User Review: Dreambaby EZY-Reach Organiser

The school holidays are fast approaching here in sunny SA and I know across the country it is holidays or it soon will be, and there’s Easter coming up quick so that often means a lot of family time. This is the time we are often heading out for a walk with the children, taking a trip to the park or having a family day out and no matter where you go or how long you plan to be there is a stack of stuff you need to take with you if you have young children.

Even a quick walk or trip to the park requires drink bottles and snacks at the very least. Most prams have a storage basket which is fantastic, except that it’s under the seat and not that easy to get into on the go.

What you really need is a little pocket at your handle that will hold a drink bottle, your phone and perhaps a few snacks; depending on the age of your children there’s a huge range of things you may need within easy reach and that’s where Dreambaby comes in.

The innovative team at Dreambaby have recognised the need for easy to access storage and created the Dreambaby EZY-Reach Organiser.

This may look like quite a small handlebar organiser but it does have generous storage to fit all of the things you must have on hand when out with the children. There are two internal drink holders, perfect for water bottles, or baby bottles even.

A handy spot to keep the favourite toy after it’s been retrieved from the ground for the 4th time, a safe place to keep the dummy so it’s in reach when needed, snacks and of course the phone.

The Dreambaby EZY-Reach Organiser also comes with a Zip-On, Zip-Off wristlet with headphone access, this will help keep your phone a headsets reach away because we all know that the cord isn’t usually long enough to reach from the pram handle.

Easy to attach with adjustable velcro straps this organiser will go on a wide range of pusher designs to make your outings easier.

Available in two colours:
Product Code #2253 (Black)
Product Code #2254 (Grey)

RRP: $29.95

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4 of our members with little ones will be testing out this product and you can find out what they think in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “User Review: Dreambaby EZY-Reach Organiser

  1. Dream baby EZY- Reach Organizer gets 10 out of 10 from me!
    It attached easily to the stroller. The kids drinks and snacks fitted in it and was easy for them and me to get their drinks and other bits and pieces out. No digging around in other bags!
    The Zip On Zip Off wristlet is brilliant! Phone , keys and money all fit, When you leave the stroller unattended this section is easily taken off and easy and light to carry using the wrist strap .
    The price is reasonable.
    I absolutely love it!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to try another Dreambaby product. Our car mirror and pram hook continue to be loved and used by us daily!
    Unfortunately however the organiser didn’t work as well for us.
    The design is brilliant. Plenty of space to carry regularly used items such as drink bottles, phone and purse and I was Really excited at the possibility of having these items in reach and not have to bend down under the pram constantly!
    Unfortunately the Velcro bands did not seem quite long enough for my pram handles (icandy peach 3 blossom). The velcro only just reached around and didn’t seem to have enough ‘oomph’ to hold my items in it without coming undone.
    I have a feeling this may just be an issue with padded/wider handled prams, and his product would work brilliantly with other brands.

  3. I was lucky enough to be able to trial the Dreambaby Ezy-Reach Organizer. This nifty little invention is made of neoprene and comes in two colours black or grey (I received the black one), I would have been happy with either colour choice. The neoprene fabric is perfect, as it’s easy to keep clean, washes well and also is flexible enough to accommodate larger sized drinking bottles.

    I liked that the cardboard packaging the organizer came in clearly showed me how to attach the pouch to my pram using the two Velcro straps through the D ring. It only took me a few minutes to attach this to my stroller and then I was good to go. I went to the shops today and the organizer definitely made shopping with a toddler much easier. As most parents know, shopping with a toddler is no simple task, I have to pack snacks, water and a small toy to keep Miss 2 happy during our shopping expedition.

    The organizer is a good size to fit both our water bottles and the middle compartment is more than adequate to hold a few snacks and either a small toy or book to keep little ones entertained. I think it’s great there is also a detachable little pouch with hand strap that can easy fit most mobile phones. The front of this pouch also has a small opening so that you can feed your headphones through, so it’s perfect if want to listen to music whilst strolling.

    Now that the weather is finally cooling off, I’m planning on walking more for exercise and I’m going to get a lot of use from the organizer as it will be handy to have all the things I need at my fingertips. I was previously stowing our water bottles and snacks under the seat area of the pram, so now I can easily access my essentials without having to bend down. This also frees up the basket area, so If i decide to walk down to our local shops I’ve got more room for storing my shopping.

    There’s not much I would change about the design, the only improvement I would suggest is to make the ends of strap more firmer or have an edging such that it’s easier to feed through the D-rings.
    I wish I had something like this with my first child, it certainly would have made things a bit easier. I’ll definitely recommend this to the mum’s with young children at school, this is a very handy invention.

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve had to buy baby products so I’m out of the loop .That’s why I love taking part in these trials for my grand-daughter . Since I don’t like to lug around a whole heap of baby gear when I’m babysitting , the Dreambaby Ezy-Reach organiser is perfect for nanas stroller . It attached easily and the colour perfectly matched the pram . It held all we needed for a trip to the shops . I’m converted !

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