Review: Love To Swaddle UP and Love To Layer ON Merino by Love To Dream

Recently I gave birth to my third child, so I’ve had plenty of practice and done it all before… In theory maybe but as all mothers know, every baby is different. There is over five years between baby numbers 2 and 3, which is plenty of time to forget lots of the soothing tips for newborns.

My darling boy is a little Houdini, or I’m really bad at wrapping him. Either scenario could be the case, or a little of both. He also has a pronounced startle reflex that wakes him easily and he doesn’t like not being able to get to his hands. All a recipe for many sleepless nights.

Love to Dream has the solution, a solution that is much loved by all in my house. The Love To Swaddle UP is so simple to use that even Dad can’t get it wrong.

My honest opinion, why wrap when you can swaddle. There are many products on the market that enclose bub for a warm and secure sleep but I can honestly say that I haven’t found a single one that comes close to settling my little man as easily as the Love To Swaddle UP.

The Love To Swaddle UP is made with 360º of stretch in the fabric so bubs won’t be wrapped too tightly, but will still be comfortably enclosed – and unable to wriggle their way out.

The Swaddle UP is available in Original, Organic and Lite so there is something for everyone. The Lite would be fantastic for Summer babies on those really hot nights when no-one can get cool. The Lite is available in Cream, the Organic is only in natural and the Original is available in White, Grey, Blue and Pink.

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This May, Love To Dream are going one step further and releasing a Love To Swaddle UP Limited Edition for the fashion forward who prefer a bolder colour, and for those who are having a surprise package but would still like to be organised early. If you opt not to find out the gender of your baby but want to steer clear of white or grey the brand new and limited edition print is the perfect option, and it makes a magnificent baby shower gift for those friends out to save your sleep from the outset.

The limited edition print is gorgeous and beautifully Unisex. The design features a light grey oriental pattern overlaid with stripes of ruby red and sky blue. It’s a design paying homage to the trend of mixing patterns and the outcome is a gorgeous Swaddle I would be thrilled to see any baby wearing.

Some of the other benefits of a Love To Swaddle UP include a two way zipper for fuss free changes and a travel slot at the back to make transportation a breeze. As I said, it has been a little while between babies for me so it took me a while to work out what the pocket at the back was for because the front zip goes so far down there isn’t a corresponding front pocket. I tell you I was so embarrassed for myself when I realised that the harness would go through the back pocket and you would just unzip the front from the bottom to secure your child’s harness in either the car seat or pram. There is a nice wide material cover at the top to protect bub from the zipper. The inside of this Swaddle is smooth and gentle on baby’s skin with a cover for the bottom of the zip, a smooth surface for the travel slot and all seams are on the outside.

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Swaddles are also great for parental peace of mind because when you swaddle the baby you reduce the need for blankets; therefore reducing the risk of baby getting their head covered. I had a February baby so it’s been quite warm up until recently so all bubs has needed is his pyjamas and stylishly eye-catching Swaddle UP from Love to Dream. Happy mum, happy bub and peaceful sleep.

Now that it’s getting cooler the Swaddle UP is not quite enough but rather than layering him in blankets I have been able to use the Love To Layer ON Merino over the top of the swaddle.

The Layer ON Merino is an innovative way to keep baby warm without smothering him in blankets. The single even layer of Merino could also help reduce the risks of overheating posed by layers of blankets. This extra layer is thin but offers superior insulation and breathability to help keep baby warm. Merino wool has superior natural elasticity which reduces the risk of swaddling too tightly while still offering a cozy sleep.

The Love To Layer ON Merino is 100% advanced Australian 17.5 micron finest Merino wool which is gentle on baby’s skin, naturally flame retardant, machine washable and offers natural moisture control. The material is super soft and let me tell you, if it came in my size I would definitely be getting one of these for myself.

The Layer ON is super simple to use. Place your swaddled baby on top of an unzipped Layer ON and tuck the legs in, place the arms through the arm holes and zip the Layer ON up. Too easy! The zip in the Layer ON is diagonal so it doesn’t create a lot of extra bulk and it is still simple for late night nappy changes and transport.

Only a limited number of the Love To Swaddle UP Limited Editions are being released so get in early to avoid disappointment! They will be available from the Love To Dream website and all good baby stores from May 2014.

The Love To Swaddle UP Limited Edition is available in Small (3 – 6 kgs), Medium (6 – 8.5 kgs) and Large (8.5 – 11 kgs) for $41.95 (RRP).
Layer ON Merino is available in Small (3 – 6 kgs), Medium (6 – 8.5 kgs) and Large (8.5 – 11 kgs) to fit perfectly over the Swaddle UP for $59.95 (RRP).

For more information, ordering and to check out the range head to Love To Dream and prepare to fall in love.

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