Win with Peppa Pig “When I Grow Up”…

When I Grow Up, What Will I Be?

Peppa Pig, George, and all their friends, love to imagine what they will be when they grow up! In the way of all pre-schoolers, imaginative play and play acting are part of the fun for our favourite little piggy and her playgroup friends. Peppa Pig often finds herself in various guises, from Nurse to Zoo Keeper, Chef to Pirate, Magician and even as a Singer.  While George too gets up to his own shenanigans as a Fireman, Astronaut, Detective, and Footballer… just to name a few!

In fact, all the characters explore different roles, careers and activities, designed to appeal to pre-schoolers who may have dreams of being lots of different things, when they grow up! According to Professor of Early Childhood Studies at Flinders University, Nicola Yelland, pretend play provides us with a window into the ways in which young children are interpreting the world, and how they are making meaning about the behaviours, actions and ideas that they experience. For fans who want to play pretend themselves and explore with Peppa, there are lots of options for When I Grow Up play time fun with toys from Big Balloon and books from Penguin Books.

Peppa Playtime from Big Balloon

Choose from plush toys, figurines, role-play items, or playsets, featuring our favourite pink piggy.  With toys released as part of the ‘When I Grow Up’ collection, plus a new wave of favourites, these toys offer opportunities for role-play and exploration – from what it would be like to be a nurse or doctor, ballerina, police person or bus driver to pilot, singer or performer.

Create your own Peppa Pig adventures with the Mobile Medical Centre. This push along ambulance opens up to reveal a full medical centre inside! Lift the roof off to see a waiting room with seats and a reception desk. Open the sides and there’s an operating theatre, with x-ray machine and a gurney bed! Includes Peppa Pig, Teddy, and exclusive Dr. Brown Bear figure. Available from Target stores in October.

‘When I grow up’ I want to be a Princess or a twirling Ballerina!  Join Peppa Pig and friends for fun adventures. Cute and cuddly, the Ty Peppa Pig Ballerina Beanie Boos and friends are made from the finest materials and are ready for exciting adventures with you.  Surface washable and easy to clean, Ty Beanies are great for children of all ages.  Available now from all major and independent toy stores.

On Peppa’s Book Shelf from Penguin Books

Penguin Books Peppa Pig library includes fantastic board and activity books featuring all your favourite characters having fun whilst learning about new things, exploring what to do when you grow up, sharing, helping, role-playing, rhyming, and more.  Young Peppa fans will love these bright and colourful storybooks, ideal for reading and sharing together. Available now from all good book stores.

At the Zoo, a lift-the-flap book explores a class trip to the zoo for Peppa and her friends!  Join Peppa, George and all their friends on an exciting class trip to the zoo. Madame Gazelle and the zookeepers, Mr Lion, Mrs Crocodile and Mr Giraffe, introduce the children to the fun of feeding time in this funny, chunky lift-the-flap book.  Available now from all good book stores.

For your chance to win 1 of 2 Peppa Pig prize packs including a Medical Mobile Centre, Ty Peppa Pig Ballerina Beanie, and At the Zoo lift-the-flap book, tell us in the comments section below what you wanted to be when you grow up. Each prize is valued at $66.94.

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– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
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120 thoughts on “Win with Peppa Pig “When I Grow Up”…

    1. I wanted to be a famous singer or dancer when I grew up even though when I sang I was always off key. I did manage to be a good ballroom dancer with my husband [but only a social dancer]

  1. I wanted to a nurse when I grew up and my dream came true. A car accident has taken me out of nursing for 8 years but I will get back.

  2. I wanted to be a ballerina but as my legs never grew longer than my 5’ status it wasn’t to be 🙁 I also lack any co-ordination, haha! I still love the ballet though

  3. I wanted to be a farmer in Queensland and have an airport on it, so my cousin could fly his planes on it (we grew up in the city, in tassie, so a long way from the land in Queensland!)

  4. I wanted to be a vet when I grew up because I loved animals, especially dogs! I later did work experience at a vets but it wasn’t for me, very hard seeing animals in pain and sick.

