User Reviews: Dreambaby Furniture Anchors and Straps

Here at Beauty and Lace we love Dreambaby. I have never been huge on childproofing my house but I think that’s because I have clever kids who end up being able to work the safety additions better than I can. Nothing beats adult supervision for the safety of children but we all know that tragedies can happen in a second so if you do have smart children that work these things out quickly it is important to use a range of safety devices, with different locking mechanisms to keep them on their toes.

Fridge, door and drawer locks were never successful for me and they saw gates as a challenge but I do have monkeys that like to climb and I think these Dreambaby Furniture Anchors and Straps would be the perfect addition to every house to avoid the tragedies that have plagued so many families of late.

When I do decide to put in a little extra something to keep the kidlets safe Dreambaby is definitely my go-to.

We have run some fantastic trials with Dreambaby in the past and this one will be no different.

Some of our members are going to be testing out the Furniture Anchor and Straps to keep those heavy items of furniture stable and the cheeky monkey toddlers safe.


There has been a lot of publicity lately because of tragic losses due to toddlers and young children climbing tallboys and TV cabinets and it is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the parents but it is a timely reminder for everyone who has children, grandchildren and even visiting children just how important this aspect of safety is. It only takes a minute and if being a parent of inquisitive children has taught me anything it’s that they are quick.

F830 Dreambaby® Furniture Anchor RRP $10.95
The Dreambaby Furniture Anchor has been designed and developed to help secure tall and heavy furniture to the wall, to avoid tipping and crushing inquisitive little bodies. The heavy-duty cable anchor helps stop bookcases, tallboys and display cabinets from tipping. It’s also ideal for use in earthquake and cyclone prone areas.
Installation is as simple as screwing a bracket into the wall and one into the back of your furniture.

F830_insituHRF830 NpackHR (2)

F199 Furniture Straps (2 Pack) RRP $10.95
Dreambaby Furniture Straps are very strong straps that help secure furniture to the wall. They are ideal for bookcases and chests. These straps are adjustable, durable and easy to use.
Installation is as simple as screwing a bracket to the wall and a bracket to the furniture then adjusting the strap until it’s taut.
These straps need to be checked for tautness regularly.
Two straps are required for each piece of furniture.

F199 NpackHRF199_prodHR

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10 of our members with little ones will be testing out these products and you can find out what they think in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “User Reviews: Dreambaby Furniture Anchors and Straps

  1. Just waiting on these to arrive … So handy as my nephew has literally started crawling so these are going to be very handy . Review to follow .

  2. I received these today and was eager to get started with securing furniture. I found the instructions fairly easy to follow and the furniture seems to be quite secure.
    Thank you Beauty and lace and Dream Baby, will be looking at other products to keep the littlest one safe!

  3. dreambaby Furniture Straps x2:

    One of the first things I noticed about the dreambaby Furniture straps is they seem to be designed and developed extremely well. I found the straps very easy to install with a screwdriver. A great product that really helped secure the bookcase in our lounge room to the wall preventing potentially serious accidents from happening to my young children. They are just brilliant for securing furniture such as dressers, display cabinets, book cases and tall boys. It tightly secures the furniture preventing them from tipping forward. It is recommended to check the straps occasionally to ensure they are still tight and holding strong. I find it to be super important that we make our homes as safe as possible to protect our children from accidents and also tragedy.
    I have great peace of mind when I look at the bookcase now knowing it is fully secure when the kids are playing or running near it.

    dreambaby Furniture Anchor:

    A perfect product for preventing furniture from toppling over on to children. I definitely recommend this product for anyone with kids who like to climb. I have now secured a set of high draws in one of my children’s rooms giving me great peace of mind. It is so inexpensive and provides security and protection against horrible accidents . I did like how it was an easy installation with even easier to follow instructions for me to follow. The dreambaby Furniture Anchor with a strong stainless steel attachment helps prevent potentially serious accidents by anchoring furniture such as book cases, draws and display cabinets.
    The dreambaby Furniture Anchor will help give you that great peace of mind when you have small children. Made of quality stainless steel the anchor helps keep furniture upright and prevents accidents from happening.
    An ideal quality product to make the home safer and more protected.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the great opportunity to trial and review the dreambaby Furniture Straps and Anchor. My home feels much safer and protected.

  4. The Dreambaby products arrived this week, which is perfect timing as we recently brought new storage cupboard/book cases that needed to be secure to the wall. I have used Dreambaby products in the past so I knew that these products would be of quality and safe to use.

    Dreambaby Furniture Anchor:
    The instructions are comprehensive yet easy to follow; having a picture guide is also very helpful. We used this product to secure a cube bookshelf to the wall. It only took 10mins to install using a screwdriver (quicker if you have power tools). The anchor is very secure preventing the bookshelf from being able to move or tip.

    Dreambaby 2x Furniture Straps
    These are equally easy to install and include a friendly user guide on the back of the packaging.
    I used this on a filing cabinet. I like that the straps are adjustable as I keep my computer cords behind the cabinet so if I need access to the cords/ power point I can easily adjust the straps to gain access to the wall behind (meaning it’s not permeant stuck to the wall).
    This product to is strong and secure and will help prevent accidental tipping, especially as cabinets are easy to tip when the multiple draws are pulled out.

    In the past we have used wall brackets and bits and bobs from the tool box to make up our own devices to secure furniture to the wall. As I didn’t realise such a product existed I now know of Dreambaby’s products. I won’t be attempting to make my own, as there are specifically designed for the purpose!

