Yunginz Boys Button Up Canvas Shoes


It is so important for growing young feet to be supported by a good quality pair of shoes, and Yunginz (“young-ins”) is an Aussie brand which offer shoes which are both stylish and practical.

The Boys Button Up Canvas shoes from Yunginz’s Canvoze Range are a simple design of blue, gold, red and brown which would match any outfit. They feature three brass buttons which give them a classic look, but can also be undone to allow the foot to slide in much easier.

smart button

Made from canvas with a terry toweling inner layer, they are cushioned for a comfortable fit and the fabrics allow the feet to breathe. There is substantial foot support around the ankle and heel area, and the sole has added grip for potentially slippery surfaces.

smart button

They are lightweight but this doesn’t take away from the stability and support of the shoe for busy, learning feet.

As a mother of a young boy, I know how hard it is to find good shoes for this demographic which are both comfortable and durable, and these Yunginz are appealing to both parents and children.

Yunginz come highly recommended by Beauty and Lace, and I know I will be looking there first next time my son needs new shoes.

Available for sizes: 5-13
RRP: $49.95

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