SnoozeShade Plus

The SnoozeShade Plus is a pram and stroller blackout blind and sunshade in one, which keeps your baby consistently in the dark. When your baby stirs and one sleep cycle ends, they won’t wake as easily because any outside distractions will be hidden from them.

I remember pegging a cloth to the pusher the first time around, but this smart invention makes life so much easier.


Most little babies cry when the sun his their face but with SnoozeShade they will be happy while you are out and about. This is made from mesh which is soft and of course, gives ventilation so your child won’t have any trouble breathing. The SnoozeShade Plus has two options, the first is the single layer lookout panel which allows them to see while giving protection from the sun (blocking out 80% of UVA and UVB rays). The second is the blackout panel which is designed for sleeping and blocks out up to 94% of light.

The SnoozeShade Plus has the highest UV rating out of any sunshade currently on the Australian market so it is perfect for summer. A little snippet from the back of the packet which is certainly worth pointing out, “proven in laboratory tests to keep your pram or pusher cooler on hot days.” The sunscreen is also perfect to protect your little bub from annoying flies or mosquitoes!


If you want to check on your baby without completely unzipping the shade, there is a special zip at the front to give you a sneak peek.

This will fit on almost any pram (both 3 or 4 wheels) that you have and is suitable from birth. Another fantastic invention, I love it and I know you will too! If you are considering purchasing a SnoozeShade, I would definitely recommend going for the SnoozeShade Plus rather than just the original.

Visit to purchase online or see a list of stockists. They cost $39.95 for the SnoozeShade orginal or $49.95 for the SnoozeShade Plus.

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