User Review: Dreambaby Stroller Products

BigW’s Baby Week is upon us again and that means big savings on a huge range of baby products.

Baby Week at Big W runs from February 8-21st and offers a huge range of savings on major brands that make it a great time to head in to your local store and bag a bargain, or four.

To celebrate baby week Dreambaby is getting involved with some great giveaways, and they are working with us to offer a fantastic user trial of some new stroller products.

It can be a huge juggle trying to get out with little ones and you never seem to have enough hands, or pockets; especially if you have more than one little person. Dreambaby can help. We have had a lot of Dreambaby products featured on the site and they are always great quality and simple to use.

I have one child just starting pre-school and a baby, and I am trying to get moving more so that I can attempt to get in shape and that means I am using my pram a lot more than I had when bub was smaller. My prams have some great features but none that make walking with a not quite 4yr old, the pram and all the paraphernalia simple.

Last week I received the Dreambaby Ezy-Fit Strollerbuddy Phone Holder and Drink Holder, and they certainly do the trick. I had both products installed on my pram in minutes and I was off. They are flexible, versatile and easy to install, as well as easy to use and they sure make life easier having everything right at your fingertips.

Dreambaby® Ezy-Fit Strollerbuddy® Phone Holder

RRP: $19.95

This well-designed and handy phone holder fits most phones and easily attaches to your stroller or pram. It also works on most shopping trolleys.

The phone holder is simple to attach and suitable for most phone sizes, it clicked mine in quick and keeps a firm grip. The path I walked wasn’t exactly smooth sailing so there was a air bit of pram jostling but he phone and holder stayed steady and kept it within reach, without the fear of it flying off the canopy of the pram, which has been done before.

The adjustable nature means that most phones, and cases, will fit. It secures to the pram (or wheelchair, bike, shopping trolley, walker, whatever you choose to attach to) with a simple hook and loop strap.

My only issue with this product is that ends up offering the phone such a smooth ride that it won’t auto detect a walking workout, which really isn’t an issue but you do need to remember that if you are trying to auto track your walking with Samsung Health.

Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Drink Holder– Grey BPA Free, Top Rack

RRP: $14.95

The dishwasher-safe Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® drink holder is perfect to carry water bottles, sports drinks, sippy cups or other cool beverages within reach while you push your bub in the stroller this season. It can be fitted easily to (and removed from) the top or side of most stroller handles.

Drink bottles can be such a pain when out walking with the pram. If there are no spots up top you are left laying it on the canopy and hoping it doesn’t fall, or putting bottles in the basket underneath. Now these options work, if they have to, but they make a walk unnecessarily frustrating. If you aren’t trying to catch before the bottle flies then you are stopping to retrieve bottles from the bottom. That doesn’t have to be a problem anymore if you install a drink holder that keeps your bottle right at your fingertips.

The drink holder attaches with an adjustable clamp which means it fits most strollers; as well as wheelchairs, shopping trolleys and walkers.

•Available in black ( #298) & grey ( #299)

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3 of our members with little ones will be testing out these products and you can find out what they think in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “User Review: Dreambaby Stroller Products

  1. Firstly thank you to Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try the Dreambaby® Ezy-Fit Strollerbuddy® Phone Holder and the Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Drink Holder– Grey BPA Free, Top Rack.

    Dreambaby® Ezy-Fit Strollerbuddy® Phone Holder
    The Dreambaby® Ezy-Fit Strollerbuddy® Phone Holder has changed my life! Gone are the days of being out and hearing your phone ringing in the nappy bag and by the time you find it to answer it, you have missed the call. This easy to use phone holder is great and is a must!

    The Dreambaby® Ezy-Fit Strollerbuddy® Phone Holder hooks on easily to any pram and can be moved around the pram handle easily. It is easy to use and the phone clips in and out very easily. I was worried that it wouldn’t be able to hold the phone very securely however I have been on some very bumpy pram walks and have knocked it around a fair bit and the phone has not moved!

    Out on the go having your phone easily assessable while keeping your hands still free is something generally not heard of by mums! It’s great knowing when I am out on the go I will not miss any calls or messages.

