The Rainbow Colouring Bag

I have a four year old son and he is getting to the stage where he really enjoys his craft activities. I am always looking for ideas which aren’t too messy – if it results in sticky fingers he doesn’t want to touch it (although, making mud pies is another story).

A clever product which has been a hit in my house and would make a unique Chrismtas gift idea is the Rainbow Colouring Bag from Eureka Concepts.

This is a cotton shoulder bag which has a colour in outline on each side that they can colour in with the included textas. They will love the novelty of colouring in a bag, and the best part is you can wash it so they can start again if they want a change!


The Rainbow Colouring Bag is good quality and quite strong, it is versatile and can be used for almost anything – for example, a book bag, a shopping bag or even to store an electronic device.

There are two designs to choose from with a jungle theme or sea world theme and they are designed for children between 4 and 12. This is one product that is lots of fun and will put a smile on their face!

RRP approx $30.00

To view a list of stockists or purchase online, visit

5 thoughts on “The Rainbow Colouring Bag

  1. My 5 year old would go crazy over this bag! She loves colouring in, well all craft actually, and I could just hear her now asking to have it washed everyday so she could colour it all over again. Fabulous gift!

  2. Love this bag! How perfect would it be to go out for a family lunch or dinner at a restaurant and when the kids need entertaining they can pull out their bag (filled with their textas etc and have something to do! Then be able to pack it all away when needed! Awesome idea!

  3. How perfect! My 3 yr. old Granddaughter adores all things crafty. Love that she takes after me like that. We decorated her Mother’s b/day cake with star candles and icing flowers and real flowers around the plate edge. Her comment “I have an idea – we’ll put some on the cake and some for me.”
    Sorry I’m off topic but craft related and G/daughter go together and I will HAVE to check this bag out.

  4. This is my FAVOURITE gift idea!!
    My little girl would love it (and so would I!).
    I think I might have to get one for Mummy and Daughter. 🙂

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