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This ingenious space-saving storage solution hangs neatly over doors to store and hang strollers when not in use. The StrollAway® is clever and safer storage for your stroller. In addition to helping you take up less floor space, it also means your stroller is much less of a tripping hazard, and less likely to trap little fingers.

It fits over the top of standard doors. For narrower doors, a foam spacer is included. Extremely heavy duty, it can hold up to 22.5kg/50lbs easily and conveniently. RRP $39.95.

Prize pack also includes Dreambaby®’s Blind Cord Wind-Ups to help keep blind cords out of the reach of babies and children. Over-long cords can lead to strangulation RRP $4.95.

Plus you can win a Dreambaby® Toy Chain – toys can be a tripping hazard so keep them in order by installing the Dreambaby® Toy Chain RRP $14.95. Over 1.92m long, you can install it horizontally or vertically. It comes with 20 movable hooks and a ceiling attachment. Remember tidy rooms are less hazardous to little ones.

For more information visit or call 02 9386 4000. Socials @dreambabysafety #dreambabysafety.

For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below what your number one safety tip for kids is.

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22 thoughts on “Win a Dreambaby Prize Pack

  1. DREAMBABY Strollaway is just what I need to help with this “de-clutter” binge I’m currently on.. Tidy up – a place for everything and everything in its place.. Well I can dream….

  2. My kids number one safety tip is make your your kids can trust you! if they are scared to tell you things, they will be more at risk. The closer and more honest your kids can be with you, the less trouble they will get in.
    Im a facebook fan thankyou

  3. There are so many instances, and so many ways, where children can be harmed so children need to be taught effectively. My number one safety tip is establish a good , sound trusting relationship with your children. Communicate clearly and explain why they need to be careful so they can then apply the same explanation to other risky scenarios. When your children trust that you have their best interests close to your heart then they respond well.

  4. I do appreciate clever and useful products.

    My number one safety tip has to be for a child to know their name, address and how to dial 000. Obviously age appropriate, but it could save a life.

  5. Check everything! My husband severed a tendon in his finger on a toilet roll holder which I would have never thought to check as part of baby (and husband) proofing the house.

  6. Check…check…and check again! Never assume something is ok and safe. Toys, furniture, appliances…everything is highly attractive to babies and toddlers, and can pose a very dangerous threat to their safety. If in doubt…throw it out!

  7. A good way to verify child safety is to get down to child’s level and see the environment from their viewpoint. Also check for anything that can be used as a tool in their goal of removing something and repositioning it – especially in to their mouth and/or knocking something over.

  8. my number one safety tip is try to be as vigilant as you can but don’t beat yourself up if your child has an accident. Accidents happen to even the most vigilant parents.Listen to advice from older parents, ones that have gone through it.They would know of dangerous situations you’ve probably never thought of.

  9. always make sure chemicals like flysprays, bleach are up stored up high in a locked cupboard, you dont want little hands getting into it and misusing

  10. My one and only is covering up power points and guarding the fire place teaching my kids not to go near them very young

  11. Just like the need to have a birth plan… Have an emergency plan with appropriate contact numbers. Hang it on the fridge where it is easily visable and accessible to everyone including visitors. Don’t forget to keep it updated regularly, maybe the 1st of each month. Put it in the calendar stat ☺

    The products above are perfect safety and storage goodies for our tiny apartment space.

  12. I drink a lot of tea my biggest fear was always scalding it makes me shudder – I always put the mugs to the back of the bench out of reach and made sure the kettle cords were never able to be reached

  13. Teach kids at a level appropriate for their age to check for th just ngs themselves and guide them through taking risks. Life is full of danger and we learn from mistakes so giving children the opportunities to take risks helps build their self confidence and self awareness .

  14. on line security – no exactly what they doing , who their friends are and keep an eye on them on line all the time

  15. I ensure every powerpoint has a special cover over it so it can’t be accessed by sneaky fingers shoving things in the holes.

  16. After my husband severed a tendon on our toilet roll holder, it’s to check everything when childproofing, even the things you don’t suspect!

  17. always put the power outlet covers on all your power outlets kids can reach as they will always try and put things in them and it can be very dangerous

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