Patch Buddies

There are so many cute bags for kids on the market, so when a brand creates a backpack with a unique twist it is well worth talking about!

Patch Buddies aren’t just junior backpacks, they are so much more. Each backpack comes complete with a plush toy which fits snugly in the front.

When the the lovable softy is sitting in the special compartment it looks like it is part of the bag, but when it is time for a cuddle little hands can easily pull it out.

The toy has a zip down the back, and when you open it there is a small, soft blanket hidden inside. Having these two features combined gives your child comfort wherever they go.

patch buddies bags

The bag itself feels quite strong with room for all their childcare and kindergarten supplies such as a change of clothes, hat and lunch box.

Your choice isn’t limited to just one design, there are multiple colours and toys to choose from including a mouse, pig and penguin.

Patch Buddies are suitable for children between 3 and 8, but I think those who are starting childcare and pre-schoolers would love them the most.

The RRP is approximately for these bags is $50. To purchase online or to view a list of stockists, go to

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