VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

In our modern world children, just like adults, are attracted to technology, so instead of trying to fight it I prefer to seek out toys that are appealing while being kid friendly with learning potential.


VTech are a much loved family brand, and it is little wonder as they tick the boxes of both children and their parents. One item that is worth putting under the Christmas tree this year is the Kidizoom Smart Watch, which may just save your iPhone from their little hands.

Available in pink, blue and white, this has loads of features they will love – not to mention it’s a cute fashion accessory.


Packed with games (plus downloadable content), colour touch screens (just like yours), watch features, as well as the ability to shoot videos and take photos! They will feel like they have it all in this little number and the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch is suitable for 4 years plus. While this was perfect for my four year old daughter, my almost seven year old was also impressed by the functionality and cool factor of it being all packed into a Ben 10 worthy watch.


Easy to charge, just plug it in your computer and it will be ready for play! It’s a hit in my house and I’m sure it will be a hit in yours too!


For further information on VTech and its products, visit www.vtech.co.uk, or check out the VTech news on Facebook @ VTechANZ and Instagram @vtech_electronics_australia.

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