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Dreambaby® launches a new range of child safety products. These comtemporary finish ‘Style” locks and latches complement stainless steel appliances and fittings. Perfect for modern interiors marrying safety with a contemporary asthetic for the 21st century home!

Leading child safety brand, Dreambaby® is launching a stylish and contemporary STYLE range of safety products designed to keep children safe in the home. Perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, these products blend beautifully with stainless steel appliances and also with the muted, contemporary tones, which often resound in newly renovated, rebuilt or brand new Australian homes!
The new ‘Style’ range comprises:

The NEW ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Appliance Lock F1004 (RRP $6.95) has been designed with an EZY-Check® Indicator. This allows parents to check quickly that it is properly secured by displaying red for unlocked and green for locked. Made from heat resistance material, the Dreambaby® Appliance Lock fits easily onto most ovens, and will suit other appliances too.

F1004 pack

Ensure your kitchen is always safe with the ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Microwave & Oven Lock F1001 (RRP $7.95). This heat resistant lock will help prevent potential burns and accidents, as the lock ensures children are unable to open and tamper with ovens, microwaves, freezers, laundry cabinets and other areas of potential hazard! The attractive contemporary finish complements stainless steel appliances and fittings in your home.

Keep little fingers from raiding the fridge! Installing a ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Refrigerator Latch F1002 (RRP $5.95) will help prevent little people reaching up at large, heavy items in the fridge which could fall. It’s also a necessary safety tool if you are storing prescription medicines in the fridge, and other cooking ingredients such as mustards, vinaigrettes and wines.

Also keep your cupboards and cabinets safe and free from curious fingers with the ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Sliding Lock F1005 (RRP$5.95), which fits easily onto cabinet knobs or D-shaped handles. Ideal for the kitchen and laundry, this lock closes with a simple sliding action.


Dreambaby’s® ‘Style’ Flexible Multi-Purpose Latch F1007 (RRP $6.95) and Dreambaby’s® ‘Style’ Mini Multi-Purpose Latches F1008 (RRP $7.95) are excellent safety solutions to help secure the home and are suitable for use on gloss and laminated furniture, glass and mirror cabinets, varnished wood, timber veneer, metal cabinets, as well as fridges and freezers. With stylish discs and clear strap, these latches are ideal for discreet safety!

Visit Dreambaby® at or call (02) 9386 4000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788. Become a Facebook fan

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22 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Dreambaby Silver Safety Style Range

  1. I absolutely love these, I left a review already, but just wanted to add that we had a friends bub over0- at the just walking stafe, she was headed straight for the window trying to poull it to get out and couldnt

  2. I am the mother of 2 small children. With my son being a 20 month old tornado! He can whip himself into the kitchen, open the fridge and devour a carton of milk within moments. I’ve had this happen more times than I can count, not to mention open the dishwasher, invade the pantry, let himself outside, get into my makeup and the list goes on.
    Dream Baby locks are essential in my home! My favourite place that’s now safe – The Fridge.
    I have one latch over my makeup cupboard, dishwasher and most importantly cleaning cupboard.
    We have our home set with gates but I know all too well how easy it is to forget to close one properly and bam he’s in the oven (not turned on of course) and getting the racks out putting whatever he can find inside. I have used the oven lock for that .. just in case Houdini gets that far.
    Life is certainly easier!

  3. wow – what a great product. Dream baby really did their research on this one. I have had al sorts of problems keeping my little one out of harms way with overns, cupboards etc, but after using the Dreambaby products we now have success. I am really loving the stainless look as it goes so well with my kitchen.

  4. I am in love with the Dreambaby product range – we have now removed our baby gate from our kitchen and Jack is free to explore certain cupboards, thanks to the range we can keep our fridge secured, our oven locked, certain cupboards stay shut and drawers can’t be opened.

    It was music to my ears Jack being able to pull open the Tupperware cupboard and pull it all out over the floor and play with it as much as he wanted and I knew he’d be safe from any harmful things in the kitchen Thanks Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace you were my saviour.

    I would recommend this product to all my friends with children and give it a 5 out of 5.

    Thanks again


    P.S. We also were able to remove the chair from in front of the cabinet that holds all our records without the fear of them being pulled out and scratched to pieces.

