Cloth Nappies v. Disposables – The Age Old Debate

I say the age old debate but disposable nappies haven’t really been around that long in the big scheme of things.  For as long as disposable nappies have been on the market the debate has raged – cloth nappies or disposables. Both have their good points, and both have their bad.

Canstar Blue is a new initiative of CANSTAR CANNEX that commissions Colmar Brunton to survey 2,500 Australian consumers every few months across a range of different categories to track and measure satisfaction in consumers.

CANSTAR CANNEX’s Head of Research Steve Mickenbecker says: “We launched Canstar Blue to give Australians a free online resource to help them with their key purchasing decisions by making it simple for them to learn from the experiences of other consumers. It is essentially a guide to product excellence as voted by customers”

A recent consumer survey has revealed that cloth nappies are returning to popularity. Almost 1 in 5 of the Australian mums surveyed choose to use cloth nappies for their benefits to the environment.

Steve Mickenbecker said: “Our first nappy survey showed some interesting insights when it comes to this staple item for mums. Although most Australia mums are most loyal to disposable nappies because of their convenience, a significant percentage of women are choosing cloth nappies instead because of their low impact on the environment”

The survey unearthed some other interesting facts. Like the fact that 1 in 10 Australians surveyed buy their nappies online to save money, and organic nappies are the preferred choice for 8% of health-conscious mums.

aldi mamia

The outcomes of the nappy survey are the results from those in the survey group who had bought nappies in the last three years!

This survey revealed good news for the supermarket chain ALDI – their nappy range ALDI Mamia (pictured) came out on top with the most satisfied customers. They beat Huggies, Snugglers and Baby Love in every category tested.

“ALDI Mamia is the clear winner in the eyes of its customers, taking out the prize in every category – overall satisfaction, price, leak prevention, style/design and baby comfort,” Mr Mickenbecker said.

The most common complaints that came up in the survey:

  • Too Expensive
  • Limited designs – parents want more variety
  • Nappy tabs of poor quality that sometimes tear off
  • Inconsistent sizing across brands

Other interesting findings from this survey:

  • Overall females are more satisfied with their nappy brand than males.
  • Residents of NSW are more satisfied with their nappy brand than people in any other State or Territory.
  • The optimistic reputation of the baby boomers shone through in the survey – they are the generation happiest with their nappy brand.

Quite an interesting survey I thought. Given the opportunity to have taken this survey how would you have polled? Are you happy with your nappy brand, and which is your preferred brand?

3 thoughts on “Cloth Nappies v. Disposables – The Age Old Debate

  1. I use disposable (I have too much washing as it is) and have always bought Huggies…I’d be interested to try the Aldi Mamias, do you know if we can get these in SA?

    1. No we can’t get these in SA, which is unfortunate I agree. I use disposables as well because of washing, and convenience because we’re out so much.

      I, personally, use Baby Love and haven’t had any problems. I did use the Woolworths Select for a long time too but Mr 2 grew out of the large size.

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