Progress report: Tragic accident sparks speed limit questions

Recently I brought you the heartbreaking story of the tragic accident that cut short the young life of Connor Thomson-Dulwich, followed by the petition started to have speed limits changed on rural roads.

Since these posts went live it has been brought to my attention that my words have been taken and used out of context to paint a picture I never intended.

My purpose in writing these pieces has been to offer support to a heartbroken family and help raise awareness for the changes Kerry wants to see made.

I wrote the first piece in the early days when everything was still extremely raw and no contact had been made with anyone about the changes, it was still in a “this is what needs to be done in theory” stage. The petition was begun before contact was made, and this may have been a little premature but in that early stage it seemed like a good start.

Connor Football

In the two weeks since the posts went up there has been a lot of progress made behind the scenes.

Kerry has met with Nick Champion MP and Robert Klose JP, who works with Nick, and there has been a lot of discussion about the best ways to tackle the issue. Nick’s office has shown full support for Kerry and her family but want to ensure that this is handled correctly. Everyone wants to make sure this is done right the first time. All of the staff in Nick’s office have been friendly, helpful and supportive.

The correct channels need to be followed, the correct departments need to be contacted and this is imperative to ensure that the issue doesn’t get handed around to all departments and caught up in red tape. Approaching this in an effective and appropriate manner is the best way to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Nick Champion’s office are investigating the issue and looking at ways to make changes in the short, medium and the long term. They are making phone calls to ensure they are in contact with the right departments and liaising across the board to work towards the desired outcome.

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