USER REVIEW: Dreambaby® Multi-Stage Potty Seat

Thanks to Dreambaby, 3 of our members will be testing the new Multi-Stage Potty Seat (code F601) with their little ones. Toilet training can be a stressful stage, but with the help of this potty seat the task will be much easier.

This product makes up part of an extensive range of items to make your bathroom safer for your children. This is a versatile design which can either be used as a free standing potty, or fitted onto the toilet.

Cleaning is a breeze and this is comfortable and appealing for toilet training toddlers. The Multi-Stage Potty Seat is made to be light so it can be transportable, and can be stored away when not in use.

RRP $29.95

For more information you can visit:

Call (02) 93864000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788. #dreambabysafety @dreambabysafety

You can read the member feedback in the comments section below. If you would like to be a Beauty and Lace product tester, you can sign up here.



2 thoughts on “USER REVIEW: Dreambaby® Multi-Stage Potty Seat

  1. I’m a big fan of Dreambaby products and own various safety products for the house and car. They are affordable and great quality. I had not tried a Dreambaby potty so I was interested to see the results for my toddler who’s showing an interest and my 4year old who still needs a seat on the toilet.

    The product fits snuggly in the box and no instructions are needed except for the handy step by step guide on the box. I had the potty assembled in about 2 mins and didn’t need the photos as it was pretty easy where the pieces went. There are three parts to the potty the frame, the front bowl and the moulded seat.

    I really like how sturdy the frame of the potty is. I have had potty’s in the past that slide along or tip over on our floorboards. The Dreambaby is sturdy and isn’t easily knocked over, which is great as normally potty time it can be exciting and hands and feet fly in all directions!.

    The seat fits both my little toddler and my 4 yr old. My toddler had no trouble sitting on the seat and was very comfortable. She was mesmerised by the little drawer. I like that they have thought of the childproof latch which is great means my little ones can’t pull it out and then hide it somewhere. The pull mechanism works well and smoothly.

    What I love most about this potty is that it’s so easy to clean. You do a wipe over the seat and base and it’s easy to pull the drawer out and tip in the toilet, clean, dry and slot back into place in no time!.

    I tried the seat on our toilet and although it’s not a standard I was able to manoeuvre it to fit. It seems very stable and I like the contours. My son thought it was very cool being blue. He felt really comfortable on the seat and was happy to use it. We have had a few seats ones that go ontop of the seat but are so unsteady and seem unsafe. And also potty seats that go underneath the seat. Although it did take me a little bit of work, I will use it more when my toddler has moved on from using it as a potty.

    Overall this is a great potty. The price point is good, the design is great and it’s quite modern looking. I will happily recommend this potty and it has happily taken over from our other potty’s as being the potty of choice.

  2. My daughter Indi recently turned two, we have started using the dreambaby multi stage potty seat to begin toilet training. She absolutely loved it when I showed her running around letting everyone know “my toilet my toilet” she stopped everything about 50 times in the first few hours just to sit on it, then actually started using it too!

    My favourite part is that it can also be taken apart and used as just a seat on the toilet! It’s nice and compact and looks great. We used to have one of those step chair things but it’s so bulky and looks ugly in the bathroom.
    I can’t wait till we are able to move up to the next step with this seat.

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