  5. I’m so happy to notice that my little boy starts to walk by himself. Meanwhile it makes me worried too. Because he is curious about anything especially kitchen. He tries to open every door and drawer and hurt his finger a few days ago. Luckily, I received Dreambaby Silver Safety Style products on Friday and installed all of them. Now I don’t need to stop my boy going to my kitchen. These locks are easy to use for me but protect my boy from any danger very well. My favourite is Dreambaby® Appliance Lock F1004, I love its design and it perfectly matches my oven. Also I love silver colour, it makes my kitchen look modern. I do recommend these beautiful efficient safety products 🙂

  6. Life is busy with four children and it can be difficult to have eyes everywhere! While I have two bigger boys aged 10, my 3 yr old daughter and 8 month old son are always on the go. I have found the Dreambaby products great, especially the mini multi-purpose latches. These are easy enough for my big boys to open yet challenging for miss 3. What I love most about these latches is the drawers won’t even open enough to get little fingers caught like other products I have tried. Great job Dreambaby!

  7. On Friday I received the Dreambaby Silver Safety Locks just in time to trial them over the weekend.I am absolutely impressed by these very smart locks.Being a renter, I didn’t want to use screw in safety latches that might damage,so these were a better and more ideal solution.They look so good next to the stainless steel fittings and appliances.They take a few seconds to attach(so easy) and completely befuddled my very busy and clever 22 month old son.have a fridge with freezer on bottom which he is always into but with the REFRIGERATOR LATCH,he is locked out for good.The APPLIANCE LOCK is a terrific and unique lock that helps cooking time feel safer in the kitchen.The FLEXIBLE MINI and MULTI PURPOSE LATCHES are paramount to keep all those things you don’t want to pick up all day or broken, kept secure and away from little hands.They start off a bit stiff to use but soften after a few uses.The SLIDING LOCK is fantastic for one handed use(which mums do all the time).You just squeeze and slide and has also confused my toddler.The MICROWAVE & OVEN LOCK is another valuable tool as children,including the older ones, love to open and shut those doors to their hearts content.Not now haha.One suggestion is to make sure you are sure where you want them before you attach as they are extremely hard to remove once stuck and make sure you check out the CAPTCHA icons on the packets because they give you a how to video.LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Dreambaby products and thankyou for giving me back my kitchen.

  8. Wow!! What an awesome range of products they have now..they have all come in handy with two little ones in the house. I had a fridge latch on my fridge but the Dreambaby one was easier to use and did the job so much better! The cupboard locks are great in the bathroom…made everything really secure now..thanks for the trial opportunity!! 😉

  9. Thankyou for letting me trial the Dreambaby Style products. So we have just tested them all over the weekend and we have mixed results. The Appliance Lock was to wide to fit on the oven or the microwave so we were not able to test this one out.

    The Sliding Lock is one of my favourites as I was alreay using these on all of the cabinets in our place as the kids have never been able to figure these ones out and by far the easiest to use and install as it will not damage any surfaces with it not needing to be attached to anything to be able to use it. As renters, this is important.

    The Mini and Regular sized Multi purpose latches are only good to use up very high as my 2 year old had them open in less than a minute so thay would need to be placed very high for him not to be able to unlock these.

    The Microwave and Oven Lock was much better to use on our oven as it fit well and my kids just could not figure it out. They don’t really ever try to go into the oven, they just like the challenge of trying to figure out how to unlock something. This one has stumped them. I just hope it can handle the heat from around the oven.

    I have left the best to last. In the past 2 years I have bought so many different fridge latches and locks and all have been useless. I had 3 or 4 still attached to the fridge doing nothing. So I removed all of the old ones and attached the Dreambaby Style Refrigerator Latch and it is awesome. It even had my 5 year old stumped until I showed him how to use it. I only want my youngest out of the fridge as he spends half his life in there. The lock infuriates him but makes me very happy. No more walking into the kitchen to find the door wide open! Best by far.

  10. Just like to thank Dreambaby for these wonderful locks.NIce colour,easy to use and actually do what they are supposed to (not like some others)I actually had fun fitting them and then sitting back to watch the grandchildren try their hardest to get into places they weren’t supposed to!No more raiding Nanny’s fridge as soon as they come through the door,my CD’s & DVD’s are now safe from little hands and no worry from me if they try to open the oven! One niggle for me is that when I try to remove them in later years will they leave a mark or come off clean as suggested.Well done Dreambaby!

  11. thank you for the opportunity to trial these locks. i have found all of them absolutely wonderful. Finally “I HAVE THE CONTROL” back in my own hand as my little Lilly is quite the adventurer. All of these locks were an absolute breeze to install, and just as easy to use. Thank you dreambaby locks, I will be buying some more of these for myself to regain even more control. What a great product. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to trial and review, the dreambaby safety style range!!

    i found all of the items sent, to be of great benefit, and super stylish (silver) to blend in with modern appliances!

    We used the APPLIANCE LOCK on our dishwasher to prevent junior from constantly opening and closing the door! Found this one to be awesome (can be used on washers/dryers and many other appliances). Love how the dreambaby range simply stick on!! very simple to install.

