Review: Shnooki

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time but it can also be extremely stressful, whether it is your first baby or your third. This gorgeous, precious little being is totally dependent on you for everything and you want to be sure that you are doing all you can to keep them safe. It can be really overwhelming to try and keep all the guidelines for everything straight in your head. Elle and Ella have certainly helped with taking the stress out of safe sleeping with their innovative Shnooki sheets.

SIDS safe sleeping guidelines say that babies need to be placed on their back to sleep, easy done, and with their feet at the foot of the cot, also easy done. What is not so easy is keeping their bedding under control. Even newborns, though they don’t move around a lot, get their hands out of their swaddles and wraps and can mess with their bedding, ending up with blankets covering their faces.


Making up a cot with sheets that only cover the end of the cot where baby sleeps is easier said than done because you end up with most of the sheet under the mattress and a wiggly baby will end up pulling them all out, and possibly over themselves. As they get older they can get all tangled up in them causing a restless night for mum and bub alike when they keep waking themselves up.

Shnooki sheets alleviate this with their shortened design to only cover the required amount of space, fitted to the mattress and boasting a strap that feeds under the mattress to then velcro on top. This creates a secure tucked sheet that baby can’t get tangled in, and is firm enough to keep them feeling swaddled but still allow movement.

To complement the Shnooki sheet on cooler nights is the Shnooki blanket, designed to fit all of the Shnooki sheet sizes. It is a shortened blanket that only covers the end of the cot, like the sheet, and it attaches to the sheet with press studs; keeping baby warm and secure.

I received a Shnooki sheet and blanket this week, they both went straight into the wash so I could get them onto the cot same day. The fabric is luxurious and the velcro is soft so that it won’t be scratchy if it happens to come in contact with bubs skin, and they are breathable fabrics.


I am using the Shnooki sheet and blanket set with bub in a sleeping bag, the little houdini is famous for getting his arms out so I need to have him in a sleeping bag to keep those arms and hands warm. He is sleeping soundly and well for great stretches and is waking in almost the same position he goes to sleep in, still toasty and warm.

Having a wriggly baby this sheet system is great for my peace of mind. A few weeks back I went to answer the cries of my little one and discovered that he had managed to get the wrap he went to sleep swaddled in unwrapped from around his legs and up over his head. I was extremely thankful this was a day time nap and not a night time sleep, now I know I don’t need to worry about this anymore because the Shnooki sheet will keep him safely tucked, as well as cozy and warm which is an important feature as we head into the winter months.

I would suggest using a laundry bag or something similar to wash your sheet in just to ensure that the velcro can’t attach to anything in the wash.

Shnooki offers a comfortable and cozy sleep for bub and peace of mind for parents. I love my Shnooki sheet and blanket, I will definitely be keeping them in mind for gifts from here on in and there is a real baby boom going on in my circle at the moment.

The Shnooki sheet comes in three lengths: 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months and two width options depending on the size of the cot.

The sheets are white with three different colour options for the band – blue, pink and yellow stripes. They are classic, understated and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any nursery, made from 200 thread count 100% cotton. The blankets are a white super soft double waffle of 100% cotton

Shnooki sheets: $39.95
Shnooki blanket: $44.95
Shnooki Starter Pack: $125 (contains 2 sheets and a blanket)

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