User Trial: Dreambaby 2 Up Step Stool

Dreambaby make toilet training easy, with a range of products designed to support your little one and to encourage them to feel comfortable to use the big toilet! This month, a selection of our members have been roadtesting the 2 Up Step Stool in Aqua which is a safe way for them to gain some extra height. This is not only useful for toilet training but works for teeth brushing and cooking in the kitchen as well.

The 2 Up Step Stool is child friendly, and as the name suggests it has just two steps. It comes with a sure grip surface which will help to avoid slipping and they can climb it in either bare or covered feet. With the extra height, they will quickly gain the confidence they need to progress in their development.

Parents will love how easy this is to clean, as we all know there is bound to be the occasional bathroom accident! It is made from durable plastic and can support up to 80kg.

Pair the Dreambaby 2 Up Step Stool with one of the brand’s toilet seats and you will be through this challenging stage in no time. This has an RRP of $14.95

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Available from Big W.

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5 of our members have been testing this product, find out what they thought in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “User Trial: Dreambaby 2 Up Step Stool

  1. Thank you to Dream Baby and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial this excellent product.
    Looking on line I find that it retails for around $15 from well known and easy to get to stores. This is a very reasonable price.
    I am most impressed with the grip on both the steps and also the non slip grip on the base. Both steps are quite wide and easy for kids to use ( the previous step we had the bottom step was quite narrow making it less easy for kids.) I found it easy to clean,There is a choice of contrast colours on the white steps, the one we received was blue and looked lovely. The 2 small handles each side of the steps make it easy for a child to carry it and move it from the loo to the bathroom sink themselves. The height of the steps is perfect.
    The totally best feature is in the specifications it has a weight limit of up to 80 Kg which means I can use them too to reach my high kitchen cupboards!
    Loved this product!

  2. Thank you to Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace for the chance to trial these steps. My son absolutely loves them, especially as they are his favourite colour.
    They are the perfect height for him to get on the toilet, brush his teeth etc and have helped him feel that bit more independent.
    I also love that the steps have grip on them so they’re less likely to fall and they’re also very easy to clean.
    Now I just need an adult sized one for short old me 😉

  3. I love DreamBaby products they are well made and very affordable.

    This step is the bee’s knees. It’s the best step around. It’s got covered in sides and back, meaning it’s super stable. The hand holds are great too for portability from the toilet to the sink.

    Both my son and daughter are quite short so this step is perfect for them. They can easily get to the toilet, sink and even kitchen bench.

    My daughter feels comfortable being able to walk up the step and then turn. It’s sturdy so it doesn’t tip. The non-slip matting on top is great for little ones who are a little clumsy.

    The step makes kids feel confident I much prefer this step and a toilet seat to those ladders that are cheap and not well made.

    Love this and will be telling my friends how great they are.

    I also like if you get several you can stack them easily on-top of one another.

    I will be using this when she has stopped toilet training for washing hands and accessing the kitchen bench and decorating the Christmas tree!

  4. Thank you Dream Baby and Beauty and Lace.

    My little guy has loved this step for potty use , brushing his teeth and even using it to climb onto our bed lol.

    The handles make it a great and easy way to carry , as well as the light weight.

    When looking for a product to help my little guy toilet train we were looking for easy , safe, the height and something that wasnt big a bulky.
    This covers all of these things from the non slip on the stairs , the perfect size to leave by the toilet or by the bathroom sink.
    Its a perfect height to get on and off the toilet , wash your hands or even the added bonus my son has used it for to climb into mum and dads beds lol.
    It is very versatile , it also isnt heavy which my son loves as he feels independent by being able to take it to where he wishes to use it.

    This step is a product i will be Recommending to all parents/careers as i feel its a product that will get great use and will be something you will be forever grateful you have purchased.

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to trial another fabulous item from the Dream Baby range. We already had two steps for our children (aged two and three) to use in our house, however both presented issues. Our single step was too short to be used at the bathroom sink and the two step one was narrow and slippery.
    WELL….the Dream Baby two step has solved these issues. Nice and wide, with helpful handles to make moving it from room to room simple, it has nice wide steps with rubber gripping to ensure no nasty slips occur. My children have used this daily at the toilet, the bathroom sink and in the kitchen.

    I find the RRP of $14.95 to Ben more than reasonable for such a quality product and highly recommend this as an addition to your home if you have young children.

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