USER REVIEW: Dreambaby Potty Seats

As any parent and carer knows, toilet training can be stressful, particularly when your little one is ready to move on from their ‘little’ potty to the ‘big’ one for the first time. It’s so important that they feel comfortable, secure and well supported during this process.

With this in mind Dreambaby®, has just launched the NEW Soft Touch Potty Seat. With its unique soft cushioned seat, contoured snug shape and high moulded back and sides, it’s perfectly designed to give toddlers the confidence, reassurance and total comfort they need to succeed.

dreambaby potty seat

Feature and benefits of the new Dreambaby® Soft Touch Potty Seat include;

  • Made from durable, flexible foam, providing a soft cushioned seat.
  • Anti-slip surface, creating secure positioning on to your existing toilet.
  • Made with a unique contoured shape with high moulded back and sides, gives toddlers the security for successful training!
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect to take anywhere your toilet-training toddler goes! Take the Dreambaby® Soft Touch Potty Seat to friends and families houses, or even away on holidays, as toilet training does take time.
  • Available in blue and pink, giving little boys and girls a sense of independence and autonomy in the bathroom! Also available in white to blend with your bathroom interior.
  • Easy to clean and remove when not in use.

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Create a sense of confidence, comfort and calmness for your child’s toilet success this spring and summer season, with the Dreambaby® Soft Touch Potty Seat.
Remember, to never leave a child unattended while in use. There is no substitute for adult supervision

The Dreambaby® Soft Touch Potty Seat is available in BLUE (F675), PINK (F676) and WHITE (F677) has an RRP $19.95 and retails through leading baby stores nationally.

Visit the Dreambaby® web site at or call (02) 9386 4000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788.

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20 thoughts on “USER REVIEW: Dreambaby Potty Seats

  1. I received this in the post yesterday and my first impressions were really great, it is such a great portable little seat. The texture of it is soft to touch and when I first put my daughter on it she didn’t jump off she sat down and kind of bounced up and down a little I guess because it was soft under her bottom. We had no issues with her staying on it, and she feels like a big girl now because she can sit on the toilet with her new potty seat instead of having to sit on a specific step stool seat which was quite hard on her bottom when she needed to sit down. So far we have had a good experience with the potty seat and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

    1. I would just like to add that in the days since we have been using the potty seat we have had much success, due to the shape of the seat there is no more clenching and trying to hold things in. Am so very happy with this seat.

  2. Ive had so much trouble getting my lil Brodi to have a go on the “big toilet” but when the blue dream baby seat arrived i told him it was a special parcel for him & because it was just for him he would need to atleast have 1 go on it as he opened it & they are the rules, anyway he really did give it a try & he tells me that its ok to use because its not cold & hard like the potty & the big toilet so he will use it for a while but only for number “1’s” & only for a week! Lucky for me he has no idea how long a week really is & after he gets really comfortable with it ill have to think of a way to get him to do his number “2’s” aswell & then we’ll be much happier! A great product & i & Brodi would recommend it to anyone due to begin potty training & big toilet training its so easy.

  3. The Dreambaby toilet seat arrived a couple of days ago and I immediately put my 2-and-a-half year old daughter on it. I have been trying potty training on and off for the past couple of weeks, but haven’t had much success. But she was very keen to give this a go. The seat itself is great, nice and soft for her bottom, and I was lucky enough to get a pink one to trial!!
    She is much more keen now to try toilet training. I will continue to use the Dreambaby seat in the coming weeks to get her feeling more confident on the toilet. Many thanks for the opportunity to trial this; I look forward to the day when my Little Miss is out of her nappies!!

  4. miss 3 is toilet trained but still has her hits and misses.. she also refuses to do a poo.. but OMG she pooped in her new Dreambaby toilet seat!! she said it was happy for her bum LOL

    love this seat

    thank you so much beauty and lace 🙂

  5. Received the Dreambaby toilet seat on Thursday, and so far so good. It feels great, soft & spongy, yet strong and sturdy. Very comfortable for my little man to sit on (unlike the horrid hard plastic one we were using, that pinched his leg and made him scared of it and the ‘big’ toilet). He’s very keen now to grab a golden book, and sit on the toilet ‘like Daddy’ does with the paper!

