Why Baby Bean Bags Are The New Must Haves for Parents

Babies are so tiny, sweet and cute, but they can’t be in the bassinet or the cot all of the time. As much as we would like to sit and snuggle with them all day, every day, it is not feasible to put the world (or the housework) on hold for too long. So, we need to know that there is somewhere safe and comfortable for them to rest.

As a new parent, you are bombarded with an unfathomable amount of things to consider and be scared of, in regards to the safety of your baby. It sometimes seems that the only safe place for your baby is in your arms, seated upright in a not so comfy chair, and that’s no fun for anyone.

The market is filled with rockers, bouncers, and swings and none of these options tend to last for very long. Many of these products are designed for very small and very new babies but as they grow and begin to move they quickly outgrow them and you are left looking for the next best thing.

Benefits of Baby Bean Bags

Baby bean bags are an item that are becoming much more popular and if you source a high-quality baby bean bag, and do your research, you will find these have a long lifespan.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that an adult bean bag is an option for your baby because, in reality, they can present a range of hazards including choking and suffocation. There are strict Australian safety standards that must be adhered to for a baby bean bag and these standards are there to keep your most precious gift safe.

A specifically made baby bean bag is designed with the safety of your family at the forefront and the benefits are plentiful.

Many babies suffer from reflux and gastrointestinal issues that are exacerbated by being laid flat after a feed. Baby bean bags are designed to keep baby angled on a slight incline to prevent stomach acid from traveling back up and causing reflux, and pain for baby.

Speaking of safety features, something which is drummed into new parents is Flat Head Syndrome which is caused by long periods of baby’s soft head resting in the same position on a hard surface. New parents may even be told to make sure they alternate which side of baby’s head was down when they went into the cot, the pram or the playmat. A baby bean bag offers a more malleable surface allowing the beans to mold around their fragile skull and reduce the risk of forming flat spots.

Baby bean bags are designed for use from newborn up to approximately 30kgs and make excellent and unique gifts for new parents.

If you have a baby shower coming up and you just have no idea what to get for this little family that is about to expand or are looking for a gift for a newborn then these make a fun choice. This is a gift that isn’t going to end up being in the way and out of use by the time the first birthday comes around, and it can be a beautiful bonding spot for baby to spend time with the family over a book or a giggly game of peek-a-boo.

Introducing Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bags

Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bags is an Australian owned, family run business priding themselves on top quality baby bean bags designed with the safety and comfort of your family at the forefront of their priorities.

All Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bags come with two transferable, machine washable tops. One has a 3 point safety harness for use with babies from newborn until they are confidently mobile and the second is a flat cover for use by toddlers and children. The tops are machine washable and securely fastenable to the baby bean bag with a zip. Every Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bag comes with an inner liner to ensure that all beans are safe from little fingers. The inner liner features a child-resistant slide fastener or safety zipper, as does the waterproof base of the bean bag.

Utilising a waterproof base for the baby bean bag means that no liquid will make it to the beans thereby preventing the growth of mould inside the bean bag. The baby bean bag base is not machine washable but it is made from durable fabric that will be easily wiped down with a damp cloth, possibly requiring a mild detergent for stubborn stains. This also makes them tough enough for use either inside or outdoors.

A Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bag raises baby that little further from the floor and bringing them closer to the family for socialising and providing the perfect comfy little curl up spot for reading stories from babyhood right through to the time they start thinking about adolescence and that is a fantastic selling point.

For more information or to purchase visit www.sleepybeans.com.au

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