Review: Culver Cutie ‘Unique and Sassy’ Tutu Bag

Little girls love to dance, they love to dress up and be beautiful and dance, prance and perform. Not all little girls want to be princesses or ballerinas but I don’t think there are many who never want to dance.

For those little girls who love to dance, and go to dance classes, there is a range of things that need to be transported. You need clothes, shoes, a water bottle, hair accessories and, if they’re anything like my darling girl, the list goes on… and on.

What better accessory to take to dance classes than a gorgeous ballet inspired dance bag. The Culver Cutie Dance Bag Collection features tutus in a range of colours, complete with tulle skirts. They come in a backpack or tote bag design and they are sure to thrill little dancers everywhere.

Feather Boa Tutu Bag

The Culver Cutie Dance Bags are made from a thick polyester/cotton blend material, they feature sturdy handles, ribbon accents and the tulle tutu bottom. The bag is shaped like a dance costume with a straight ‘bodice’ and a wider flat bottom. The bags can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

A great size to transport dance necessities while looking the part and all little dancers are going to fall in love with these terrific totes, and they are a great size for sleepovers.

Culver Cutie Boutique was founded by Shelila Culver after she designed the original ‘Unique & Sassy’ Tutu Bags for her daughters. These bags can now be found in several retail stores across the US and can be bought by customers all across the world from the Culver Cutie website.

To take a look at the variety of colours available and order a Tutu Bag for the special little dancer in your life they would love to see you over at

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