Steelcraft Agile Plus Travel System Stroller

Steelcraft have released a new version of their popular Agile Stroller, this is named the Agile PLUS.

I had been using the previous model for some time so I was really interested to see how the two compare. The Agile Plus comes in a range of colours including yellow, blue, pink or black – so for something a little fun and different I decided on the yellow.

This has plenty of really great features, but the number one benefit of using this stroller is the ease of use. You can literally fold it and unfold it with one hand (because us mums always have our hands full) and it is so lightweight you will have no problems transporting it. It isn’t too bulky when it is folded so it will fit in the boot – all of these factors are so important when choosing a new stroller.

agile plus stroller

For your little ones comfort it has soft padding on the chair and straps. For smaller bubs who like to be a bit snug there is a boot cover – this also offers extra protection from the elements.

The canopy is extra large… all strollers should be made this way, it keeps the sun out of their eyes and allows a more enclosed space to encourage sleep. What I also like about the canopy is there is a peep hole on the top which I use to check whether my daughter has fallen asleep. The chair also reclines easily and is adjusted by a strap on the back of the stroller.

A new feature is the tray and cup holder, it might not sound like that big of a deal but I love it, especially when your baby gets to the 1 year + mark. They can have their snacks on the go and there is something about having that “bar” there which gives me an added sense of security. It does add a bit of extra length when the stroller is folded but it is detachable if you have limited boot space.

agile plus stroller

Now, of course it is important for your baby to be safe and comfortable – but it is also important that the stroller is parent friendly. I’ve already told you about how easy it is to fold and open and in addition to this the handles are adjustable so you have a more ergonomic experience.

The Agile Plus has one linked brake for the two back wheels, rather than two brakes like the older version. I like this improvement as it is much easier to lock and unlock with your foot. The front wheels swivel and you can glide your way through busy shopping centre people traffic, or go for a walk outdoors – the choice is yours! The underbasket is also larger giving you more room to pop your shopping.

I also like that the wheels don’t require tires, as with one of my older pushers I had quite a few punctures!

I don’t think there could ever be a Steelcraft product I didn’t like, once again I am impressed by the quality and the fact that it is both “agile” and sturdy. If you are looking for a new stroller make sure you give the new Agile Plus a try!

Suitable for newborn to 22kgs. Can be used with the Steelcraft Infant Carrier (sold separately).

Designed to comply with Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS2088-2011 “Prams and Strollers-Safety Requirements”

RRP $499.00

For more information and stockists visit: Britax Australia

5 thoughts on “Steelcraft Agile Plus Travel System Stroller

  1. hye, thankyou for your wonderful review. im already in love with this stroler but i can’t decide the color. can tell me how practicle yellow color is in term of spils and stains?

    1. I haven’t had any problems with the yellow, and it is easy enough to clean. I still really love the colour and am glad I went for something a bit brighter this time!

  2. Hi lace, thanks for the review. Do you think the extra features justify the added weight? I’m not sure where the extra 2.5 kegs comes from. Is the pram also bigger in size than the agile?

  3. Hello,
    I have read that the wheels wear out quickly and have trouble with wobbling. Have you noticed this with yours at all?

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