Making with Sonny: Potato Stamps

Sonny is crazy about stamps. When we go to the Post Office the staff know they need to get the stamp pads ready and cover his hands in Winnie the Pooh and Dinosaurs…he doesn’t care what it is (he has even had “Postage Paid”) he just loves stamps.

One of our make and do activities this week was creating our own stamps. We used the old potato stamp method where you slice a potato in half and cut out a raised shape.

potato stamps

Cutting out a love heart was pretty easy, when it came to anything more fancy it was more of a task. Obviously it was me doing the cutting – not my three year old, and we ended up with a heart and a boat. You could also try making an indented version.

potato stamps

When our potato stamps were ready I popped some paint on paper plates (everything I had in the cupboard which explains the Christmas plates!). Sonny dipped the stamps in the paint and made some pretty decorations.

Remember making butterflies by painting one side of the paper, folding in half and opening? We ended up doing some of those and each time he excitedly opened the paper with a “Ta-da!”

A very easy boredom buster!

And as you can see, his arms are actually covered in stamps – this was unrelated to this project, he found  his box of regular stamps beforehand and decorated himself. Oops!

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