The Healthy Mummy inspiring Mums to be Healthy

The Healthy Mummy was founded by mum of two Rhian Allen to help mums try and make changes for a sustainable healthier lifestyle. No fad diets, no starving yourself and no cutting out food groups.

The Healthy Mummy currently has three main areas of focus:

  • Healthy weight maintenance during pregnancy
  • Healthy weight loss post pregnancy through a healthy diet & exercise
  • Healthy kids recipes and eating solutions

Healthy Mummy weight loss plans are safe for breastfeeding mums, the healthy eating plans are created by top Australian nutritionists and based on balanced and healthy eating principles. The key focus is sustainability.


I had heard of The Healthy Mummy brand and the Lose Baby Weight site, I have one of the recipe books and have in the past tried The Healthy Mummy smoothies and I have considered the 28 days Challenges. What I wasn’t aware of was The Healthy Mummy consultants.

The Healthy Mummy products can all be purchased online, there are healthy eating and exercise plans on the sites and if you sign up to the challenges there is a host of online support from people involved in the program. I knew all of this and though it all sounds wonderful I have recently discovered something even better, more personal and absolutely adding to the fun factor.

In my area there is actually a Healthy Mummy Consultant. She sells all of the Healthy Mummy products and is there for one-on-one in-person support, and she will do tastings so that you get the chance to try the smoothies before you buy them. I think this is a very important element because there is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on a product that you then find isn’t to your taste and gets wasted.

Anna Tubbenhauer is the official Healthy Mummy Consultant for Murray Bridge, Mannum, Tailem, Mt Barker and Hahndorf. She has started a local Facebook group for mums in the area to provide support and motivation to each other and co-ordinate group exercise sessions.

Healthy Mummy is all about mums so there are women with babies, toddlers and right up to school children so the number of children at any get together can vary quite a lot. Some mothers groups get together for coffee and a chat while the children play, this mothers group gets together for exercise while they chat.

Mums come in all shapes, sizes and circumstances so Anna has aimed to create a safe space for all mums to generate positivity and support for everyone’s weight loss journey. Every weight loss journey is different so the group is about inspiring and motivating each other, not being in competition.

As part of her role to inspire a healthier lifestyle Anna started a FREE walking group in Murray Bridge, the first couple of walks saw only a few mums getting together to walk along the river together on a Monday morning. Only a couple of months in and that one Monday walk has grown to three different walking groups and two fitness groups with up to 15 women participating, and a number of children.

Walking Groups are on:
Mondays at 9.30am, meeting at the Gazebo at Sturt Reserve in Murray Bridge. It was the Bunyip but to get the full 5kms into the walk they pushed back the starting point a little.
Tuesdays at 10am, meeting at the Gazebo at Sturt Reserve.
Fridays at 10am in Mt Barker, meeting at the Homemaker Centre.

  walking group

To further the inspiration and healthy lifestyle choices Anna has partnered with local mum and Personal Trainer Bianca Hosgood. These two inspirational women work beautifully together to motivate and create a fun and safe environment for mums to rock their weight loss journey. They put their heads, and their hearts, together to come up with great specials and deals for members to get the best they both have to offer which helps those mums on a tighter budget to be able to do more. Their partnership is one of empowerment and support.

As well as special offers on at home programs and 28-day challenges with both Bianca Dawn Personal Training and Bridge Healthy Mummy there are weekly fitness groups in both Murray Bridge and Callington. A one hour group training session for just $10 where children are welcome, though always remain the responsibility of their mum.

Fitness Groups are on:
Mondays at 11am in Concordia Hall on Florence St, Murray BridgeWednesdays at 9.30am in the Callington Memorial Hall, Callington
Thursday at 10am in Concordia Hall on Florence St, Murray Bridge

fitness groupBianca is also a Core Yoga Instructor and running sessions at the EFM Health Club in Murray Bridge on Tuesday at 5:30pm and Thursday at 5:30pm for $15 per session if not a member of the EFM Health Club. The EFM Health Club is located in the gymnasium at the Unity Senior Campus in Murray Bridge.

The Murray Bridge, Mt Barker and Surrounds Healthy Mummy Support Group have also joined in The March Charge to help raise funds for the Cancer Council and fight for a cure for cancer. 11 members of the group have formed a team and their aim is to raise $4500 collectively and walk 2,200kms. If you would like to help out and donate to the worthy cause their team is Team Healthy Mummy, every donation counts.

If you live in the area this group is welcoming, inspiring and motivating and always happy to include new members, the only prerequisite is that you are an enthusiastic woman looking to offer and receive support on your fitness and weight loss journey.

We are all only human and we all have bad days, I am in the midst of quite a cluster of them, and there is no judgement only positivity and support.

If you have been thinking about embarking on your journey seize the day, what have you got to lose….

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