Closer To Nature – My Favourite Moments (Plus WIN)

As I prepared to send my youngest off to school people invariably started asking if we were going to have any more children. The answer was a resounding no. The medical intervention we needed to fall pregnant with our two children, though at the minor end of the scale, was still stressful, expensive and time consuming. We have a beautiful son and daughter so decided our pigeon pair was enough for us.

I had given up work to stay at home with the children and we were getting settled into our new routine. It was very satisfying for me to do the school pick-ups, finally do canteen duty, have more time to help with homework and generally not be so tired from the long commute.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was a little over 18 weeks pregnant. 37 years old and about to become a new mum, I have to admit the thought was a little daunting – exciting, but still a little scary, and uncanny that the age gap would again be about 5 years.

Everything is different this time around. From the unassisted conception, to the quick and uncomplicated labour, the successful breastfeeding and the knowledge that I am home with him full time for the foreseeable future.

Trying to think of a favourite moment is impossible because every moment seems miraculous to me. I never entertained the notion of having another newborn in the house. Our surprise bundle has given me the opportunity to do it all again and to know that this time I will be there for all the firsts.

The first time I placed my boy on my shoulder to help him bring up wind and he patted my shoulder as I patted his back brought a tear to my eye that he was so clever and responding to me in kind.


I spent this pregnancy planning to breastfeed, crossing my fingers for success and hoping for third time lucky. I sit in our designated feeding chair, at 2am or 2pm, in a silent house feeding this little person I helped to create. I struggle to keep my eyes open as he seems to feed in his sleep. I look down after an extremely long blink and discover big blue eyes locked and focused on my face. My face lights up with a brilliant smile as my eyes gaze back at him and all the sleep deprivation is worth it.

That first gurgle accompanying a big stretch when he wakes up; the whimper in his sleep that makes me wonder what he’s dreaming about and the way he tries to attach to anything that gets near his lips. Of course there’s also the way he grips the fingers of his siblings when they get in his face to talk to him, kiss him and tell him how much they love him.

Bath time is a pleasure because no matter how much he’s crying it all stops as his feet hit the water and you can watch the wave of calm wash over him as he is lowered into the bath. Ever since his very first bath in the hospital our boy has loved the water, calming as he goes in and not wanting to come back out.

It’s not just about all the wonderful moments I’m sharing with my little man; it’s also the extra patience I have this time round. It’s the knowing we have more time together; the being able to spend a whole day snuggled on the couch because he’s unsettled. It is definitely the not having to think about where to put him in care or worry about how our choices for him at home are going to work when he’s in care. Ultimately it is knowing that I’m not going to have to spend hours at a time worrying about how he’s going and what he’s doing – and what I’m missing out on.

I love watching my children look down at him with adoring eyes and tell me that “He’s a bit cute, I think we should keep him” and “I’m glad he’s part of our family” and “I love him so much mummy, even as much as I love you” which was one of my personal favourites from Mr 5.

One of my absolute favourite moments is holding him close and showering him in kisses. I laugh at the little tongue poking out at me and kissing me back. Yes, maybe it is a reflex action that tells him there’s something near his lips so try and catch it because it must be food. As his mother I choose to believe that he’s giving me kisses to tell me just how happy he is to be one of us.

This time 12 months ago I never would have imagined that I would be where I am today. There are still moments that I can’t quite believe it. Most of the time I am just so grateful that this little man came to us and I can’t imagine what we would do without him – even at 5am when all I want to do is sleep and I know that soon after we go to sleep the alarms will start ringing to signal time to get up and greet the day with the rest of the family.


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24 thoughts on “Closer To Nature – My Favourite Moments (Plus WIN)

  1. Having been born with spina bifida, did not think would not be painful ..or . scot free, but as my mother said to me, the pain is worth it, and you forget it within a few weeks.J ust holding a newborn revitalisers you and makes it all worth while.

  2. The first breastfeed. Neither me or bub really knew what we were doing but we tried and were successful. It was a bonding experience like no other.

  3. I would have to say ‘when my daughter was 9 months old and asleep in bed, i was in the lounge room watching t.v .
    After about 1 hour, out walks my daughter(she was in her cot) My mouth just dropped as i looked at her and i spoke, ‘Oh baby how did you get out the cot and wow you are walking…. I were so stunned, my baby was walking at 9 months and actually climbed out of her cot.
    I picked her up and gave her a cuddle and swung her around as she started clapping her hands 🙂

  4. The first moment I set eyes on my twin Great granddaughters 6 weeks premature, so tiny so beautiful.

  5. Bringing my son home from hospital after a bad bout of croop – damn it was so great to have him back

  6. The first time I felt a flutter as the baby moved inside me. That was just so incredible. It was like he was saying: ” Hello, here I am.”

  7. Having two complicated births and also both Caesarean, it was pure joy after our second son to have our family complete.

  8. Being pregnant and when my first child was born. I can’t explain why I was all teary for the first time I saw him. xx

  9. After being told my son was to be born with at least Downs Syndrome we chose to follow through with our pregnancy and give him all the love he deserves as our son. My husband was with me throughout the birth and together we welcomed our son into the world. He was as perfect as we could have wished for. No medical complications. We bless the day we chose for ourself and didn’t listen to the medical world opting for abortion. Life wouldn’t be the same without him, whether perfect or not.

  10. Bringing my Son home from a long stay in NICU I stayed in the back staring at home, holding on to his tiny little hand with such Happiness in my heart that he was finally mine to keep.

  11. At the moment the sonographer told me I was carrying my third precious girl, tears welled in my eyes imagining the three sisters growing up together!

  12. My Husband and I are having our first baby, we both have two girls each. We will now have 5 girls. The day I felt our baby kick and to see her healthy at the Ultrasound, was exciting and overwhelming. There’s a 6 year gap between my youngest and this little one. There’s the excitement of having a baby and the thoughts of trying to figure out how to manage my brood when she comes along is a challenge and a joy!

  13. Reading your post gave me goosebumps. Early morning feeds, although I was exhausted are my favourite memories. Those bonding moments are so precious. I cant wait for those moments with baby no. 3.

  14. Love you and your gorgeous family which I’m so grateful to call my family too. The bond you share with each child is always unique and to watch you and your gorgeous boy so comfortable and relaxed with each other is a truly wonderful thing. xx

  15. What a beautifully written piece. It clearly shows how much Michelle appreciates having the opportunity to be a stay at home mum with her baby this time around, and shows the worries that all mothers have with having to put their little babies in the care of somebody else while they have to work and struggle to make ends meet. A lovely piece by a very talented writer.

  16. My oldest sons daddy died in a car crash two days before he was born, the moment the Drs laid our son on my chest and I named him after his daddy was a very emotional time but one of my favourite moments.

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