Making with Sonny: Fake Snow

On a hot day recently when Sonny was trapped indoors he was getting a little stir crazy so I really needed an activity. I saw a post on Homemade Fake Snow and all we needed was a disposable nappy and some water, if it was a failure it didn’t really matter.

You really need a big container to put it in, and to make the snow you simply scrape the insides out of an unused nappy and add water. We used one nappy, but as soon as you add water it expands like crazy so half probably would have been sufficient.

Gradually add water until you get the consistency you want. We added trucks, cars and animals who needed to be rescued – and he was able to entertain himself for a couple of hours. It did get quite messy towards the end as the animals started bungee jumping off the cupboard, and it is best to clean up before it all dries but the entertainment factor was worth it.

I will be keeping an eye out for more easy entertainment ideas for Sonny, I love watching him trying new things and seeing how he plays.

What do you think of this fake snow idea? Would you try it? A big thank you to Charlotte at Make, Do & Friend for saving my sanity – just by writing a blog post.

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