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Oishi-m (pronounced Oy-shee-em) have a range of fun and functional babies and kids clothing. Each design is a limited edition and recently we roadtested the Redback Skinny Jeans. Not to be compared to super slim fitting ladies skinny jeans, these are for those little ones with quick little legs and a bit of a tummy.

There are a few reasons why you should invest in these jeans for your little guy. Firstly, they are longer than your average pants so when that overnight growth spurt happens you won’t find your baby suddenly wearing a pair of 3/4 jeans. They won’t be tripping over them either, they look really cute rolled up at the bottom.

redback skinny jeans

Secondly, the tummy band – why don’t all baby pants have these?! There is a little elastic top (kind of like your pregnancy jeans) which is ultra comfortable, keeps their tummy warm, and accommodates any size and shape.

The cutest part is the little nappy bum, they have an oversized bottom area which will fit any disposable nappy…even a modern cloth nappy will fit underneath!

These jeans come in sizes 000 – 2, and they are quite a soft denim so they are good for crawling, walking, climbing, jumping, sliding….

Oishi-m Redback Skinny Jeans are made in Australia, and have an RRP of $59.95.

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2 thoughts on “Redback Skinny Jeans

  1. I love the 2 pairs of Oishi-M jeans and 1 pair of shorts my super skinny 7 month old son has in his robe.
    I agree wholeheartedly – every pair of pants should have the tummy toastie or not be sold!
    Not only that he can still fit into his 000 pair around the waist although they r a little more like 3/4 pants LOL so for the price why wouldn’t you buy them for quality and style and practicality and I could go on.
    Anyway I love my Oishi-Ms and will be adding more to our collection as time goes one

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