  5. I wanted to be a high school teacher but then I got to high school and realised that kids that age weren’t very nice!

  6. When my Grandad had Leukemia when I was only 4 I was petrified of him losing his hair. I was always petrified of all shop mannequins who were bald. So for years my Mum always reminded me that I wanted to make wigs!

  7. Loved ancient history and ancient languages so I dreamt of being an archaeologist and explorer. Discovering long lost civilisations & species, travelling the world and learning about the past sounded so exciting.

  8. My nearly 4 year old love Peppa pig; she says she want to be a doctor who drive a fire engine!! I suppose she could do both

  9. I wanted to be a Nurse from a very young age and as I got older I really fell in love with animals so l become a Veterinary Nurse and it really is a beautiful and very rewarding Career.

  10. Playing “school” when I was young was no act….it was practise. I desperately wanted to be a teacher and I was…for 40 years and loved it.

  11. I wanted to work at the zoo (particularly with penguins)……until I got up close and personal and the smell made me gag hahaha

  12. I always wanted to be a vetenarian and work with horses, but alas my dream was shattered ☹️ By the arrival of my 5 babies . One can dream.

  13. I was a little like Miss Rabbit, wanted to do a bit of everything! Especially liked the idea of being an astronaut but that was short lived as I found out how difficult that job is! I also was very happy to aspire to being a shopkeeper or dancer or librarian so many things, funny how as a kid every job seemed so creative and exciting!

  14. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up as I loved animals so much I wanted to be able to “fix” them all up.

  15. I wanted to be a Court Room Artist, sketching the faces of those in Court. Unfortunately Graphic Art went so computerised by the time I grew up and left highschool, that I felt disillusioned with art as a career. It’s still nice to dream! 🙂
    I still love drawing, but mostly with my kids!

  16. I wanted to be an Astronaut, and be the first red headed female on the moon. I made rockets out of boxes, and played each day past moon. A helmet made out of paper mache was my favourite by far. My mum would even catch me sleeping in it, as I dreamt of being surrounded by stars.

  17. When I was asked my very educated career driven aunty what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said to her I wanted to be a mum. She was horrified lol I became a childcare worker and a mum later on.

  18. I wanted to be a vet loved animals until one day I got attacked by our neighbours dog it was awful finally starting to like animals again after we got our children a dog

  19. I wanted to be an actress or work in advertising and I ended up doing neither! My daughter loves Peppa and wants to be “Daddy Pig” when she grows up 😉

  20. In primary school I wanted to be a Marine Biologist (however as a teenager and now adult the thought of driving with fish freaks me out)

  21. I’m 31 and I still don’t know. But my 3 year old son has his life sorted already. He wants to be a Smoke Alarm man… or a Mummy.

  22. I actually had no idea of what I wanted to be, but I did ask for a baby doll when I was 12. (Old I know.)

    I fell into nursing and found myself nursing in maternity. I loved it. This was the perfect job for me.

    The baby doll began to make sense after all.

  23. I wanted to work in the travel industry, ended up in the Finance industry instead but if I had the money I would travel all over the world. Need to dream big 🙂

  24. I wanted to save all the animals from dying. Marine life to African plains, I dreamt of helping the injured and running my own zoo hospital.

  25. I only ever wanted to be a mum , l work in aged care and have done for many years l think I just wanted to care for people especially my kids now my grandkids

  26. I wanted to be two things when I grew up: a person with a magnetic personality and a writer. I’m pretty shy, and I figured out early that I’m not that pretty and don’t have any of the sort of talents that get you noticed immediately. But I thought that if I had a mysteriously magnetic personality I’d still have lots of friends… And I wanted to be a writer because, well, doesn’t every kid who loves books want to be a writer? Plus as I got older I figured that would be a pretty appealing kind of fame – people knowing your name and your work, but not being chased down the road by the paparazzi.

  27. I wanted to be two things when I grew up: a person with a magnetic personality and a writer. I’m pretty shy, and I figured out early that I don’t have any of the sort of talents that get you noticed immediately. But I thought that if I had a mysteriously magnetic personality I’d still have lots of friends… And I wanted to be a writer because, well, doesn’t every kid who loves books want to be a writer? Plus as I got older I figured that would be a pretty appealing kind of fame – people knowing your name and your work, but not being chased down the road by the paparazzi.

