Steelcraft Agile Travel System Stroller

I have tested enough strollers to know they are not all created equally, and like many mothers I have bought a pusher in the past and lived to regret it.

A troublesome stroller can cause unnecessary stress for parents and things to look out for include difficult assembly, the wrong fit for your car, hard to steer and simply being unmanageable.

A stroller is one of the most important purchases to consider for your little bub, and I have found one that I have fallen in love with – the new Steelcraft Agile Travel System Stroller.


While I do not recommend products lightly, there are so many positives with this stroller that I cannot help but write a rave review…and here is why:

To begin with, the Steelcraft Agile is lightweight at 7.5kg. This doesn’t mean that it is flimsy because it’s not – it just means it can be easily put in and out of the car by both mum and dad. When it is folded up it is quite compact, so in most cases limited boot space won’t be a problem.

Recently I saw a mother struggling to fold her stroller in the carpark and I thought to myself “I’ve been there”. It literally took my husband and I months to figure out the correct way to fold up our first pusher and even then it was backbreaking.

While that old pusher is long gone, I still remember the struggle so using this was like the ultimate luxury. Folds up in seconds with a push of a button (a RED button too so you don’t need xray vision to find it) and a lift of the strap which is located on the seat. Once folded you just clip the lock securely on the side, and there is a carry handle – too easy!

There is a brake on each back wheel, but the beauty of the Agile Travel System Stroller is it only takes one push to lock both wheels into place.

agile stroller

In terms of comfort the seat is padded and has multi position recline so your little one can sit up to look around or lay back for a nice nap.You also won’t have any trouble cleaning the components as in most cases it will wipe clean.

The sun canopy is fantastic, it can be extended quite far so the sun is never in your child’s eyes. If you find yourself caught in the rain there is also an attachable clear rain cover.

It has a little window flap on top so you can keep an eye on the baby without disrupting their sleep and a material storage basket underneath.

This is a four wheeler, and is easy to maneuver on both smooth or uneven terrain. The front wheels can be set to swivel or lock into place depending on your preference and the ground’s surface.

I really cannot fault this stroller, at $399 it may seem like an investment but it is worth every penny.

The Steelcraft Agile Travel System Stroller comes in four colours – forest green (my favourite), black, red or shell grey.

Suitable from newborn to 22kgs, with up to 5kg in the shopping basket. You can also buy an additional add on travel system for newborns (not included) called the Steelcraft Infant Carrier for $329.

This stroller complies with Australian and New Zealand standards – AS/NZS2088-2010 “Prams and Strollers-Safety Requirements”.

For your nearest stockist please phone: 1300 303 330

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