USER REVIEWS: Dreambaby Safety

Dreambaby® Sliding Lock with Catch

Dreambaby® Sliding Lock with Catch helps keep areas safe and out of reach from curious little ones. A great stand-out feature of this lock is, in most cases, it is a single-handed operation, meaning you can secure cabinet and locks quickly and easily with only one hand; useful as any multi-tasking parent or carer knows!  Suitable for most cabinet knobs or D-Shaped handles, the  Dreambaby® Sliding Lock with Catch, is available in white (product code F915) and in black (product code F728).


RRP $9.95 for a pack of two.

Dreambaby® Secure Catches

Dreambaby® Secure Catches are a durable, easy-to-install childproofing solution that keep little people safe from harm by firmly securing most household cupboards and drawers yet provide easy access for adults. Once installed all you have to do is press down on the hook with one hand to open. It then locks automatically when closed. Available in white to blend with most décors.

F1412 pack

Product code 1412. RRP $4.95 (pack of seven) or RRP $7.95 (pack of 14).

Dreambaby® Door Knob Covers

These ingenious and inconspicuous safety covers come in two parts that cleverly snap together around most standard door knobs (no tools required). All adults have to do to then open doors is to insert their fingers into the two holes on the side of the Door Knob Cover, grip the door knob and turn to open the door – yes all with one hand! The neutral opaque finish means they won’t detract from your home’s décor. Take them away on holidays with you to ensure your little ones are kept safe and away from potentially harmful balcony and outdoor spaces or laundry, garage and basement areas at home. When not needed, these covers are easily stored, nesting together to save on precious space around the family   home!

F908 Npack

Product code F908. RRP $7.95.

Always remember, there is no substitute for proper adult supervision. These products are only a deterrent. Remember to keep all dangerous and toxic substances, sharp edged or pointed objects high up or in an area totally inaccessible to children.

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20 of our members have been testing these three products, find out what they thought in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Dreambaby Safety

  1. We have only had these on for as little as a few hours and already my life has changed. No more running to the kitchen every second or the back door. They are amazing and so easy to use.. thank you

  2. Thank you so much to B&L for the opportunity to trial these ingenious products. I have a very inquisitive 2 and a half year old, and I am forever following him around the house to ensure he is not getting into something he shouldnt.
    The worse thing is that we are in a very old house and all of the food cupboards are at floor level, so my little mister helps himself to whatever he wants. Thank goodness for Dreambaby Safety, now it is back to little mister asking for things instead of opening them and finding them all over the kitchen floor.
    I love each of these three products equally for different reasons. My mind is now at ease and no more finding the contents of my cupboards all over the house.

  3. First off thank you Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace for selecting me, these catches are invaluable the door knobs fitted my front and back door perfectly were very easy to put on no more escaping, I used the sliding door locks on our bathroom vanity and once again very easy to use, hubby installed the safety catches in the kitchen on the drawers and cupboards he said the instructions were clear and easily understood and had enough screws in the packet to complete the job these three products have given us peace of mind knowing the two little ones can’t get into any danger or mischief when our backs are turned once again
    Thank You

  4. Thankyou for the opportunity to trial these, we have a few safety catches on the most important things, however with two children under 3, the oldest one has reignited the need to go through all the cupboards with his younger sibling!
    I love the sliding lock with catch, these take no time to put on and are super easy, I’ve got these in the bathroom cupboards and laundry cupboards, they are also fairly easy to pull on and off if you are holding children.

    The Secure Catches, take a few more minutes to install, we had some “easy to install” stick on locks, which to be honest, I had trouble opening!! These have been replaced with the secure latches, which are much easier to get in and out of, you only need to shut the cupboard and it self locks, good when you are fighting with a toddler who wants to get back in the cupboard, you’ve grabbed something out off.

    The door knob covers are ingenious, I don’t know why I hadn’t picked up any sooner, Mr almost 3 has been at door opening height for a little while, its annoying, he gets in to the spare room/study and makes a mess, these easily and quickly prevent him access, without having to do any install/external locks etc.

    Overall all these dream baby products worked really well, the outlay is so small to have safety and piece of mind, these would also make good baby gifts, as parents we all know how quickly time flies, and when you first give birth, you are not really thinking about having a crawler/toddler get in to all your stuff!

    Thanks Again.

  5. As a Family Day Care Educator ( providing home based child care) and parent of 3 children I am very thankful that I got to sample these three dreambaby safety products. Keeping my children safe is paramount especially when looking after upto 7 children at once!
    The door knob covers have since improved from the last time I brought them several years ago. having the holes in the side allows for better adult access to open door easily while my boys aged 6 & 8 years couldn’t grasp the handle to open. I often need doors closed so children can’t acess rooms like the laundry. I’ve also used knobs on hot water and gas taps to stop children turning them on. Because these are small and simple to install and use they would be perfect to take on holidays.
    The Secure Latches are very simple to install, and very effective to use. I like that these cant been seen from the outside. I use these on my kitchen and bathroom cupboards and when my toddler tries to open the cupboard she cannot open it wide enough to fit her arms in to grap things she isn’t allowed to touch! The wide latch means it’s easy for adults to press with one finger to release latch, very effective.
    Lastly the sliding locks I found to be extremely quick to use and found the catch (which the older version didn’t have) a more secure way of holding the lock in place with cupboards with round handles. It definatly is convenient to use and makes the cupboards unable to be opened by children, yet a quick for an adult to remove.
    I would recommend all three products for parents and grandparents to have and use at home!