    I’m a big fan of the FLEXIBLE MULTI PURPOSE LATCHES too! These are perfect for our kitchen drawers. Simple to attach… just peel, and stick around the corners of the drawers or appliances. We actually used these ones to stop bubs from opening the very dangerous knife/utensils drawer. They look good and are minimal fuss to open.

    REFRIGERATOR LATCH is also another beauty from the dreambaby range. Yay! now the fridge is childproof! no more broken eggs etc!!

    Overall i think the dreambaby style range is perfect for those who have modern/stainless steel appliances. They blend in nicely and protect little ones from mischief!! i would highly recommend this range to all parents. 6/6 from me! 🙂

  13. I received mine 2 days ago and have to say I am really impressed. My daughter hasn’t figured out how to undo any of them so now my oven, fridge and bedroom cupboards are secure once again.
    It is just an added piece of mind knowing that the Dreambaby product works so well and I know she can’t get into anything dangerous. I love the colour I had seen the white but never the silver, and they are really easy to use, although my husband has been challenged by them…lol
    I would definitely recommend these to all my mum friends who still have little ones.
    I found the flexible multipurpose locks the most useful as I have a top opening storage box and these allowed me to safely lock it so no more accidents.
    Thanks so much for letting me try these out, definitely better than some others I have tried when my other children were younger.

  14. Unfortunatly i recieved my samples to try while i am in hospital with pneumonia so nobody wanted to bother me with news they had arrived. Finally when i explained what they were for my family(x partner) who knows nothing bout anything unless it has wheels on it, & my 2 younger 16yrs & 19yrs that still live at home decided to Brodi (grandson) proof the house to see if they all worked. They all did their jobs perfectly as it states on the packaging of dream baby locks. They even went to the extremes of locking my poor babys favourite toys in his toybox in front of him to see if he could manage to help them escape & left them in there for 2hrs n kept watch to see if my poor Brodi managed to liberate his precious ted & truck & found he couldnt do! Wow gota love all my family for their extra mile or 10 they go to to help me out with dream baby locks & reporting back to me me with ” yep their all Brodi proof mum! Cant wait to get home & see if i can get into my own cupboards! I was really excited to see dream baby locks on 1 of my flash sale sites aswell so i bought a couple of locks that were in the 1st trial for my other sliding doors! They are a god send & dont know how i managed without them!!!

  15. Sorry I am late with my review but we had a bereavement in the family.
    We installed the Dream Baby Safety locks and they have been amazing.
    The door locks have allowed me to take a large amount of my appliances off the top shelf of the pantry and back into their cupboards.
    My daughter hasn’t tried to open the oven or microwave yet, but knowing that she can’t even if she tried leaves my mind at ease. I have had trouble with my daughter getting into the fridge, and I have had to restrict the amount and weight of the items in it. Since attaching the fridge lock I have been able to go back to my normal shopping habits. 🙂 All in all our family has benefitted greatly since the installation of the Dream Baby locks, and I wouldn’t hesitate from recommending them to any mum with young children.

  16. Thank you so much Beauty & Lace and DreamBaby for letting me trial these little beauties for my 11 month old who is at that very inquisitive stage at the moment and like to get into everything!

    So these really came at the perfect time and I really need to get some more, now that I have a few I have found so much more I need to lock up from her!

    The first one I used which I liked the best was the sliding lock. This one was the easiest for me to lock and unlock and my little bub has no clue how to get it unlocked. Thank goodness because its being used to keep her out of the cupboard under the fish tank!

    I also really liked the flexible style locks as they are very versatile and can be used just about anywhere. I have these in my bathroom keeping my bub away from my perfume and nail polishes, etc. They work really well and stuck on great. They only thing that is they are a lot harder to unlock and lock. I don’t know if that is partly because of the cold weather making them not as flexible. But anyway, they work and that’s the main thing! 🙂

    Overall, I was really impressed with all of the generous amount of Babylocks locks I was sent and am currently putting them all to very good use and plan to but more of the sliding locks. 🙂

    Highly recommended!

