Lupi Lu – Dual Toddler Toilet Seat

If your little ones are getting ready for toilet training, or they are using the potty like a pro – I have found a product that will make your life much easier. It’s called the Lupi Lu, and in all honesty this is one of the best kid’s inventions I have ever seen.

The Lupi Lu is a very clever toilet seat which has an inbuilt toddler toilet seat. Open the lid, there is your toddler seat, lift that up and you have your adult toilet seat.


My son is three and he has been toilet training for a while, the novelty of him using a potty wore off pretty quickly and I got sick of cleaning it all the time. The next step was a special toddler insert for the toilet, but even that was a pain because you had to put it on and off every time…plus it made it impossible to close the lid.

The Lupi Lu will solve all your problems (although unfortunately it can’t help with your child’s fascination with pulling all the toilet paper off the roll), it closes neatly and solves all your hygiene issues as you don’t have to keep removing it.

It has soft close hinges and it is a simple white which will fit with most colour schemes. I had no problem installing it, all you need to do is unscrew the old seat and pop the new one on, screw it in and it’s done. My son loves his special toilet, he has a little step to help him get on and when he needs to go it is a much simpler exercise.




The Lupi Lu is durable so you will be able to use it for all your children and it fits all standard Australian toilets. This isn’t one of those products that will never get used, trust me – this is a must have and really encourages your child to take that next step!

Wondering how many times I just said toilet?!

RRP $99.00

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