  28. I desperately wanted to work at McDonalds. We didn’t have McDonalds in Tasmania for quite some-time.

    If Dad flew to Melbourne or Sydney on business trips he would bring back me and my brother cheese burgers in the Styrofoam containers in his suitcase. Mum would wash the containers out and I would use them for pretend play as I used an old TV cable as the microphone to order as they did back in the day.

  29. I had great hopes of being an air hostess so that I could travel to so many places then I heard about a plane crash and that kind of threw me off that idea. I think my mum was happy then.

  30. A PetShop Keeper. As a child it seemed such a nice thing to do, oblivious to the cruelty of it all, especially behind the scenes.

  31. I always wanted to be a detective, with the trench coat, hat and magnifying glass, solving crimes with my amazing skills

  32. At my year 3 school assembly, I stood up and announced that I was going to be a hairdresser one day. Just to ‘show off ‘ my skills, I proudly held up a My Little Pony with a haircut, The audience sure looked impressed !!

  33. I always loved animals; wanted to be a vet
    With my plush furry friends and play stethoscope, I was all set
    A passion to stand up – be a voice for all creatures great & small
    Knew that amidst each pat and cuddle it would be worth it all.

  34. I always wanted to be a mum when I grew up! That was it, just a mum! Now I am a mum to three, with my eldest now in Heaven, but I am not just a mum to mine but also as a teacher aide in a special school I get to love and care for many more amazing children!
    (R’ee Jane on Facebook)

  35. I really wanted to be a nurse but alas I fainted at the sight of blood so I went into office work and worked at Aust Post and now I work in aged care.

  36. I wanted to be a paleontologist I wanted to dig up dinosaur bones I would go into the backyard and dig holes hoping to find a dinosaur bone or a fossil of some sort, I’m far from a palaeontologist now.

  37. I always wanted to be a music teacher but it was not a good choice as I am tone deaf and not that great at playing music.

  38. I wanted to be a garbage woman riding on the back of the truck.
    I loved that the guys got to ride on the back of the trucks and hang on to those bars but I was crushed when they replaced those guys with the robo-arm trucks we have today.
    I am a stay at home mum and think I made out pretty well not fulfilling my original dream.

  39. I wanted to be a singer. I can sing… On my own where no one else can hear me! I’m finally trying out at auditions… Only took me 34 years!

  40. I found an old book from when I was about 8yo, it had all the things I wanted to be when I grew up, so funny! I actually wanted to just be married, and I described my future husband and my eyes would suddenly change to blue also. Very funny, I then go on to list my 6 children (eek, I have 3). I also wanted to be a teacher. I actually did go to university teacher too! Funny how that prediction came true, oh to be young again! My youngest baby would adore this for her 1st birthday coming up, she’s already a huge Peppa pig fan!

  41. An archaeologist I wanted to be,
    Careers’ advisor said “oh dear me”,
    A librarian I became instead,
    You could say I’m very well read!!

  42. I as a city kid, wanted to be a Farmer, just like my Uncle. I idolised him and thought Country life was amazing.

  43. To Grow old gracefully with lots of grand children which i have 32 , 10 under 5 hence the love of peppa pig

  44. As I was always good at balancing when standing on a bus I thought my perfect job would be a bus conductress. Unfortunately by the time I was old enough to apply the job had been fazed out 🙁

  45. i wanted to be a vet, but as i grew up couldnt stand the sight of blood. instead we now have 4 dogs haha

  46. I wanted to work as a lift attendant in a department store…..”Level 2, Ladies Lingerie..” Couldn’t think of anything more boring now though!

  47. I wanted to work as an elevator attendant…”Level 2, Ladies lingerie..” Couldn’t think of anything more boring now though…

  48. I loved to sweep when I was young and once when I cleaning out dads work shed, I decided that I wanted to be a street sweeper. I never became a street sweeper but I still enjoy sweeping.