    A great product that he’s enjoying using. I’m confident we’ll be toilet trained now in no time.

  6. I’m toilet training my fourth child and have used many different seats even the “soft version” had issues with them all but this Dreambaby soft touch potty seat is certainly a dream for me and my toddler girl.

    It’s pink and comfy which ticks the boxes for her, it’s easy to clean which I ticks a big box for any busy parent toilet training and running a household. It’s easy to quickly grab and put on the toilet unlike others I’ve used previously and it grips the seat well making her feel safe and secure and not like she’s going to slide off due to no grip or pinch or sink and make her feel like she’s falling like other seats do due to ill fitting sizes.

    In mere days we’ve gone from occasional toilet use to confidently using it multiple times during the day and waking up in the morning with a dry nappy and with her wanting to use to the toilet and he special pink seat. I’m excited and so is she.

    Thanks Dreambaby you’ve given my girl the confidence she needs to use the toilet.

  7. This toilet seat is so cute. It’s easy to clean – there are no nooks and crannies like my old one. It’s soft and one solid piece.
    Fits over my toilet bowl easily and has the little one fits well on it without any trouble. My older one is also wanting one for himself!

    It doesn’t slide once he is on it and L is now more confident sitting on the toilet.

  8. I received the seat late last week. It’s soft and my boy loves sitting on it. For me, it’s easy to clean up and only needs few minutes to dry in the sun. The only problem is that the foam smell is a little bit strong. So when I received it, I left it in my backyard for a while. But I think after cleaning it up for couples of times, the smell should be gone. I will give it 4.5 star rating 🙂

  9. Wow, life is soooo much easier now with this potty seat. No rough edges, no slipping and sliding and no shakie ladders to climb up on. From the moment I took it out of the box I knew it was going to be much easier. It feels nice, its soft and flexible and fits perfectly over the toilet. Quick to put in (or take out) and when needing to spend some time on the toilet (well sometimes it takes a few books being read for action to happen) it doesnt leave red welt marks. Really happy with this potty seat and highly recommend!

  10. I received my potty seat 4 days ago and so far my son loves it.
    I have only toilet trained my daughter so training a little boy is an experience. With my daughter I used a normal run of the mill potty … but using that potty for my son ended in him peeing on me everytime..little did I know you could get potty seats with raised bits at the front to stop the spray :-p
    The first time I put it on the toilet he jumped right on and did a wee then bounced up and down clapping his hands saying ‘I big boy TJ’. I take it he loves it too. I like that it is lightweight and portable plus so comfy for my little fella.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace 🙂 I look forward to not having to buy nappies anymore! xo

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to trial the dreambaby soft touch potty seat! i love the great features of this great little seat!

    My son is 2.5yrs and so far we are just beginning toilet training. I was pleasantly surprised by the dreambaby seat wihich is very light to carry, so very portable!! i love the fact that i can take it to a friends place or shopping etc, due to how light it is to carry!!!

    i love that there are no fussy clips and it simply slots on top of the regular toilet seat. It’s a snug fit for little bottoms too! and my son had no trouble sitting and looking comfy with its contoured sides and back.

    It’s simply to clean due to the soft material!

    All in all we found the dreambaby potty seat is a great product that is portable, no fuss, and comfortable!! i’d highly recommend to friends and family!

  12. What a great little seat. I have 3 of my grandchildren using it, and they all love it. The 2 older ones know how to put it on themselves. The 2 year old is currently being toilet trained, and he will sit quite happily, as he feels secure and its soft under their little bottoms. I did find it stained easily, but Domestos helped, but also removed the colour. Oops. My only other suggestion would be, I wish it had a hole or space on the back to hang it!

