Sandy The Sea Turtle Pillow Pet

Pillow Pets were released onto the market a little over 12 months ago and almost immediately they became the No. 1 selling plush animal in the country. They appeal to a wide range of people because they are gorgeous, their designs are diverse and they are super comfy.

There’s a new Pet on the block this week and I am in love. I will be heading out to find this soft, snuggly critter for some very special little people due to enter my life in the near future and it will be with great pleasure that I watch these babies grow, with their Sea Turtles always close by.

Pillow Pets are soft and snuggly offering the ultimate in a comfy pillow, but they are also vibrant, colourful animals that are super cute. They make a great security item for younger children because of the ease with which they transform from a bright imaginative toy to a cuddly pillow that reminds them of home.

The new Pillow Pet on the block is Sandy The Sea Turtle and she is super special because not only is she super cute, in gorgeous colours and sure to make the child in your life happy but she is also going to help make seriously ill children across the country happy.

Sandy The Sea Turtle is the new fundraising Pillow Pet that will raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

sandy sea turttle

Toys R Us will have Sandy the Sea Turtle available from October 29 for $19.95 with $5 from the sale of each Pillow Pet going to the Starlight Foundation.

The most exciting thing about the new Pillow Pet is that Sandy was designed by 11 year old Chloe after a family trip to the Great Barrier Reef provided by Starlight.

Chloe was diagnosed with Herpes Encephalitis when she was just 20 months old.

According to Chloe, she was ‘AMAZED!!’ when she first saw the finished PILLOW PET. “I will cuddle it for my whole life and use her for a lovely soft pillow,” Chloe said.

Funtastic have long supported the Starlight Foundation and are always on the lookout for creative ways to help so when Chloe submitted her sea turtle drawings it seemed like a good time to create a Pillow Pet in honour of the Starlight Foundation.

Starlight Children’s Foundation CEO, Louise Baxter says, “The sad reality is that every minute of every day a child is admitted to hospital in Australia, but with the help of supporters like Funtastic, Starlight can continue to deliver our programs 7 days a week in all major paediatric hospitals across Australia.”

So please help Chloe, help Starlight and put a smile on the face of the children in your life when you pick up a Sandy the Sea Turtle or 3. I plan to.

For customer enquiries or more stockist information on PILLOW PETS please contact Funtastic’s free-call Customer Care Line on 1800 244 543.

3 thoughts on “Sandy The Sea Turtle Pillow Pet

  1. This is brilliant, Michelle. Have loved pillow pets since they hit the market and this one is so special and meaningful.

  2. Me too Trish, they are so very cute. And this one is one of the cutest, and being a supporter of Starlight foundation…. definitely have to get at least one.

  3. Sandy the Sea Turtle Pillow Pet is so cute. He’s a bargain too at $19.99 with $5 going to Starlight Foundation its just win win 🙂 Speaking of winning,I’d love to win Sandy the Sea Turtle

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