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The Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy™ Extenda-Shade™  is part of the Dreambaby® On the Go range, and will help protect your child from the sun’s rays with ease and style. Simply attach onto your favourite stroller or baby pram’s canopy, and off you go, whilst your little one is shaded, kept cool and out of the sun’s harmful rays.

Features & benefits

  • Extra-shade™ and sun protection.
  • Shade has UPF 50+ protection.
  • Extends the stroller’s shade
  • Only suitable for use on strollers with a canopy
  • Folds away for easy storage in a clear, reusable storage bag
  • Available in black (F285) RRP $24.95 or animal print (F282) RRP$29.95.


The Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy™ LARGE Extenda-Shade™  boast all the same benefits as the Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy™ Extenda-Shade™, however it provides a larger area of shade. Ideal for bigger strollers.

Features & benefits

  • Extra-shade™ and sun protection for your little one.
  • Shade has UPF 50+ protection.
  • Extra-large size, perfect for bigger strollers.
  • Extends the stroller’s shade area.
  • Only suitable for use on strollers with a canopy.
  • Folds away for easy storage in a clear, reusable plastic storage bag.
  • Available in black (F286) RRP$34.95 or animal print (F283) RRP$39.95

The Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy™ Extenda-Shade with Insect Net™ , is another great option, for parents to help protect their babies from the sun and to provide additional protection from nasty mosquitos and bugs. Perfect for around home, or whilst travelling, this versatile shade looks great and will go everywhere with your bub!

Features & benefits

  • Extra-shade™ and sun protection for your baby.
  • Shade has UPF 50+ protection.
  • Added insect net ensures extra protection from nasty insect bites.
  • Extends the stroller’s shade.
  • Only suitable for use on strollers with a canopy.
  • Folds away for easy storage in clear, reusable plastic storage bag.
  • Available in animal print (F284) RRP$49.94.

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8 thoughts on “User Reviews: Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Extenda-Shade

  1. The Dreambaby Extenda-Shade is a really fantastic product that provides ultimate protection for my little one. The material and colour are great improving the look and style of my stroller.
    I am impressed that it provides UPF 50+ giving that extra shade and protection for my child while also keeping them much cooler on hotter days.
    I tend to go on quite a lot of walks and can worry about the exposure from the sun on my child’s skin, but with the Dreambaby Extenda-Shade on the stroller it gives me great peace of mind that my child is fully protected.
    It extends out enough shade on the stroller that my child is completely covered. It comes with a reusable bag making this product very easy store and just perfect for travelling.
    The Dreambaby Extenda-Shade fits so easily my stroller. It is very suitable for use on small and larger strollers that have a canopy.

  2. Thank you B&L and to Dreambaby Extenda-Shade. This fits perfectly over my stroller and as my little boy is getting bigger, he requires extra protection from the weather.
    We went walking the other day and he was completely protected from the heat of the sun, and I am so happy that it has UPF50+ so his sensitive little skin does not get burnt. He was actually more comfortable with the larger canopy, as he felt more secure.
    To be honest I wouldnt have minded having a shade like that over me as
    His standard canopy was exposing his arms and legs to the sun and this covers him right up.

  3. I love Dream Baby products, we own quite a few that have been useful with my first baby.

    I had been thinking about sun protection with my pram for my second child (3 months) as the canopy on my pram hasn’t really been doing a great job of keeping the sun off her. I’ve been using light cotton swaddles.

    The Extenda-Shade was easy to fit, no complex instructions thank goodness and it fitted on my pram’s hood easily and gave great coverage. I love the 50+ protection you can’t get better than that. Perfect for prams/strollers in the harsh Australian sun. It was made from good quality materials, great colour that wipes clean easily and the carry case is perfect to store in the basket under my pram. It’s light enough that I’ll leave it there permanently.

    The price point of the Extenda-Shade is very reasonable. If I were to buy the shade as an extra for my Pram I know it’s around the $80 mark, too expensive. But for under $30 this is bargain. I will be telling my friends about this product as I was pleasantly surprised and rate it very highly.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace for letting me test run.

  4. I recieved my Extenda-Shade from Dreambaby this week. This product is fantastic for my pram as it only has a very short canopy and doesn’t cover my daughter well. My daughter doesn’t like the full shade coverings that go over the whole pram so this is our perfect solution!

    The Extenda-shade is very quick and easy to use, attach the straps to your handle bars and off you go! Because the material is light and flexible it folds away easy either with the pram (no need to remove it) or if you do the small bag it comes with can be stored away. UPF 50+ is a bonus and piece of mind for sun protection.

    Dreambaby is a brand I know and trust – I would be happy to reccomend this product. Thanks to Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace for allowing me to review the Extenda-Shade stroller buddy.

  5. Thank you so much for for selecting me for this trial, the Dreambaby shade was so easy to fit looked like it had been made espically for my pram love that the shade is 50+ a bonus in our hot climate espically as we go for a walk every day, the niftly little bag it came in is also very good easy to repack, also was very easy to wipe over when someone put her stick little fingers all over it once again Dreambaby have made an excellent product at an affordable price

  6. I kindly received the Dreambaby Extenda Shade to trial for Beauty and Lace.
    I was quite impressed with the shade, It folds down to a compact circle, which easily hide away under the stroller or in the nappy bag, when not in use.
    The black colour matched in well to my stroller, it ties on easily and sits over the existing canopy, extending the shade protection.
    My sons love the extra shade and I have piece of mind the the UPF 50+ is also providing them protection, I no longer have to see the sun glaring on their legs when we go for a walk.
    My only minor gripe is that when you push the canopy back, the extenda-shade, doesn’t quite sit back nicely, so if you are walking with the canopy pushed back (i.e you walk to the mall) the extended bit kind of flops back over the handles. I find it a bit easier to just remove it and re-attach when you head back outside.
    It takes literally 5 seconds to remove and re-attach anyway.
    Its definitely not a deal breaker for me, and I would still highly recommend the extenda-shade as the additional shade and sun protection benefits far out weigh a minor glitch.
    For $35 this pram accessory is definitely one of the cheaper and essential pram accessories out there.

  7. The Dreambaby Extenda Shade arrived at the perfect time for me as I’m trying to lose the baby weight and bubs is at that beautiful age (4 months) where he loves long strolls in his pram. I found the sun wound still manage to get on his face even in the lie down position with his visor all the way over, so I was using an old wrap.
    I first used the Extenda shade on my jogger and found it gave an extra 15cms of coverage. My stroller amazed me the most with a whopping 31cms of extra shade! His little body is completely protected from the sun.
    I love how easy it is to store away, it folds down so small, however it won’t be going away until winter that’s for sure.

    The only problem I found is when I fold the visor up it sticks up and flaps around…this however is a superficial issue and if I had that much of a problem with it I could just pack it away.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace for this fantastic product 🙂

  8. I was very excited when I received this awesome product to trial. Me and my son loves to go on walks in his stroller but don’t like the sunny sun so much so this is the perfect addition to our walks!
    I love the fact that it is spf 50+ so I don’t have to worry about my son getting sunburn and we can enjoy our walk without slathering lots of sunscreen.
    It’s very easy to store as it doesn’t take much space at all and very light too. 5 starts from my side.

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