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Some time ago I reviewed the Flexi Bath, an innovative baby bath from A Real Cool World in Denmark. The Flexi Bath folds up when not in use and will save you space both at home or when travelling. We have been using the bath for our son and will continue to use it for our daughter, it’s that good and it really has stood the test of time.

A Real Cool World has released a new product to compliment the bath called Flexi Bath Toys. In the set of bath toys is a little table which can be attached to the side of the Flexi Bath (or any bath for that matter) by two suctions.

bath toys

I don’t know why, but little children love to pour and they will get lots of enjoyment from the two colourful cups, pouring jug, funnel and lid which are also in the pack. They will love to stack the cups on the table, fill them with water and watch the “shower” run out of the funnel.

Designed for ages 6 months plus, my son is almost three and he adores these toys and loves to offer me “cups of tea” while he’s having his nightly bath.


The Flexi Bath Toys are manufactured in Denmark (for some reason that sounds cool), are made from PP and TPE and have no phthalates and no BPA. They have quite a softish feel to them too.

The Flexi Bath Toys have an RRP of $24.95.

Visit www.arealcoolworld.com.au to purchase online or see a list of stockists.

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