Interview: Lois Wattis (New Baby 101)

 Lois Wattis is an experienced voice when it comes to babies and she has written a manual for new parents to be able to access anytime, anywhere, because we all know that your baby questions aren’t going to wait until you are sitting close to your parenting books.

We were able to get some more information from Lois about her new app and e-book New Baby 101 in this recent interview.

Hi Lois, welcome to Beauty and Lace and thanks for talking to us.
Can you tell us a little about your background?

I am a Registered Nurse/Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives.

I have worked in both hospital and community settings over the past 20 years. This experience has enhanced my midwifery skills and expertise by providing woman-centered care to hundreds of mothers and babies, including more than 50 women who chose to give birth at home.

I am passionate about helping Mums and Dads enjoy their transition to parenthood, which for most is a steep learning curve with enormous responsibilities which can be really stressful.


You have recently released the app New Baby 101, can you tell us a little about it?

New Baby 101 app is free and available for smartphones via Google Play and iTunes Appstores. The free app covers parents’ FAQ’s – one on each of the 9 topics in the eBook plus two free videos: how to change baby’s disposable and cloth nappy, and how to swaddle baby safely. These are the basic essentials which all new parents need to know from the beginning of their parenting journey.

What made you decide to create the app?

The decision to develop the app grew out of my realisation that new parents frequently seek information via their smartphones these days, rather than hardcopy books. They want instant answers to their questions, and they want it to be concise and from a reliable source.

How did you go about it, is it something you could do yourself?

I had been working on writing the book for a year or so, but as technology was changing so rapidly it became obvious an app was the information form which needed to take priority. A company in Melbourne was contracted to develop the app and the eBook for me. The whole process took about 9 months, and was officially launched at the Baby & Toddler Show in Melbourne in April 2014. This was the perfect venue to launch New Baby 101 with 15,000 people past the stand and over 500 downloads in 3 days.


New Baby 101 is a free app, which can be upgraded for a fee, and there is also an e-book. How beneficial is the free app?

The free app contains two free videos and nine FAQ’s which cover the basic essentials which all parents need to know. In fact the developers think there is too much for free in the app!

What extras are included in the upgrade, and is the e-book different again?

More than 50 FAQ’s can be accessed for just $6.99 which is within everyone’s budget and provides an enormous amount of valuable information.

Even more detailed information is available in the full text eBook which includes 3 more instructional videos on breastfeeding, bathing and cloth nappy options for $19. The videos were professionally produced with the help of real-life models Bec and William and provide clear, step by step guidance about the essentials of baby care.

How did you decide what needed to be included in the app?

It was quite hard to decide what to include in the app as all the information is valuable. I included key safety and wellbeing issues in the app.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to new parents?

The most important piece of advice I have for new parents is to trust their instincts about what is right for their baby. They know their baby better than anyone else and their intuitive understanding about their baby’s needs will develop over time.

How did you decide what needed video instruction and how many takes were required? Did your little model take it all in his stride?

The videos were a learning-curve for me as I had never produced this media before! I work at the “coal-face” of a maternity setting so I am keenly aware of the new skills parents need to master in the early days and weeks. I know the videos provide exactly what new parents need to guide them and gain confidence with caring for their newborn. Little William was a perfect little gentleman throughout the filming. What a gorgeous little bub he is and I am very grateful to Bec for her input and co-operation.

What does being a woman mean to you?

What does being a woman mean to me? A woman creates life and nurtures all around her. I am blessed to have given birth to 3 healthy babies who are now producing gorgeous grandchildren for me to love! I am blessed that my hands have been the first to touch hundreds of newborns as they entered this world – that is a privilege beyond words. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my experience and wisdom now and into the future. There is still so much for me to do!

Thank you for your time Lois, and thank you for embracing technology to produce this excellent reference for new parents.

For more information and links to purchase the app or e-book please visit the New Baby 101 site at:

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