Flat Friends Puppets

There is something really special about a beautifully made toy that inspires and encourages imagination in children and Flat Friends is an Australian owned and operated company who creates toys that fit that description.

I have two products from the Flat Friends range that my little man has been busily playing with – the US Boy Hand Puppet and the Eastern Quoll Hand Puppet.

The US Boy Hand Puppet is part of the Flat Friends cultural people puppet range, they have puppets from all over the world including Australia, Mexico, Russia, Sweden and Japan. Each is dressed in their unique cultural attire and make a fun way for children to learn about different countries and traditions.

us boy puppet

Because they are puppets they seem to come to life and your child can create their own fun personalities. The Cultural People Puppets are well made and most of their clothing is removable. They also have lovely soft faces and are made for cuddling.

You can puppeteer their arms, legs, head and mouth and even adults will find enjoyment from using these to interact with their children. The US Boy Hand Puppet is perfect for boys because it is more than just a teddy but not a feminine doll.

Just gorgeous, these puppets would make a very special gift for a very special child!

* Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE Brand, ASTM and marked suitable for 3+ years. The US Boy Hand Puppet has an RRP of $55.50.

As mentioned earlier, I also have the Eastern Quoll animal puppet in front of me. If you are wondering what an Eastern Quoll is (I was), it is an Australian animal that is now extinct on the mainland. They are in a breeding program to help build their population back up, so using this endangered animal as a toy will help with educating people so it can hopefully be saved.

eastern quoll doll

The Quoll is a funny looking thing but completely soft and lovable with his fawn coloured fur, white spots and fluffy tail. Your hand fits in his front legs and head to create movement, a sweet little puppet that your child will adore.

* Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE Brand, ASTM and marked suitable 3+ years. The Eastern Quoll Animal Puppet has an RRP of $34.00

Flat Friends even have printed cotton carry bags available to store your animal puppets, these are $13.89 and are a nice finishing touch to your gift giving.

The Flat Friends range is available nationally at Australian Geographic, Purely Australian and selected toy shops.

For stockist details please call: 1300 339 640 or visit  www.flatfriends.com.au

Flat Friends donates 10% of net profits to help preserve animals, our environment and underprivileged children.

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