WIN: Teletubbies Happy 20th Anniversary Prizes

Happy 20th Anniversary Teletubbies

Eh-oh!  You can celebrate ‘big hugs’ for Teletubbies 20th Anniversary with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po and share in the fun, toying around with these new Teletubbies toys.

Rock & Roll Po gently rolls forwards and backwards for fun play.  Push the light-up tummy button to play phrases and sounds, while the two instrument buttons play lots of musical noises, the music button triggers a mix of 10 different melodies, and the motion sensor will also have Po playing more music.

Call any of the Teletubbies™ on your Teletubbies Telephone and they will chat, giggle and sing! They will even call you! When your phone plays the Teletubbies theme tune, press the flashing tubby antenna to answer… then just “Say hello”!

Catch the latest episodes of Teletubbies on DVD, via digital download (iTunes & Google Play) or on ABC Kids, 11.40am on the weekends!

Teletubbies™ toys are available from major retailers including Big W, Myer, Target, Kmart, and independent toy stores Kid Stuff, Toyworld, and Mr Toys. 

Feel free to use #teletubbies20 or @teletubbieshq on Twitter and Instagram if you’re sharing the Big Hugs!

We are giving you the chance to win one of 3 prize packs, each featuring:

  • 1x Rock & Roll Po, RRP $29.95ea
  • 1x Teletubbies Phone, RRP $24.99ea

For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below who your child’s (or your) favourite Teletubbies character is and why!

Competition closes 11/05/17 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
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47 thoughts on “WIN: Teletubbies Happy 20th Anniversary Prizes

  1. my granddaughter loves Tinky Winky , purple is her favourite colours and she is fascinated by the Red bag he carries as she thinks its a bag of tricks . Charlie really is fascinated with Teletubbies just like her mum was

    1. The Purple Teletubby, [Tinky winky], my Great Granddaughter loves the bright colour, and laughs more at tinky

  2. Tinky Winky is totally my daughter’s favourite. He’s purple – which is her favourite color – and he often carries a handbag. She’s absolutely an accessories girl, usually clutching a bag, wearing beads, multiple hair clips in her hair… He really connects with her.

  3. po, my 2 year old loves him,a nd always sings along right up close to the tv, great tv show for children,(and adults too)

  4. Its very sad or should i say exciting that my granddaughters favourite Teletubbie is La La the same as her mothers, I knew I kept all the toys for a reason, its like going back in time seeing her play with La La like her mother did

  5. My granddaughter loves Tinky Winky because he is purple and she can carry him around by his antenna !!!

  6. My grandson Chase’s favourite is Po as she loves to ride her ‘cooter’ and he will toddle off and grab his ‘cooter’ too and lays it beside him as he watches her ride.

  7. I love them all but I would have to say my favourite is Po, such a michevious little bugger at my age they still keep me entertained.

  8. my little ones love Dipsy, I’ve no idea why but they go crazy for him and pretend to be him in all their games!

  9. Laa Laa .. Because my munchkin loves her so.. I can’t say why.. she is sweet and my son says ‘hmmmm mmm’!!

  10. The purple one Tinky Winky cause its my daughters favourite colour she thinks they are so cool and funny spends hours in front of tv watching them ……also loves to sing and dance with them

  11. The purple one Tinky Winky cause that is my daughters favourite colour and she loves them cause their are funny and cute and spends hours in front of tv just laughing and singing to their songs and dancing

  12. I remember when they first came out and my first thoughts were What The? Then my dad started watching it and got my young daughter into them and they would sit for ages watching the show. My daughter and dad just loved Po because they thought that was the cutest one with the voice and then they said it reminded them of me. I then wondered if my voice did sound like that. Now my grandkids have started watching the show and it has bought back lovely memories so I would like to encourage them now.

  13. My children were huge fans of the teletubbies in the 90s. Now my grandchildren adore them just as much.
    Their colourful bodies and cute little smiles make them the perfect toy for any child.

  14. Twenty years ago, the Teletubbies entertained and thrilled my Son. Po was his favourite, now I have a great nephew 6 months of age who I’d love to introduce to the TeleTubbies, good things always make a comeback. Congratulations.

  15. Bubble blowing red PO. Whole family favourite as PO reminds them of me, a bubble blower fan, often wearing a red shirt and, with chemo hair less accentuating my sticking out ears, I fit the image.

  16. Miss 2 loves Po because she’s the baby of the Telitubbies, just like her and also because she loves bubbles!!

  17. My 3 and a half year old says the red one is his favourite because that one is his friend. “His words”

  18. We love Po because Po is the youngest teletubbie and is so cute.. Als o like Noo Noo because his naughty of course.

  19. Definitely Po is my 3 yr old grandson Wally’s favorite Teletubbie as he says Po is always making funny sounds when speaking that make him laugh alot.. Wallys face brightens up when Po starts “speaking”

  20. Not exactly a character but my 2 year old adores the custard machine! He laughs uncontrollably whenever it appears!

  21. My kids love the Teletubbies,
    One and all,
    Po with her bubbles and Laa Laa with her ball,
    They adore Tinky Winky with his bright red bag!
    But greens their favourite colour,
    So Dipsy takes the favourite tag….

  22. I remeber watching them when i was in school, Laa laa has been my favorite ever since. Now my little munchkin bum is only 4months old but he gets sooo excited when they come on tele..
    he kicks around in his bouncer so hard and fast that i need to strap him in and then i hear him trying to talk to them…

  23. My daughter loved Tinky Winky and so did and does my nieces and nephews. Would love to keep the pass on to future generations.

  24. Tinky Winky was my daughters favourite when she was little….she thought Tinky Winky was the prettiest Teletubbie. Now I am going through the Tinky Winky thing again with my niece…and I’d say in a couple of years, I will be enjoying the Teletubbies all over again with my own Grandchild.

  25. The best part about baby sitting my grandkids, is they all love to watch Teletubbies. If all 10 sleep over we have a ‘tubbies’ marathon, and I get to watch too. Love them all!

  26. Dipsy, is there favourite my little dog is called Gypsy but you guess it they always call her Dipsy, she doesn’t mind but havinbg there own Dipsy would be wonderful.

  27. My kids have all loved Po with the cute little giggles and the antics to go. They’d dress up in whatever red clothes they could find, with a piece of A4 paper sticky taped on their tummies and a giggly wiggly behind!

  28. My daughter loves Laa Laa, her first word was Eh-Oh and every time he’s on tv she waves and says eh-oh!

  29. The Sun Baby who appears at the start and end of the episodes. My daughter runs up to the TV saying, “Mummy, come quick, Teletubbies are here now” and then at the end of the episode it’s, “Goodbye Teletubbies have a good day, we’ll see you tomorrow” lol.

  30. My daughter loves them all, but I think lately her favourite is Tinky Winky. She’s suddenly become very fond of hand bags and all things purple.

  31. Little miss 3 loves yellow everything yellow, and mr nearly 1 well just the bright colours, while they watch I run and do some washing

  32. I just want to thank you for the prizes that arrived at my place. Teletubbies were at my door. The grandkids are going to love them. Thank you so much. They mean so much to me too. 🙂

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