  17. Wow. I loved each of these for their own little reason. At the moment I am living at my mother in laws house so it was great to be able to stop prying eyes and fingers from getting where they were not supposed to be. The flixible multi- purpose latches were great as they could go anywhere I needed them. I used mine on some drawers and a cupboard and they worked well.
    The Microwave and Oven lock was tried out on the microwave, but as it was up higher anyway there wasn’t much need…. but you just neve know with kids. The adults in the house kept forgetting it was there and could hear a few muttered words slip out lol but obviously does it’s ob well.
    I loved the sliding lock as my in laws have a massive walk in pantry with EVERYTHING in it. keeping the kids out without this would nearly be impossible but this lock was fantastic. Easy enough to remove but with the clasps being hidden it made it to hard for my eldest to work out. his caused much frustration to him but gave me great peace of mind know he couldn’t just help himself all the time.
    The Refrigerator Latch was good at keeping little fingers out, although I would only like to use it occasionally as I like my son to be able to help himself to water whenever he wants. this seemed to really annoy the adults though when it was latched… would be fine if I was in my own home though.
    Now saving my favorite for last the Appliance Lock. LOVE the appliance lock!!! Where has this been, why was this not invented earlier. Genius. Love being able to use it to keep the ove closed. Always a worry in the back of my mind about the floor ovens and curious hands and this completely stopped me from having to worry about it. So easy to lock or unlock, there was no drama with having this on there, in fact my mother in law asked if I would mind leaving it there when we fially get to go back home…. so there’s some definate approval.
    Thanks so much for letting me try out these reat products All great in their own rights ut definately love the Appliance Lock 🙂

  18. I have used all the items sent to me and I have to say they are all fantastic especially the fridge lock! (although it took my bf a while to get the hang of it lol) I will definately be buying more and recommending them to anyone I know that will listen haha

  19. I am absolutely rapt at the excellent quality and innovative designs of these Dreambaby products. And best of all they actually work! The fridge lock is my fave as our freezer is at the bottom of our fridge and I no longer have to worry about my little ones finding and devouring all of my secret stash of ice-creams, lol! I love the stainless steel look too, they’re so modern and look great. All the different types of Dreambaby child safety locks I trialled work amazingly well and are easy to fit/install as well.

    Overall I would definitely recommend Dreambaby products to other parents. They provide that lovely bit of extra piece of mind when it comes to my children’s safety around the home.

    Thank-you Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to participate in this trial and review.

  20. I absolutely love the oven lock, this was a godsend for me as my 1yr old hasn’t learnt the word ‘no’ yet and thinks when I say it it is a bid of a game.
    I found the fridge and cupboard locks a little tough to attach the plastic part on but when I finally did there was no way my son was getting in.
    They don’t damage your doors which is a big plus and they are well priced for what you get.
    Overall I love these products and think they are essential for toddlers as they have the curiosity factor going against them so it is great that us mums can protect them with these fantastic products.

  21. THese products were great, easy to use and look stylish. THe great thing about them is there is literally one for everything you need! In fact there were ones for things that I hadnt even thought of but now that I have them wonder how I lived without them!~

  22. Thanks for the opportunity to trial these locks. They were fantastic and we have since purchased more. Here is how we used them.

    Dreambaby Microwave & Oven lock – We placed this on the freezer door and whilst it keeps out our youngest ones when we have our friends 2 year old over he manages to open it everytime if he just pulls on the freezer handle the lock pops open. So at present it works fine for our little ones but i’m sure they will learn to open it soon enough.

    Dreambaby Refrigerator latch. This was placed up high on our fridge door and works great. Although it is placed too high up for our little ones to even reach when they tug on the fridge handle it doesn’t open in the slightest. Very simple to install and super easy to use. If placed within reach I’m sure little hands could work this one out eventually but since it clicks into place quickly it might take them a little more time to learn to unlatch and pull quick enough before it snaps back into a locked position. I like that we can give the fridge door a little push to close it and you can hear the click when its locked into position. This would work great on fridges that have lost the door seal also as it keeps it tightly shut.

    Dreambaby Appliance lock – This was placed on the oven. We placed it in the middle of the oven door as we didn’t think the product would be so durable if it was placed to either side. So far it has worked great. It was easy to install and we followed the instructions (ie. not to use the oven for 24hours whilst the adhesive was initially sticking to the surface). The only thing i would change about the product is the colour codes. I’d prefer Green to be unlocked and Red to be locked. To me it seems a little odd to have them in reverse. We have since purchased another one and installed it on the dishwasher, works well on there too.

    Dreambaby Flexible Multi Purpose Latch. This was placed on the kitchen cupboard under the sink where we keep all the cleaning items etc. Very easy to install and it keeps the cupboard completely closed. I like that we can keep the cupboard open whilst we are using things from the cupboard and then secure it close when we need to. These would work well on most cupboards and draws in the kitchen/bathroom. I highly recommend this one for smaller children. I think older children would work out this lock pretty quick.

    Dreambaby Sliding Lock. This was placed on our double door cupboard in the laundry. Super simple to install and use. Great for those who don’t want to completely install a lock (ie. renters). When we went away for a week we took this with us and it was fantastic. We have since purchased a couple more for use in the garage and bathroom. Our little ones can’t open these at all and have since stopped trying which means this lock works!

    These were fantastic to trial and I highly recommend them. Just need to figure out what you want to lock and how you use the item then you can find a lock suitable that will keep your children out.

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