nanny or an extra pair of hands. Peace of mind!!

  26. I got a new puppy to be a best friend to my 4 boys with autism. But puppy can get too excited especially when the boys are playing LEGO or cars on the floor. A barrier would be great for when little boys need some time to themselves. And puppy doesn’t need any temptation to eat LEGO.

  27. I need the Dreambaby 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate because I have 6 kids and an open plan house. My little ones are always getting into things that they shouldn’t (a favourite is to put whole toilet paper rolls into the toilet or to use up whole bottles of shower body wash to make bubbles). This gate will allow me to have some peace of mind that the kids are where I left them. Although I’m sure they will still get up to mischief, at least it will be in area of my choosing and with items they are allowed to have. I’ve always envied other parents who had those door barriers gates to confine their children for safety reasons, but these just aren’t suitable for my home. This would be perfect!

  28. My daughter is commando crawling and starting to pull up on things now, this would be wonderful to keep her safe from the kitchen

  29. I have an old style heater, which gets very hot and can burn this will give me great piece of mind in winter when my hub will be on the move

  30. I would love this to keep my little one out of the kitchen she gets in to all the drawers and cupboards. I find the child latches annoying and hard to open as I have arthritis in my hands.

  31. My 1 year old grandson keeps me on my toes while the 3 year old demands my attention I would love to win this for my grandsons to keep them safe and happy while keeping me sane.

  32. I would love this to keep my little one out of the kitchen she gets in to all the drawers and cupboards. I find the child latches annoying and hard to open as I have arthritis in my hands

  33. With an over active toddler, I need something like this to restrict him for sometime at least and be able to do whatever I want.

  34. with an almost 2year old and a new born grand daughter and grand son I need this more than ever now as im over 50 and finding it hard to keep them contained so I know they are safe

  35. Having a 6 month and 2 yr old would help me with not having to rely on eyes in the back of my head, or relying on my 5 and 6 year old to watch them for me

  36. This would make my life easier by separating our little new pup from chewing our little ones toys and pacifier and giving them both a special area of their own……..and giving me a moment to relax in my area too.

  37. it would enable me to have my granddaughter safe where she can see me whilst i am cooking in the kitchen

  38. Master 3 survived his early years… just! The list of his rescues and scrapes was enormous.
    Do I have the strength to go through the crawling, climbing, danger stage again with Number 2 ? Oh! Yes, with the help of the marvellous Dreambaby 3 in 1 Play-Yard and Wide Barrier Gate.

  39. My little Harry Houdini is the master of mischief, mayhem, chaos and cheekiness, an experienced escape artist who keeps us always on our twinkle toes.

  40. With an open plan house and a very curious and active child the Dreambaby Royal Converta would make containment a breeze. Unlike the sliding doors that we have to divide rooms, which are easily opened and closed and susceptible to trapping little fingers, the modular gates would be much safer.

  41. This would be great as my partner who is a stay at home mum with out little 1yo boy can actually have time to paint without our little crawling boy trying to help mum with colors, hehe.

  42. just what my nice has been looking for with 2 littles (twins) now on the move (11months old ) this would enable her the freedom to get things done knowing the twins are safe. She could also being to my place or there grans when we baby sit making it easier for us as our places are not as child friendly as there home

  43. Keeping them safe while shower getting the mail
    This system is sure to not fail
    Peace of mind is what its about
    Dreambaby will do this with a doubt.

  44. My niece who has recently had a baby would really appreciate something as great as this whilst knowing bub is safe.

  45. My twins have just started to crawl…Double trouble! This would be so amazing and take the stress away as we have stairs…. and a chihuahua…twins can have lots of space making them safe.Thanks.

  46. Wow! I need this! My son is in to everything, I’d love to be able to do a simple thing like go to the toilet with the peace of mind that he is safe!

  47. This amazing convertible playpen/wide gate would be fantastic for keeping my two little inquisitive miss monkeys out of my kitchen and away from the oven and electric hot plate in our new rental.
    Up til now we have been lucky to have had gas hot plates and an oven whose door doesn’t transfer any heat to the outside.
    Or we could just use it to protect the Christmas tree from any attempts to climb it this year!!

  48. This would make my life easier because the joys of motherhood can never be fully experienced until the children are either in bed or within the safety of the Dreambaby 3 in 1 Play-Yard and Wide Barrier Gate!

  49. This would make my life so much easier, i would be able to cook, clean and even go to the bathroom without worrying about my child getting hurt or climbing the stairs.

  50. My house is open plan and has a fire place. This would keep my baby safe when she starts to crawl and walk. My lil bub can safely be inside the Dreambaby 3 in 1 play yard with wide barrier gate so she can have a break (aka time out zone from her over protective 4 sisters).

  51. It would make life easier by keeping my 2 dog out of certain parts of the house so they dont chew up any of the families toys or clothes

  52. Princess ROYALE please proceed to GATE one with the WIDE BARRIER and be a DREAMBABY for Mummy so she knows you are safe and sound and out of harms way. It will be easier and less stressful knowing you wont CONVERT to being a runaway.