  6. With grandchild number 10 due any day, these are very much appreciated. The door sliders and cupboard latches are easy to install, and easy to use, and so far have kept the youngest grandchildren out of cupboards.
    The round door knob covers I have not been able to trial on doors as I do not have any round door knobs. Most of my door handles are too high to be an issue with younger children. In saying that, I will put them over hot taps to prevent them being turned on.
    A great range of products, at very affordable prices.
    Thank you for the opportunity to trial them.
    Peace of mind with the family china cabinet,
    has made it so worth it 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for the chance to review these products. They are fantastic. The door know covers ensure my 3 year old can no longer get outside without me and get into mischief. Unfortunately they only fit on the one door so we couldn’t try them out anywhere else in the house.
    The sliding locks are great because they keep the kids out but are very easy for my husband and I to open and get into the cupboards and the secure catches have been great for keeping the kids out of the rest of the cupboards.
    I highly recommend house proofing with dream baby products. 🙂

  8. Im so thankful for the door handle covers & can now relax when my grandbub is awake & running around as they have stopped her in her tracks, the slider is great for my bathroom cupboards & easy to open with 1 hand. The draw sliders/ cupboard stoppers are a little harder to install & have done 1 but she actually worked that out after she seen me open the draw so not to sure bout them. It might be the way my draws are aswell. Overall I would recommend all of these products & I personally havent found another brand that can even come close to competing with Dreambaby products. Thanks again

  9. Thank you so much for allowing me to review these products, they have come in handy. I did have trouble opening the door knob covers initially but once on they were great and undoing them was fine too when I needed to. The sliding locks were very easy to put on to my kitchen cupboards and kept wandering little hands at bay. The secure catches were a little more tricky yet effective. All in all, all three of the products are strongly recommended.

  10. Oh my goodness talk about stressing less with a toddler and another on the way it’s an undue stress I don’t need I was constantly repeating myself for her to get out of the cupboards and now I’m feeling a weight off my shoulders the fridge no longer gets left open the cupboards are always shut I don’t have to worry bout her pulling the cutlery out. I got my partner to install which he found easy as he is good with things like that, I’d find it more difficult. All in all I wish I had purchased dreambaby earlier to stop myself from stressing. Thanks for letting me review these products it’s changed my life for the better.

  11. Review – dreambaby Safety Products

    14x dreambaby Safety Catches:
    I noticed straight away the Safety catches are made from strong quality material. The durable catches are easy to install and use and throughout my entire home.
    This is the perfect solution to keeping my little one’s fingers safe. I do recommend these fantastic dreambaby Safety Catches to be used around the house to prevent your child from harm and getting into those drawers around the house.

    3x dreambaby Door Knob Covers: These useful door knobs covers are very easy to open with no installation required plus the covers fitted all the door knobs in my home.
    I liked how the door knob covers could be used in all the rooms of my house and help keep my little one safe and out of danger areas like the bathroom.
    The door knob covers really help prevent my child from getting into places which can be very harmful to them such as the laundry and kitchen. A great product I highly recommend to protect your younger child.

    2x dreambaby Sliding Door locks: The dreambaby Sliding Locks are a brilliant solution to lock and secure cupboard doors in my home to keep my little one safe from the hazards in there.
    They are perfect for any room in the home and are made from great quality material making them a great durable product you know you can trust. The dreambaby Sliding Door locks will make your home safer for your little ones as it has mine.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for this wonderful opportunity to try and review these great quality dreambaby products.

  12. Firstly I would like to thank you Beauty & Lace and Dreambaby for the opportunity to test these products out for you!
    These products couldn’t have come at a better time, with having an 18 month old little boy who’s idea of a good time is getting into the cupboards underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks, getting his step stool from the bathroom and then climbing on top of low line entertainment units so he can kiss the pretty ladies on the T.V – all theses things have been a bit of an eye opener after having a little girl who didn’t know what the word mischief meant!
    The sliding locks have been a game changer in this house, it is so lovely to be able to open the latch with one hand while having rubbish for the garbage bin in the other – our old ones were a nightmare, you needed two hands to operate and you would still take half the skin off your knuckles trying to do so, with the easy to use Dreambaby latch even my 5 year old can access the bin without any help!
    The Door Handle covers were easy to install, and again easy for my 5 year old to still be able to use the handle. My 18 month old isn’t at door handle height yet so he hasn’t been able to put them to the test fully – but when using his trusty step stool he can no longer get into the toilet anymore!
    The safety catches are simple to use, and easy to install. As our bathroom cabinets are older, we have had to space out the catch component so they would work, but that was an easy job to do.
    I will definitely be purchasing more Dreambaby products to further “Max proof” our home! Now if I can just figure out how to keep him from licking the tv?

  13. Tried these out and the best thing out for older person looking after young children. My kitchen is now child safe and so is my lounge room. The front and back doors are child proof now, i am glad they can not be opened by the children. My older grand child is not happy as he loves going out the back during nap time. Will be getting another one for the shopping door, so I know this place will be safe too. Had fun at times when forgetting that the cupboards are child proofed, this just means if I have trouble the grand children will too. Also keeps my cupboards safe from bigger children during the night raids.
    Will be looking into more of the Dreambaby products to help proof the rest of the house plus get some for my son for his house so the grand children are safe at home too.

  14. When you have a naught toddler you need something to stop him and this kit from dreambaby is my perfect companion. I can easily lock the cupboards, door knobs s front have to worry about him getting in trouble, it’s the best thing invented for growing toddlers. Things are good quality not the cheap plastic ones so they can’t be broken easily.
    Sometime even I forgot that I have got the lock and end up struggling to open it.
    I am so glad that I got opportunity to trial these amazing product from beauty and lace to trial, will be giving them 5 stars.

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