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These days our lives are all running on a busy schedule, and as mothers we need to juggle raising babies with other children, housework and everyday activities. It isn’t always convenient to carry your baby around and having a baby bouncer can feel like a lifesaver.

The Babysitter Balance from BabyBjörn is the bees knees of baby rockers and the brand is one you know you can trust with your precious little bundle of joy.


There is no need to feel guilty about popping your child in the Babysitter Balance, it is comfortable, the rocking motion is soothing…and guess what else? When they rock themselves it helps your baby develop those important motor skills and work on their balance.

Ergonomically designed with the help of pediatricians, the seat is soft and will mold to your child’s body while giving them essential neck and head support.

I have been using the Organic Babysitter Balance, I love the brown colour scheme as it compliments any interior and the fabric is durable yet comfortable. There are no bright colours, no flashing lights, and no batteries required making it perfect for parents who want simple quality that will outlast the rest.

The fabric is reversible (and machine washable) and the seat can be adjusted into three positions, play, rest or sleep and you can use this from newborn until two years of age (3.5 to 13 kg) so it is a worthwhile investment.

There is, of course, a safety harness and it is made to sit firmly on the floor so you don’t have to worry about your active baby sliding around!


BabyBjörn guarantees the fabrics are child friendly, even if they chew on it (which no doubt they will) it will be harmless for sensitive skin and will not trigger any allergic reactions.

As a mother this product ticks all the right boxes and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the BabyBjörn Babysitter Balance to readers as it really is a beautiful design.

You can even accessorise with the Wooden Toy for Babysitter (a toy that clips on for added entertainment), or the Cozy Cover to snug them up.

The BabyBjörn Organic Babysitter Balance has an RRP of $249.95.

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2 thoughts on “BabyBjörn Babysitter Balance

  1. I LOVE the sound of this product. The reclining / sleep use, the reversable MACHINE WASHABLE cover (not a fan of childrens things that have to be handwahsed), yet the simplicity of it allows you to talk with baby without the intrusion of lights and noise. Perfect for sharing time with baby while getting ready or cooking dinner.
    Why is it the simplest things are always the best??

  2. This sounds great – I had an older version lent to me by a friend for my first baby, and I’d love something like this for my next. I’ll be keeping an eye out now!

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