  13. we got our dream baby potty seat a few days ago and we gave it to miss and asked her if she wanted to go to the big potty and she was a bit scared but sat on the seat then put it on the toilet she said its soft mummy and its my seat i had to hold her hand the first few times as she was scared of the whole under it but ow she puts it on herself and is going by herself she loves the seat its easy to clean and store and she loves that its pink for a princess we went to nanas house on the weekend and she took it with her and used it to show nanna she is a big girl on the big potty i would recommend this seat to anyone its a comfy fit and holds them in snug so they don’t slip off its easy to wash and easy to store the colour is bright and pretty i would be lost without mine thank you for the trial and helping me to toilet train my daughter thumbs up guys

  14. it helped to encourage little mister to sit on the toilet a lot more and his found it really comfy not hard like the toilet seat is. Really simple to clean and look after.

  15. This seat is FANTASTIC!

    We are TT our youngest daughter who will be two in November. So far she has shown no interest in the potty’s that we have around.

    BUT… this seat is fantastic, It sits on perfectly and soundly and she is much more interested in using the big toilet like her siblings. In fact, the first few days we could barely get her little chubby bum off it!

    I can’t believe how stable and easily it remains on the seat. Much easier than some other contraptions we’ve had over the years.

    We travelled to Sydney from the Gold Coast on the weekend to stay with various family, the seat was totally portable and she loved showing off to all of the Nannas.

    It wasn’t gross to transport, simple to clean and very easy. With 3 kids EASY is exactly what I’m looking for.

    I would recommend this seat to anybody, I can’t fault it at all. Thank you for this great trial.

  16. I was so impressed when I first opened the box. It is so unique and soft! As my son is a little younger (almost 2) we have been using it on the potty. It is that comfortable that he sits on it for hours! Overall we have had success with it and i will definately be recommending it!

  17. My daughter was so excited when I opened up my parcel on Friday and told her I had a present for her. She loves her new toilet seat. I really love the grip it holds on the toilet seat, as the other ones we have tried had slipped all around the place and were never very secure. Also it is really well moulded, and gives the child a clear example of how their legs should be positioned. As it is is made as a single piece there are no sections that need to be taken out and rinsed separately, which sometimes was a bit off-puttting. I could list all the features I like about it but the only thing that REALLY matters is that since she began using it, on Friday afternoon, my daughter has been more consistent and positive about her toilet training. That is all that matters to me when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it. My CHN told me to go with what works for you, and this is working for us! Thanks for including us in this trial.

  18. My little girl was super excited when her parcel containing her pink Dreambaby Potty Seat! I was surprised at how she immediately took to it, even though we’ve had a few issues with toilet training her. We previously used an under-seat hard plastic training seat and I find it inconvenient and I think my little girl also finds it uncomfortable to sit on, so was refusing to use the “big” toilet because of it. But now she wants to use the “big” toilet just so she can use her special pink seat!

    I love that the Dreambaby Potty Seat easily sits on top of the toilet seat without me having to lift the yucky toilet seat to slip it underneath like with our old one. The innovative design means it sits very securely on the toilet and it’s not cold, which is a big thing for a little kid! The material it’s made from is quite interesting. It’s soft and sort of squishy, and my little girl says it’s “Real, real, comfy”.

    I find it incredibly easy to clean and because it’s so lightweight it’s great for taking along on outings, I just pop it in a plastic bag then slip it straight into the nappy bag. I’ve found that since getting the Dreambaby Potty Seat my daughter has been much better with her toilet training than she previously was.

    I would definitely recommend the Dreambaby Potty Seat and I wish I’d had one when toilet training my older daughter. Thank-you Beauty and Lace and Dreambaby for allowing us to participate in this awesome trial and review.

  19. Oops typo, sorry!
    “My little girl was super excited when her parcel containing her pink Dreambaby Potty Seat *arrived*”

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