Bed Toppings

Having trouble getting the littlest people in your life off to the land of sleep? Then perhaps you should treat yourself – and your children – to the adorable cutesy bed range, Bed Toppings.

Inspired by dreams of warm, buttery toast and a tin spaghetti doona, designer Sophie Farquhar bought her night-time visions to life by creating a range of hand drawn bed sets, including a doona cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase, each made using 100% cotton.

Has your little one ever cherished the desire to sleep in a chocolate bed? Or in a forest of lush green trees surrounded by the prettiest of flowers? Then the Chocolate Bar Bed and Sleepy Flowers Bed Toppings would come most suited.

Sophie Farquhar goes by the belief that “when kids go to bed happy they are more likely to have sweet dreams and sleep through the night” we most definitely nod our heads in agreement with this, we also think the sets would make for a gleeful gift.

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