  53. The Dreambaby 3 in 1 yard with wide barrier gate would make life so easy while looking after my grandchildren, with the youngest 17 months and another on the way.

  54. this would help big time, keep new bubba out of harms way from monster 2yr old brother!! knowing bub is safe, just so i can pee would be a huge relief!!

  55. The amazing Dreambaby® Royale Convert® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate would make my house grand-kid-proof. No more stress.

  56. it’d promote safety first as there’s things like the cats food to fence off, after all my kids aren’t kittens.

  57. Dear Beauty and Lace,
    The Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate will make my life easier with the freedom to move around and still keep an eye on my baby playing in his own wide space. With its sturdy lightweight construction and transportable compact design, my life will be easier knowing my baby has “safe space” wherever we may stay.

  58. I have an open plan kitchen/living area. This would be ideal knowing bubs is safe whilst I cook plus I would still be able to see and play with him rather that him sitting in a chair. Great idea

  59. The Dreambaby Royale Converta is perfect for my house when babysitting my little granddaughter knowing she’ll always be safe under my supervision and giving her parents peace of mind.

  60. We have been living in half a house for the past 8 months whilst renovating.
    My baby girl is 7 months and is starting to move around
    We are so not ready for little Miss to be on the move just yet.The Play Yard and wide barrier gate would make life a lot easier, to keep her safe and away from tools and nasties, during this time.

  61. I have a mover and a shaker 7 month old who is adventurous that I’d love to keep safe so I can go to the toilet or have a shower.

  62. Our 7 month old is now very mobile using commando crawling around the house. The only issue is, our first “child”, a black Labrador, loves to lick our little man whenever he gets the sneaky chance! The Dreambaby Play Yard would be perfect for having both of our “children” inside, giving them each their own space and without having kisses flying both ways whenever I turn around!

  63. What a fantastic giveaway!! 🙂
    We have an open plan kitchen and living area, so the Dreambaby Royale Converta is perfect for being able to keep an eye on and interact with Bubs while keeping her safe AND getting stuff done!
    Certainly would make life easier for us 🙂

  64. Just moved into a flat with stairs, with the babies birth weeks away. So many things to do & plan. This would be perfect to deter the baby access to the stairs. It’s a great safety feature which we would eventually need.

  65. The Dreambaby Royale Converta 3-in-1 is just what I’ve been looking for. Something I can take outside where my little one can be safe while I hang out laundry, and also something that I can use indoors to block off our large TV. Brilliant design, ease of use and trusted safety features make this Play Yard and Wide Barrier Gate a must-have for any family.

  66. This is a super updated version of the old wooden playpen my mother swore on for baby safety, and is a marvelous idea.

  67. I loaned my last barrier to a friend who refuses to give it back, so I have to go out and buy another one, I need to keep the kids safe.

  68. This would be great to keep our two lovely dogs away from our gorgeous 5 month old daughter, who they love just a little too much. Good luck everyone!

  69. I’m pregnant with my fourth child and we have a very wide staircase of only four stairs, that ordinary gates wont fit, this is the perfect product for us!

  70. i would never worry about my kid leaving his play area,with play yard wide barrier i can be assured that my baby would be safe and secure.

  71. Now that my little one is on the move it would give me piece of mind that she is safe if I need to walk away!

  72. Help me prevent the those household accidents from happening to my grandkids that happened to my kids please with the Dreambaby® Royale Convert® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate

  73. My little one running about, gets into mischief without any doubt. This play yard will help me for sure, knowing that bub is always secure!

  74. Dreambaby prize would definitely take the stress and anxiety out of my day. Knowing my children are protected and safe is utmost in my mind.

  75. Between my sons and my puppy, the Dreambaby 3-in-1 would be a lifesaver! The ability to convert it as a gate or playpen to meet my needs would allow me peace of mind.

  76. I’m currently pregnant with number 3 and number two is a mini cyclone – only faster, and, it’s getting harder and harder to chase after her. This Dreambaby Play yard would really save my feet, and my back, as well as my sanity, by allowing me some peace of mind knowing that she is safe and secure. I also love that I can take it ; and therefor my peace of mind wheverever I go.

  77. Having 2 grandchildren and trying to keep my eyes on them 24/7, this would be a godsend! have tried very hard to baby proof our home, but Dreambaby would make me feel alot safer knowing where they are!!

  78. Great for knowing where the kids are all the time, This is a great idea and would be very welcome in a house that little fingers seem to find everything!!

  79. Having an open fireplace and large open living area this is a must have. Might be able to finish a cup of coffee !

  80. Being a mum of four boys this would be a huge help to me to keep my just walking baby out of getting into places he shouldnt. Also puts my mind to rest that he wont get down the hall into the boys rooms and choke on there toys , keep him out of the kitchen when i cook so no baby at my feet while cooking or serving hot food. As well as when we go visit family we have a play pen for him to go into or even have out door play time in and keep safe while i hang out the washing.

  81. I like that it converts from a gate to play yard. when they were really little I always worried about them if I had to step into the bathroom, laundry room ect

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