Gift Ideas for New Mother and Baby

Gifting for the new baby or the new parents can be difficult. You don’t want to inundate them with tiny clothes that will fit for a couple of weeks and that everyone else has also bought. You don’t want to risk doubling up on things they already have, and sometimes you want to make sure you include Mum and Dad in the gifts too.

First time parents, second time parents, third time parents; boy babies, surprise gender babies – it doesn’t make much difference to the fact that you want to do something nice for the new or expanded family and buy a beautiful gift.

I like to be prepared early with baby gifts, but that’s not always practical for surprise gender babies and when this is baby 2 or 3 often there is already PLENTY of items for baby at home. Don’t be put off though, there are some amazing gift ideas for new mothers and babies and I’m here to share a few with you.


Many of us do a lot of our shopping online, I certainly do, and there’s nothing better than browsing the pages of gorgeous Baby Gifts in girls, boys or neutrals. There are some lovely bouquets that incorporate singlets, face washers and towels; which I can tell you from experience you can never have enough of. Those early months saw me going through many a change of singlet and face washers galore.

For those who love to wait until baby arrives to do the shopping, personalised gifts are just the cutest – whether it be a personalised set with named items of clothing, wraps or even bears, there is going to be something for every taste.


Mothers are often exhausted when the adrenaline wears off so it’s always nice to send in a little pick me up, and what mother wouldn’t love a delivery of roses to brighten up her room? Jardins Roses Melbourne offer a high quality signature box of 3 dozen long stemmed roses in gorgeous colours delivered across Melbourne. These blooms are guaranteed to create a beautiful eye catching display. A great distraction for when mum needs the baby NOT to be the centre of attention for a few minutes. A gorgeous addition to every room that will be sure to bring a smile to every new mother’s face.


As far as I’m concerned you can’t go past Nappy Cakes. It doesn’t matter if this is baby number 1 or 3, a nappy cake is both adorable and practical. It’s a great gift whether you know the gender of the baby or not because they will generally come in boy, girl and unisex.

Personally, I am a sucker for super cute items so Nappy Cakes melt my heart; combining a toy with singlets, wraps, socks and nappies…how can you go wrong. My only qualm would be when it came time to actually dismantle it to use the items!

Next time you need to go shopping for the newest little bundle of joy in your life, remember these tips before you head out shopping. I know I will be thinking of them when the next two stork deliveries are made this month.

The best thing about these options is that if you happen to be away from the new mother and baby you can order online and have something shipped directly to Mum, with a personalised card conveying your congratulations.

Have you got any great hints and tips for buying new mother and baby gifts?

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  1. There are some lovely ideas here! I don’t think you can go wrong with a personalised gift really. I got my best friends a moses basket and I made a little cushion to put inside, she was so happy with it

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