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I remember that first trip home from the hospital with my babies, all safe and secure in the backseat – where I couldn’t see them.

As time went on I got used to not being able to see them while I was driving but as more children were added to the backseat of my car it did become a worry again, I couldn’t see what the other children were doing to the baby either.

Dreambaby are a company very aware of the concerns of parents and they have created a product perfect for giving peace of mind to parents traveling with rearward facing babies.

The Dreambaby “On The Go” range has expanded to include two new Backseat Mirrors which are both perfect for long and short trips in the car and allow the driver to keep an eye on the littlest ones in the backseat without turning their head.

f263-packhrToday I’m here to tell you about the NEW Dreambaby Adjustable Backseat mirror which is simple to strap onto the headrest, all you need to do then is swivel and adjust the angle of the mirror to see your rearward facing child in the backseat reflected in your rearview mirror.

This mirror will stay safely in place, as long as there are no other little hands in the backseat to play with it, to ensure an accurate line of vision that does not need to be adjusted each time you travel.


Featured Benefits:

  • Rotating swivel arm for maximum visibility with easy adjustment
  • Full view of your rearward facing child
  • Fits most headreasts
  • Safe shatter-proof mirror

Product Code: F263
RRP: $24.95

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10 of our members with little ones will be testing out these products and you can find out what they think in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “User Reviews: Dreambaby Backseat Mirror

  1. “Thank you very much Beauty and lace,for giving me this opportunity,which really taken all the worry out of driving with a newborn! With my little one,I have to drive so often for clinic visits and school drop off for other elder one,rushing down to super markets. I always got worried while driving ,to know whats happening in a back seat!!
    Now I feel calm and focused while driving as I can always keep my eye on my bub. this dream baby back seat mirror is very easy to adjust and gives clear view of my kid. It’s a worth try for peace of mind. I will definitely recommend this to other parents like me!

  2. I love this! My little bubs is nearly 5 months old and I am kicking myself I didn’t get this sooner – he has had severe reflux and I feel a lot better now that I can see him and make sure he is okay/ hasn’t filled his face with vomit. Also nice to see if we are close to a nap 😉
    Th design was nice and smooth – easy to position and assemble – sometimes the mirror can be abit bumpy and all over the shop when on a bumpy road though. I would recommend this though, wish we had one sooner!

  3. I love this! I’m onto baby No.3 and never used one of these…boy I wish I had. This mirror is so great for keeping an eye on baby. My baby is now 12 months but I’m one of those Mums who keep their baby rear facing until he starts to protest. My two older kids adore him and would never hurt him, however they do like to sneak him food and now I can keep an eye on what happening! Now I’m all set for if / when baby No.4 comes along…(shhh…crazy I know!)
    The mirror is easy to attach (great for me because I’m a bit unco) it angles perfectly to see baby. I have no complaints as this product does what it says.
    As always Dreambaby delivers a fantastic product and I’ll be buying this for the next baby shower gift!

  4. I am so in love with this Dreambaby mirror! It is definitely a must have!

    I received my Dreambaby mirror on Friday, and it was just in time for a long 3 hour journey with my baby and toddler and screaming cat for a weekend trip to visit family. Normally I find baby things hard to assemble and leave them to up to my hubby!. But I was pleasantly surprised that there was no assembly and all you had to do was attach it to the head rest and peel off the sticker from the mirror. I love pre-assembled items!

    We were in a hurry to leave on Friday night so I quickly opened the box and took the mirror out to the car and attached it to our slim-line headrests. I was able to pull the tags and get a nice firm fit. I think it took all of 30 seconds to fit! AMAZING! Hubby was the driver on this occasion so when he was sitting in the driver seat I asked him if he could see our baby (rear facing) and we did a little adjusting that took all of 15 seconds and we were off.

    My hubby loved being able to see her, it gave us peace of mind especially on the 3 hour travel rides.! We are also travelling with a 3 year old and a cat so it’s a very full and busy car! I could also see the baby if I turned around and looked at the mirror and she could see me. Normally she doesn’t travel that well but we were pleasantly surprised that she lasted the 3 hours and I never had to get out and settle her at any stage. The mirror stayed perfectly straight even with bumpy road works that takes up the majority of Tassie’s roads at the moment!

    I don’t know why I haven’t purchased this mirror in the past It really is the best thing ever! I will be purchasing these if my friends have babies. Dreambaby always make great products and this is another one of those must have items.

    Tip – for you to see the baby in the mirror it’s quicker if you have someone adjusting and someone looking in the rear-vision mirror.

  5. Received my back seat mirror late last week and found it great to view bubs.
    I would highly recommend this product to friends
    It was easy to use and i felt the size of the mirror was right
    Thank you so much Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity in using this Dreambaby Backseat Mirror

  6. I purchased a car mirror when my first child was born two years ago. It currently lives on the floor of my car, despite baby number two arriving. It was difficult to attach, challenging to get into the correct position and the mirror itself was unclear. The dream baby mirror on the other hand is none of these. It was a breeze to attach. I normally pass all baby gadgets to my husband to sort out, however I put this in place in easily under one minute. It’s super easy to position and has a large clear mirror. I love how stylish the Matt black frame looks and it wouldn’t look out of place in even the most stylish of family cars. Once again I am enjoying keeping a watchful eye over baby #2, especially on long car trips, whilst also ensuring the toddler isn’t up to mischief when his hands disappear into the capsule!!!
    Thanks again for offering me the opportunity to review this product. I’ll be adding it to my collection of great baby gift ideas list!

  7. Thanks for sending me one to try . I look after my nearly 7 month old grand daughter and its been great . I didn’t have one with my four children so was keen to try on car trips with grand daughter .

    She loved being able to look at herself and catch glimpses of me when i was driving . Was very easy to attach in my car , but not so easy in my daughters car as her headrests are different , we were able to modify it a little and attach to the cage behind her seat ( she has a wagon) .

  8. The Dream Baby Mirror is a great idea! i have been driving my 3mths old nephew around and it brings me great satisfaction that I can keep an eye on him easily. It was easy to instal and to change between cars so that wherever he is we can keep an eye on him. Very clear and the perfect size mirror. The ease of instalation and use should see this product in demand.

    Thank you again choosing me.

  9. I kindly received this mirror to review. Having just had my 3rd child (6weeks old) this adjustable mirror has been invaluable, I had a cheap basic one for my last child and I could never really see him in the mirror, so I had assumed that all these mirrors where much the same, boy I was wrong.
    The dream baby one is far superior, it easily attaches with adjustable straps, so it will fit all headrests, then the mirror is also adjustable, so you can pivot it up and down so you can get the best possible view of your baby, my main concern when driving is more his curious brothers poking and prodding him, this mirror clearly allows me to see what their well meaning hands are up to also.
    I would highly recommend this to all mums and mums to be, this would also make a great present, as it’s a product that many families may not necessarily think to purchase themselves.

  10. I love love love this mirror. We have tried many and this one is clearly the best. We extended rear face and this mirror gives me peace of mind. I can see mr almost 2 at all times while I’m driving and he loves being able to see me.

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