Closer to Nature Sangenic Nappy Disposal System

There are many things about parenthood that we could happily do without and one of them is the middle of the night trek to the outside bin; because nobody wants to leave a dirty nappy inside any longer than necessary.

You could use nappy sacks but they don’t completely prevent odours, and I wouldn’t think they kill all of the bacteria either, so you will probably find yourself trekking to the outside bin to get rid of the nappy sack anyway – I know I always did.

The Closer to Nature Sangenic Nappy Disposal System is a perfect solution to this dark of night dilemma; which is also an all day and all night dilemma when you think of all the things that can be going on around nappy changing time, sometimes it can be quite a challenge to dispose of that nappy.

Sangenic nappy dispenser

Here is a solution that will cut down 99% of germs on contact with the film, stopping germs breeding in bubs room and your house. Also locking away odours for up to a week in the multi-layer film, they have been tested and proven 100 times more effective than nappy sacks at preventing odours (when tested against the leading UK supermarket brand) and use 60% percent less plastic.

The actual unit is sleek and functional so will suit any decor and is easily stashed out of the way. It is simple to use and locks away nappies with a 360° twist; each nappy is locked away individually to trap and kill germs on contact within the tub.

The Closer to Nature Sangenic Nappy Disposal System is easy to set up and the first cartridge comes already installed. The new cassettes are compatible with all sangenic disposal units.

Sangenic nappy dispenser

Value is the next major consideration and this unit offers excellent value for money. Working on 3 newborn nappies a day the tub will hold a weeks worth of nappies and each cassette will last up to a month. That’s a pretty impressive saving on night time stumbles to the bin for your buck.

The Closer to Nature Sangenic Nappy Disposal System retails for $25 from BigW and the refill cassettes can be bought individually or in multi-packs. The 6 pack retails for $60 at BigW and individual cassettes are approximately $15.

For more information head over to the Closer to Nature website.

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