Motherhood Chat with “The SuperFoods Kitchen” Recipe Authors

The SuperFoods Kitchen is a new recipe book packed with over 70 ideas from some of the best home cooks in the nation. All of the recipes use Bioglan SuperFoods and show you how easy it is to eat nutritious food that tastes good too.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day we were lucky enough to ask a few of the authors their thoughts on motherhood:



Georgia’s is the author of a website (and social media) celebrating nourishing, wholefood recipes as well as naturopath and mother. In The SuperFoods Kitchen cookbook Georgia is recognised for sharing her love for healthy nutritious foods through social media channels and inspiring thousands.

What does being a mother mean to you?

Being a mum means that I am no longer autonomous – the things that used to be important to me pale into insignificance… loving, protecting and guiding my children comes before all else.

What does a healthy diet mean to you and your family?

I will do anything in my power to keep my kids safe and well. So providing them with fuel that truly nourishes their little bodies is a big priority in our family.

But one day they will grow-up and leave home (sob), so I also believe that the most important gift I can offer my kids is an understanding of whole food, where it comes from and how to prepare it.  I involve my kids in the garden growing vegetables, take them to our local farmers market and get them involved preparing and cooking meals.  In my family we don’t eat food just because it is healthy, but because we love the way it tastes, the way it nourishes us and makes us all feel great. My kids have a genuine love and appreciation of real food and the food memories we share are priceless. I believe that this is the real power and healing that comes from food.


As a naturopath, Kristy life revolves around helping people make healthier food choices for optimal health.  Kristy’s passion for delicious healthy food is celebrated in The SuperFoods Kitchen with the inclusion of 5 recipes!  Kristy also shares her love of health and food on her website

What does being a mother mean to you?

Being a mother means the world to me and I love it. It is full of love and challenges, it’s amazing, scary, difficult and joyful all at the same time.

Being a mum means that time takes on a whole new meaning and it’s something you have very little for yourself. Cleaning becomes endless and you are amazed at how very little sleep you can survive on.

Being a mum means that my children start to act like me and I start to sound like my own mother.

Being a mother also means the discovery of unconditional love, overwhelming protectiveness and the joy at the little things.

Being a mother means I get to kiss two little people that I adore every day, watch them grow, tell them I love them and guide them the best I can.

I believe that while being a mother it is important to stay in the moment, take your time, walk with them at their pace and listen to their stories as it all passes by too quickly.

What does a healthy diet mean to you and your family?

A healthy diet in our household consists of a variety of good quality proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, fruit and lots of vegetables. We all eat together and I cook the same meal for the whole family (give or take a few spices). I love making raw food desserts with nuts, avocado or hidden vegetables as occasional treat and coming up with new ways to incorporate healthier choices into my family’s meals.

I believe food should be as close to its natural source as possible. Healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming or boring. Through my work I love showing families how easy it is to incorporate these healthier choices into their daily routines.

I am a strong believer in the importance of healthy foods, especially for children. In providing a varied diet full of whole, unprocessed foods to my children I am to give them the healthiest start in life by creating habits that they will hopefully carry into their adult years.


Sarah is a mum and a photographer. She has food intolerance’s and sensitivities and believes that you can’t go this journey alone. Her goal is to teach, help and support others through recipes, resources and discussions on real food and how it can heal your body and nourish your family.  She can be found on Facebook @realfoodmumau

What does being a mother mean to you?

Being a mum is the best. The good and bad days are all worth it. You get to witness a little some bodies everything- triumphs at mastering to use a spoon to learning to ride a bike or read or write. Knowing that my daughter was made with a little bit of me and a lot of love is the most special gift. Waking up every day to a little pocket rocket of energy, a smiling face covered in dirt, and to get cuddles whenever I ask, it’s the reason I love my life. Being a mum really is the most rewarding job ever!

What does a healthy diet mean to you and your family?

When it comes to diet and nutrition for the family, as the mum, I am kind of responsible for everyone. It’s a big task when you think about it ha ha, so I spend a lot of time preparing and cooking a nourishing diet that suits the family. I am a huge advocate for real whole foods and stray away from processed foods with preservatives and additives, that way I know what is going into their bodies and building the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Also setting kids up with all the right things gives me a little confidence knowing that the right food choices will be made as they grow up. Plus cooking and sharing meals is fun and we create delicious chaos together every day.

The SuperFoods Kitchen retails for $29.95 and is now available online at

The SuperFoods Kitchen will be available through select bookstores and pharmacies by May 2015.

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