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It doesn’t matter why you need to go to the hospital, or why you need to be wearing a hospital gown, because regardless of the why’s there is little left to the imagination or left of your dignity in a standard issue hospital gown. They have ties right up the middle of the back leaving it breezy and with a butt on show, and they aren’t exactly a fashion statement in plain blue or white.

This Christmas why not give the gift of gorgeous hospital wear to the expectant mothers in your life.

Hospital Glamour are a company who have designed gorgeous, comfortable hospital gowns that leave you with your dignity and 100% butt coverage at all times.

hospital-glamour-blushThere are a range of delightful designs for women’s gowns as well as a men’s range, bath robes and some accessories.

The women’s range of gowns are an A-line cut with the tie on the hip to keep butts fully covered and the only breeze is a little on the upper back where the crossover is. The material is a breathable cotton which is fantastic for air circulation, non-allergenic for sensitive skin, highly absorbent and helps draw moisture away from the body to keep you cool.

hospital-glamour-playOne of the features I really love, and there are a few, is that these gowns have two great sized pockets – phone, tissues, lip balm, pretty much anything you would like to keep close and it’s right there on your hip anytime you are out and about on the ward.

Hospital gowns require easy access for medical reasons and the Hospital Glamour gowns certainly deliver. There are nylon buttons down the front as well as across both shoulders. Not only will this make medical access easy but it will be ideal for breastfeeding also. The nylon snaps mean that these gowns will not interfere with medical imaging equipment.

The sizing is quite generous so keep that in mind and be sure to check out the sizing guide on the website before purchasing.

Hospital Glamour gowns are luxuriously comfortable and they will mean that all those early hospital family photos will still look great. The designs are feminine with quite a classic beauty and I found them to be quite easy to sleep in. I have been wearing the heart design around the house and I love how comfortable it is but I didn’t want to write about it until after I had slept in it because as far as I’m concerned that’s the important bit. I am known for sleeping in very little so that was definitely going to be the big test for me and it was a definite winner.

hospital-glamour-heartRRP: $95

For more information and to place an order please head over to:

6 thoughts on “Hospital Glamour Gowns

  1. These gowns are much, much more beautiful looking than the hospital ones and with the better features like the side tie to keep our bottoms always covered and easy Breast feeding access or quick Drs access with the nylon snaps that won’t interfere with the hospital machines I think this would be something my sister would get alot of years use out of, you could grow old with this gift and still find a reason to wear it. thank you!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful article. Bob (the brains) has done an amazing job designing these gowns to make them not only practical but also fashionable and dignified. Our motto is “Your Stay, Your Way”….we think everyone should feel a bit glam during their hospital stay.

  2. I don’t have anyone to gift one of these to but I think it is a very useful gift for the right person, it would be handy for an expectant mother and last years!

  3. What a brilliant concept. There are many times when it is difficult enough being in hospital without needing to look like you’d rather be invisible. Well done in every way – thanks, Michelle for showing us how dignity combines with practicality.

  4. OMG I want one of these. No more babies in my future, but other hospitalisations loom… I’m definitely sending a link to my husband.

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