    Having my own young children plus running a home based Family Day Care service, means my environment needs to be safe. I feel confident that these products will prevent any furniture from accidental tipping, in the event that a child should try to climb or pull on the furniture.

    Thank you Dreambaby and Beauty & Lace for allowing me to review these items, I won’t hesitate to recommend friends and families to use these products.

  5. The dream Baby Furniture Straps RP $10.95. The cost is reasonable , Bunnings are selling them for $8.50. The instructions are detailed and in English! The 2 straps in the packet are to be used on 1 item of furniture up to 48″ wide. There is a choice of 2 ways to install them. You can attach the strap above the furniture to the wall, making easy to tension, but it is visible. Or install it below the top of the furniture where it is not visible but making it a little harder to tension as you push the furniture back against the wall. “The Man of the house with the drill” was not a fan of this strap as it requires 3 holes per strap into the wall, and 3 holes per strap into the furniture. He pointed out my love of changing furniture around and now 6 holes in the wall for future filling and painting! The brackets on this furniture strap are plastic.

    On the other hand “The Man of the House with the drill” loved the furniture Anchor! It is affordable RRP $10.95, Bunnings have it for $9.00. The instructions are easy to follow and in English. On the front of the packet it says “Ideal for earthquake zones” . Immediately you think this will be strong. The parts are made of metal. For furniture wider than 30” you need 2 anchors. To install you only need to drill 1 hole in the wall ( happy husband) and 2 in the furniture. The metal brackets are the same width as our skirting boards and the furniture sits flush. I fully recommend the Dream Baby Furniture Anchor, even though to install furniture with a width of 48” you need to purchase a second one, making it more expensive than the ” Furniture Straps”.

    I think Dream Baby have a wonderful range of safety latches and products. Now that purpose designed “furniture anchors” are along side the existing safety range , it will make parents more aware of all the potential dangers in the home. Well done Dream Baby.

  6. I wish I had these 5 years ago when my son was a toddler, he was the worst climber and pulled on literally everything! He pulled his chest of drawers on himself twice! (First when he was 18 months and second time at 4). He liked to pull drawers out and then stand in them, so frustrating! He was never injured just scared himself thank god.
    Luckily I was selected to review these products just in time, baby #3 just turned 1.
    I love Dreambaby products and have used them for years, these products are no exception as they are fantastic.

    I secured our DVD cabinet (an old wooden piece or furniture) using the straps. I found the instructions easy to use and understand. I used a screwdriver as the man of the house kept saying ‘He’d get to it’ to use the drill…and I was sick of waiting! They are very secure. Only downside is the straps are visible.
    I used this anchor for Mr 1’s chest of drawers. I like how sturdy it feels. If we buy anymore furniture I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these anchors.

    Thanks Dreambaby & Beauty & Lace for helping keep bubs that bit safer.

  7. With two young children in the house, safety is paramount and I think for peace of mind these affordable safety products from Dreambaby makes life a lot easier knowing that these can prevent potentially nasty accidents in the home.

    We’ve just recently bought a new chest of drawers for our young daughter’s bedroom and the Dreambaby Furniture straps are perfect for the task of securing the chest of drawers to the wall. The straps are made of plastic and heavy duty woven canvas and felt very sturdy. My husband said the instructions was easy to follow, but he did say that as we have masonry walls that wall plugs were not included. It would have been better if they were included in the packet, but he managed to find some that were suitable for the job.
    He used both straps provided to secure our drawers and I feel so much better knowing that it’s safe and secure now. It’s recommended that the straps are checked regularly as they can loosen over time.
    The only downside to having furniture anchored to the wall is that if I want to move the furniture around in the future there will be holes to patch and paint.

    The Dreambaby Furniture Anchor is made of metal and has a heavy duty metal cable and perfectly suited for securing taller furniture like the bookcase in our playroom. The instructions to install are very comprehensive and my husband had no problems installing this. I like how this anchor is quite discreet and is not obtrusive.

    Thank you so much Beauty and Lace and Dreambaby, I feel confident that my home is now safer for my little ones. It’s a product I can happily recommend to my friends with young children. My husband found the installation simple and quick to install so that’s a bonus too.

  8. What great timing these had arriving , as we have had our crawling nephew come stay with us for a week . We used one lot on my six foot high bookshelf , so easy to do that I did it myself , great idea to keep toddlers / children safe.
    The other set we used on a large set of draws in son’s bedroom just in case.
    Dreambaby has some amazing products and I shall be buying from them for sure .
    Thank you for allowing myself to trial these … totally love them.

  9. I kindly received these to trial from Dream Baby and Beauty and Lace.
    Both the furniture straps and anchor are quite easy to install.
    They both attach to the item of furniture and the wall for security.
    I had seen these before, however I hadn’t thought that we actually needed them.
    With a 3.5 year old and almost 2 year old they have started to play a lot of chasing each other and hiding games, the other week they opened all the drawers of a tall boy and almost tipped it over!
    So these dream baby furniture straps and anchors came at the right time.
    These really could be a life saver! I thought our house was pretty child safe, however it can be easy to overlook some obvious and larger items.
    I would definitely recommend these to friends and family,
    We have dream baby securing most of our house also with catches and locks on all of the cupboards.

  10. I am a big believer in anchoring furniture and making our kids as safe as possible. These products helped me with these things and now I don’t need to worry as much.

  11. If you are installing these straps as in illustration A2 [assuming you have a backing panel] you will have to cut the strap to remove them after they have been tensioned. There is no room to fit hand behind the furniture to slacken the strap. If you wish to install so the brackets are not seen you will have to install the furniture bracket inside [make hole in backing panel]

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