    As Michelle said above the only downside I found was it does not auto detect a walking workout. Considering this is the only downside it would not deter me from recommending this to EVERY MUM as this is a must have pram accessory!!!

    Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Drink Holder– Grey BPA Free,
    The Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Drink Holder is also a very easy to use accessory that fits onto any pram. It clips on easily and is very easy to move around. It is very sturdy and holds onto the drinks tight!

    This is great for putting either mums or busy water bottles in while on the go. I usually find that my bubs water bottle leaks through the nappy bag so having this holder is great. Also, as a parent, you know what it is like when your baby wants a drink or bottle etc and trying to rummage through a nappy bag when they are screaming can be stressful so having this accessory that can hold those items is great

    Not only for babies drinks it is great for adults as well. I have put my drink bottle in it numerous times and it also reminds me I need to be keeping my fluids up throughout the day as it is right in front of me. Something I usually forget when I am out on the go! Also fits smoothies too!

    Being dishwasher safe is great making it easy to chuck in the dishwasher to clean after outings.

    The only downside is I sometimes use a 1litre water bottle and I found that it didn’t fit in the Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Drink Holder, It is made for the use of smaller drink bottles and drinks. I also found it can be easy to lose the clamp that clips onto the drink holder as they come apart easy. Just keep this in mind when taking apart for cleaning etc.

    Both these items are great and very versatile! I have even used them both on a shopping trolley which was amazing! I will be recommending these items to my mum friends!

    Thanks again Dreambaby and Beauty and Lace for these great accessories!

  2. Thank you very much Beauty and Lace and Dream Baby for asking me to review the bottle holder and the phone holder.

    Both products are really well made and would last a long time as are both sturdy. Very easy to use and install. I had no problems at all.

    The bottle holder is a great idea – I have just gone back to work and finished breastfeeding so am using formula for the first time and having the bottle holder there, is very handy. Not only reminds me to take the milk, I don’t have to dig around my very unorganised bag for it! It also doubles up as a drink holder for my 4 year old – who replaces the babys bottle with her own every time I use it!

    The phone holder is great. The lock and unlock function works a treat. It also helps me with my unorganised life as I am forever searching for the phone. I actually keep it on the pram all day long in the house so I always know where it is.

    All in all, they are great products and I wish I knew about them with my first child as they would have saved me a lot of searching time!!

  3. Thank you to Dreambaby and Beauty & Lace for allowing me to trial these two innovative products.
    I’m a first time mum with an 8 week old bub, so anything that can help motivate me to leave the house for exercise, and make the whole process a little bit easier, is very welcome at the moment!

    Unfortunately the drink bottle holder did not fit on to my pram handle – I have a second hand iCandy Peach3 and the handle is not quite spherical (and quite large) so even with the holder grip/clamp extended to its largest setting it did not fit. However, it was obvious how well made the product is and I can see that it would fit most other prams.

    On the other hand the phone holder was a perfect fit. It has an easily adjustable Velcro strap that ensures a secure fit on the pram handle. The holder itself has an ingenious automatic clamp that would fit any phone size, with or without a cover (I have a Sony Xperia Z2 in a silicon cover). The holder is nicely secure without causing any damage to the phone/cover, and also has the option of fold out feet for added security. I loved that the holder can swivel so your phone can be landscape or portrait. This is also a handy feature when storing the pram in the car; rotating it into landscape tucks it neatly away.
    I trialled using the holder with the pram over several ground surfaces including very uneven grass, and the holder didn’t skip a beat. My phone remained secure and stable.
    It was great to have such easy access to my phone to monitor incoming calls, or to listen to music/podcasts while walking. Previously I’d had my phone tucked under the baby’s legs in the pram seat which was less than ideal and meant my headphone cords were stretched tight. Now having my phone in the holder means it’s easy to access and a good distance to use headphones.
    Releasing the phone is super easy – just press the buttons on the side and you’re good to go!

    I haven’t trialled this product on a shopping trolley yet (I only shop with a pram at the moment!) but as I keep all my shopping lists on my phone I know this will be super handy in the future.

    Would happily recommend these to any new mum or mum to be!

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