USER REVIEWS: Dreambaby EZY Toilet Trainer Seat in Aqua

New from Dreambaby is the EZY Toilet Trainer Seat in Aqua, which is designed to make toilet training your little one much easier. This fits most toilets and sits snugly giving your child the comfort and security they need to take the next step towards independence.

This has been designed with ergonomics in mind, and is contoured for comfort and won’t discourage them from having a go. It comes with inbuilt hanging loops, so you can simply hang it up when it isn’t being used. Parents can rest assured it is easy to clean, so any accidents will be quickly forgotten. We recommend pairing this with the Dreambaby 2 Up Step Stool to make the transition from nappies to toilet that much easier.

The EZY Toilet Trainer Seat in Aqua has an RRP of $14.95. 5 of our Beauty and Lace Club members have been testing this product. You can find out what they thought below, or leave your own review.

For more information visit the Dreambaby® website at or call (02) 93864000. If you are in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788.

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5 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Dreambaby EZY Toilet Trainer Seat in Aqua

  1. I was lucky enough for my son to get picked to test the Ezy trainer seat.

    I honestly love this product and higly recommend every parent buy one that is in the Process or even toilet training.
    The Ezy trainer seat fitted perfectly on our toilet , My son who is 22 months does not slip in at all , it fits his little bottom perfectly. The seat itself is sturdy, I had purchased a potty but my son was so fightened on it and would cry every time we tried to get him to use it.
    When we received this in the mail and I set it up with the dreambaby 2 up step stool my son was keen to try it straight away. He loves it so much that he has even had to show visitors (family ) how he can use it lol.

    He is so confident on it, it has made toilet training so much easier.

    This is a must buy product for all parents when it comes to toilet training.

  2. What a product!!! We have tried so many different versions of toilet seats for our kids and had ended up giving up. They either didn’t fit the toilet well, were uncomfortable, hard to clean or plain ugly!

    The Ezy trainer seat however are none of these. My 3yo who just uses the nornal toilet seat smiled when he first saw the seat and upon using it the first one said ‘I like this’!!!

    My 2yo happily uses it also and I’m much happier knowing they aren’t hanging into the normal toilet seat, they are well supported and seated ergonomically to do their business.

    The seat is easy to clean. Comes with a hook if you have limited space and want to hang it up between uses. It a modern look and aesthetically pleasing.

    Highly recommend. RRP very reasonable too!

  3. It’s hard to find a good sturdy trainer toilet seat. Most of the ones I have tried that sit on-top of the toilet with cute characters, but they are really unstable and they scare my kids as they have both have had tumbles off.

    As soon as we unwrapped the seat it was known as the Elsa seat. We put it on the toilet immediately and she had to use it. I love how it fits into the seat giving it stability. The soft blue grip is kind on the little bottoms and easy to grip as they climb onto the toilet.

    We used this seat in conjunction with the DreamBaby Step. I would highly recommend buying both. We now have three Dreambaby steps in the house and I am about to purchase another Ezy trainer seat for our ensuite.

    It will fit the majority of toilets ours is not a standard and it fits easily on. Thanks to the seat my daughter has transitioned to undies today at 2 1/2 years. We are having allot of success. It’s amazing how confident they are if you have the right tools to train with.

    Very easy to clean and it looks great. The best seat on the market.

    I would highly recommend this product and all Dreambaby products. We have the potty as well and that has made a great transition to this seat and step.

  4. We were very lucky to get to trial the Dreambaby Ezy trainer seat to go with our seat and couldn’t be happier. I had bought quite a few different seats and my son was petrified he would fall in but he was so excited when the Ezy trainer arrived. Not only is it his favourite colour, he says it’s comfy to sit on, he doesn’t get marks on his bum because it’s soft and we now have a little boy who isn’t scared to do number twos. Thanks so much Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace. We are so so grateful.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to test the Dreambaby EZY Toilet Trainer Seat.

    loved the seat, especially the hook to hang it away when not in use.

    The seat fits so snuggly into the toilet , no slipping or sliding making it easy , secure and safe to climb on and off them selves.

    Our previous seat was quite high in the front making it hard to get on and off them selves, but prevented “ over sprays “, so I was interested to see how this new seat would go as it is lower in the front. However I was pleasantly surprised as it worked well.

    It is easy to clean. The white with contrast colour makes it look appealing, both to the kids and adults. It fits so well on the toilet that any toddler, not just those being trained can use it.
    It is excellently priced.
    We are using it with the Dreambaby steps., which I recommend as well.

    Thankyou Dreambaby you have excellent products .

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