Love Me Baby Wrap Me Up

The Wrap Me Up baby swaddle from Love Me Baby is a soft enclosed sleeping bag design, with one unique feature – the arms wrap up rather than down.

This fitted wrap helps newborns feel secure, allowing them to sleep for longer without being woken by their startle reflex. Recommended by the medical community, The Wrap Me Up helps prevent the risk of SIDS because:

* The Arms wrap up which prevents your baby from rolling onto their stomach (it is recommended by doctor’s that newborns sleep on their backs).

* The cotton spandex fabric helps to prevent overheating.

* The snug fit and simple design mean no tangling, and no risk of suffocation.


Besides the safety benefits, these wraps feel soft with a little bit of stretch, and the zipper is covered by material so your baby won’t get irritation on their neck.

It can unzip from the bottom or top which means convenient nappy changes. There is also a small flap opening at the back which can be used in the carseat or pram and allows you to transfer bub from car to bed without having to wake them.

There are no scratchy labels or seams on the inside, and the design gives a snug fit while still allowing some movement and stretch.

Designed in Australia, once you start using a baby swaddle you will never want to go back to traditional wrapping and with the Wrap Me Up from Love Me Baby you know you are getting quality, comfort and safety.

The Wrap Me Up from Love Me Baby is available in three sizes:  small (3 – 6kgs), medium (6 – 8.5kgs) and large (8.5-11kgs). Colours include: white, grey, pink, blue. RRP: $39.95 each

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