REVIEW: Dreambaby Super Comfy Bath Seat

If you are anything like me, bathing young children is always a balancing act. When my second child was a newborn I bathed her in the sink, a little awkward but at least it took away the back breaking bending. That worked for a while, but suddenly she had grown and had superbaby strength and just didn’t fit properly anymore.

It was time to progress to the bath which was a struggle for a while, until I found out about the Dreambaby Super Comfy Bath Seat. I have been reviewing this product and can honestly say it has changed our evening routine. I think the best way to describe it is like a low high chair that goes in the bath. The Bath Seat has strong suction caps on the bottom which you stick to the base of the bath and it locks the baby in so they are securely sitting. This is designed for babies who can sit up with good head support which is around 6 months of age.

I put baby in the Dreambaby Super Comfy Bath Seat and her big brother can sit at the other end of the bath, they love being together and it means I can multitask and save water. This doesn’t mean you can leave your children in the bath and walk away, it just means you can sit on the bath’s edge without bending and requiring five sets of hands per child.

It seems to be comfortable, I have heard no complaints – and the seat is contoured so they can’t slip. There is a thin foam padding and the whole thing is quite simple looking, which is what you want for the bath. The only thing is, my bub likes to grab things so I put a facewasher over the front bar to soften it when she leans forward.

One other clever little feature which will help parents is the temperature gauge, there is a starfish that changes colour if the water is too hot.

I use this every day now, and at $42.95 RRP it is one of those baby items that is worth purchasing.

Visit the Dreambaby® web site at or call (02) 9386 4000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788

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