  49. I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. My mum was a kinder assistant and I used to get to help out every now and then and thought it was so much fun playing with the kids. Now that I have my own kids I’ve changed my mind on being a kinder teacher. Now I want to be a librarian! Your never too old to have career dreams right!? 😉

  50. I wanted to be a vet all through primary school, and a lawyer throughout high school. Now I’m a beautician with 2 young babies xo

  51. I wanted to be an architect and spend countless hours drawing up house designs in a book which I found just recently! I still love architecture and looking at house plans but didn’t follow through and become an architect after my teacher in year 10 said I didn’t have the math to do it??

  52. I just wanted to work at a checkout on the till! My parents weren’t impressed having spent thousands on a private all girl school education!!

  53. When I grew up I wanted to be a lawyer, a criminologist, a palaeontologist or a psychologist. I’m now a mum who is studying counselling lol

  54. I wanted to arrange shop windows and dress the mannequins, after watching the movie of the same name!

  55. I wanted to be a vet, no a doctor, no, wait, a marine biologist, no … er… a pilot…. I kept going …through my teens ….until I hit something my parents reacted to: a rock star. Worried glances. Since then I’ve been an archaeologist, a programmer, a dive instructor, an aid worker, a snowboard instructor and lately a parent. A parent to a daughter who wants to be Peppa!

  56. A ” snake catcher ” , as I always thought snakes were worthy of another chance at life when they inadvertently snuck into people’s homes !!
    Instead I became an advocate for animal welfare worldwide

  57. I wanted to be the best I could be, I just wanted to be me. I never wanted to grow up, just live in a house, way up in a tree. “you need to decide what you want to become” are the words my mum always said. “if you don’t, you’ll become a b*m and end up living in my shed”.

    Alas, I ended up living my dreams and became the best I could be, however even to date I still don’t live in a tree.

  58. A rock star (until I realised I’m tone deaf) or an actress (until I realised I’m an introvert and couldn’t cope with the constant rejection of auditions.)

  59. When I was little I always wanted to be a social worker so I could change the world and everything would be equitable

  60. I just wanted to be a mummy! Now as a mum of 3 I’ll admit there are days there are other things I’d rather be!

  61. When I was younger (from 5 – 15 years) I always said I wanted to be an ‘Organiser, who organises things” LOL and here I am doing exactly that.. being an Executive Assistant!

  62. A cashier! Growing up, there were countless memories of me grabbing everything in my room for “sale”! I would get all my cousins to be the “customers” and “purchase” my things! My parents even bought me one of those toy cash registers that sealed the deal.

  63. So many things I wanted to be
    When I was such a young me.
    I’d dream of riches, fame or glory.
    Each dream would have a different story.
    Then I wanted to be a doctor, a dentist or a vet
    but that seemed to much for me, so I thought, ‘no, not yet’.
    Even though I’m older now, I often think, ‘nup’.
    Does anyone ever know what they want when they grow up?

  64. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I thought I would travel the world, coral reef by coral reef and help all of the oceans creatures.

  65. When I was little I wanted to be The Fat Controller (from Thomas the Tank Engine). I wanted to wear a top hat like that and control the trains.

  66. I wanted to be a hairdresser .
    When I was alittle girl I would sit by my dads side and play with his beautiful wavey hair. For hours , I’d style it and put his bryl cream through it…. such happy memories.

  67. A Nurse! they were always so nice in the hospital when I visited my nan…..I asked my 4 year old son & he said a baby lol

  68. I am entering this for my 3 year old daughter as she loves Peppa Pig. Yesterday her brother said “When I grow up I want to be a Ninja and a Speedway Racing Car Driver” my daughter out of the blue said “When I grow up I want to be a Cat”

  69. I wanted to be Kylie Minougue and sing sing sing! ……Then i realised oh my gosh i cant sing but i will be fabulous at dancing … i can be a back up dancer so i took dancing lessons and not flash at that either! then i thought maybe i could be an amazing fashion designer and make amazing clothes for amazing singers and dancers and i started sewing i made my own clothes pants, skirts, tops and i thought i was pretty cool no celebrities came knocking but so much fun! still dreaming!

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