User Review: Dreambaby EZY-Fit Giant Stroller Hook

The struggle, and juggle, of shopping with little ones is real as any parent or carer could tell you. I’m sure we’ve all been there. You head out to pick up a couple of things and you have the child, or children, and all the paraphernalia that goes with them and then you add the shopping. There is only so much that stacks on the stroller, or hooks on the end of the trolley, so how do you transport the extra bags…

Dreambaby are ever the innovators and they have come up with the EZY-Fit Giant Stroller Hook that will attach to your stroller or pram handles with ease, in a position that is convenient to you, and allow you to hook extra bags for easy transport.

The features and benefits of the Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Giant Stroller Hook

  • Made from strong, lightweight aluminium
  • Easy to attach to stroller handles
  • Ideal for use on some wheelchairs, trolleys, walkers and more
  • Sturdy, compact design that is also easy to store
  • Portable and compact making it great to take away on holiday and retail therapy trips

Product code F2251

As with anything you need to be careful not to overload the hook as too much weight can cause your stroller to tip; I’m not sure about you but this is something I have experienced and it is definitely cause for a heart stopping moment.

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5 of our members with little ones will be testing out this product and you can find out what they think in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “User Review: Dreambaby EZY-Fit Giant Stroller Hook

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try the Dreambaby EZY-Fit Giant Stroller Hook. I have now used this on both my single iCandy pram and my double (side by side) Mountain Buggy Duet. It has worked wonderfully on both prams and is a cinch to put on (all done in a matter of seconds). The hook itself is wide and sturdy. Perfect for carrying bags on prams (such as my double) with a small or difficult to reach basket underneath. I’ve used it for my handbag, shopping bags and a resusable cooler grocery bag. The bags sit far enough under the handle of the pram so that it doesn’t get in the way whilst you’re walking.
    This is the exact thing i’d been looking for and the price is so much more reasonable than alternatives on the market. Cannot recommend highly enough

  2. Thank you beauty & Lace and Dreambaby for allowing us to trial the Ezy- Fit Giant Stroller Hook. I have two young children in a double pram so going to the shops is always a chaotic experience but the stroller hook made life a little easier, as like most mums my stroller basket is often filled with baby necessities leaving little room for shopping bags, the stroller hook allowed me to attach bags easily to the handle without any issues. It is fast and easy to attach to the handle. The strap did not slide on the handle, unlike other hooks I have tired before, which keeps the shopping bags in the middle stopping the bags from getting caught up on the wheels. The curved aluminium design is light weight so I could leave the hook in place without it affecting the use of the stroller. The curved design makes placing bags onto the hook easy as you don’t need both hands free, however it can also catch on you clothes if you brush against it.

  3. I love this hook! As if shopping couldn’t get any better with three kids.. haha! It’s a awesome. I put my hand bag and nappy bag on it which is awesome, doesn’t struggle with the weight of it and off I go! Velcro is super though and doesn’t budge.. definitely recommend this product to help when it is definitely needed!

  4. Thanks Beauty and Lace and Dreambaby for providing me with the Ezy-Fit Giant Stroller hook to trial. I have two kiddies aged 6 and 2 years, sometimes grocery shopping can be a bit tricky as my older son still likes to ride in the trolley and my toddler rides in the top seated area. There’s usually no room for my baby bag and I’m usually carrying my heavy bag so I’m not using up valuable trolley space. I’ve noticed that not all shopping trolleys are fitted with the bag hook.

    I really liked how easy this was to install. The strong adjustable strap with Velcro enabled me to use this on any size handle. It felt sturdy and held my heavy bag with no trouble. It was a great design feature that the hook was shaped such that your bags could not easily slip off the hook. I like how the aluminum hook is so lightweight so I can carry this around in my baby bag without any additional weight.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use this on my baby stroller but I’m positive it will work just as well. We live not too far from our local shops so for days that I’m happy to walk down, it will be a great help to carry extra bags, especially items that I don’t want crushed under the seat area of my pram.

    The pluses are many including sturdy design, easy of use, it’s portable and compact and a great addition to take away with you on holidays to carry all your extra purchases! My only word of warning is that my 2 year worked out how to undo it, so watch out for that. Luckily I noticed my bag falling off the hook, so maybe strap it in an area that not easily accessible for little exploring hands, she thought it was hilarious!

    Thanks for involving me on this great trial, it’s made shopping with kiddies that bit easier.

  5. I kindly received this giant stroller hook from dream baby and beauty and lace to trial.
    This is amazing, I don’t know why i struggled for so long.
    When my stroller is activated into 2 seat mode, one for the baby and one for the toddler, you loose pretty much all the storage space, so it makes shopping so much easier to be able to hook a shopping bag or 2 on to it to load up some shopping essentials.
    It is also handy just to hook the nappy bag/handbag on as we are always sorting out one of the children, it also saves you leaving your bag behind in the family room, yes, I have done that when trying to get 2 children sorted and out of there.
    You can also leave this permanently attached to your stroller as it doesn’t effective functioning in anyway, that way you always know where it is.
    Highly recommend.

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